Axis Of Evil - Requiem
For The Heathen

By Tim Rifat

The Financial Times of February 8th featured a front-page story about Chris Patton, an EU bigwig, who recently gave a speech attacking the US Government; in essence he said that it was acting unilaterally by targeting Iran, Iraq and Korea in its War on Terror. The week before the Financial Times reported that the US military is of an order of magnitude more powerful than the rest of the world put together. One would assume that with this amount of firepower alone the so-called Axis of Evil would be easily destroyed, but that wont happen. In fact I'll make a prediction: that the US military will continue this war indefinitely and against anyone they choose and for their own reasons.
September 11th was an attack by the Rothschilds, their British vassals, Mossad and CIA insiders with the aim of destabilising the Bush administration through a massive Stock Market collapse. In the wake of September 11th the market did indeed collapse, but only by some 20% and moreover made a quick recovery too. So the organisers of Sept 11th can now expect retribution from the Bush Dynasty and the US Military who have been further incensed by the Enron collapse, engineered by the Trillionaire financiers.
In consequence Condaleesa Rice and other US hawks have been unleashed and the dogs of war are now on the loose. There is no way that the Bushes will be eased out of power and Gore/Leiberman put in their place not without a fight that is. To this end expect Iraq, Iran and North Korea to be attacked, maybe even unilaterally by the US. Each side of the N.W.O. will seek a repeat performance of Sept 11th but with different aims. The Rothschilds, British and Israelis would like to detonate a small nuclear device or release smallpox to deliver a hammer blow to the US economy and trigger a world wide depression. Since the Trillionaire financiers own the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the World Bank and I.M.F. and today,s FT announces that even the printing of the pound will be given over to private companies the ensuing global depression will win the West for the financiers to rule.
This is how it works: the British owe over three quarters of a trillion pounds to the financiers; in effect every man, woman and child is £15,000 in debt, an average house in the UK costs £100,000 and 80% of the country,s monetary value is in housing. Britain,s population is mortgaged well beyond their means. Thus a global depression would allow the financiers to repossess most of the country,s homes and the greater part of its wealth. The same situation occurs in the U.S. so to beat the Bush,s and the U.S. military the financiers are intent on destroying the financial infrastructure upon which they depend.
To counter this threat expect the CIA, run by their Godfather the elder Bush, to release a biological or nuclear weapon in the U.K, a Rothschild stronghold. And then crucially, expect it to be linked to the Iraqis, the Iranians or North Koreans. A small nuke in London would destroy European financial markets, causing a global depression that only America would escape. Taking up its unilateral war against the Axis of Evil America could ignore the European financial meltdown by bringing the Federal Reserve Bank under government control and booting out the Rothschilds and other financiers who illegally own it.
It was Bill Cooper in "Ride a Pale Horse" who publicly denounced the illegal takeover of American wealth by the "financiers" who took over the printing of the US Dollar and set up a felonious I.R.S. Taking control of the dollar with massive military expenditure as it destroys the 'Axis of Evil,' would trigger a US economic boom while a European depression bankrupted the rest of the world. Since Korea is part of this Axis and an ally of China, expanding the war to include China would enable America to sustain a war economy for another decade while the rest of the world collapsed financially.
Expect a nuclear or biological weapon to be unleashed in the next couple of years with the Trillionaire financiers and or the US Military to blame. There is a clash of Titans for the New World Order and a new definition of "collateral damage"; where whole nations like Iran, Iraq and North Korea - the new "Heathens" - are sacrificed on the alter of this titanic struggle. If you are an American I would advise you to re-mortgage your home and buy gold and precious metals. And if you are British get a nice thick cardboard box because you wont have a home. The U.S. Military don,t believe in the Geneva Convention and in your case you are just "collateral damage."

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