911 Hijackers Had Model
Of Washington DC


BERLIN (Reuters) - Two of the hijackers who piloted the suicide airliner attacks on the United States in September showed off an architectural model of Washington months beforehand, a German magazine reported on Saturday.
Focus magazine said suspected ringleader Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi, both of whom had lived in the northern Germany city of Hamburg as students, appeared at a university architectural workshop there with the model last summer.
"One time they came in with some Arab-looking students who were carrying an two-foot seven-inch by seven-inch model and put it on the carpenter's bench," said workshop head Thomas Kniephoff.
The students said the cardboard model showed Washington, D.C., Kniephoff told Focus.
"Then I recognized the Pentagon with the surrounding greenery and buildings," he added.
Atta, who studied architecture and drafted city plans at a local office in Hamburg, and Al-Shehhi are believed to have piloted the two planes that destroyed the World Trade Center in New York.
German investigators said this week that they have still to investigate about a third of 20,000 leads into the attacks they received since September.
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