Female Jewish Bomber
Murders 12 In Jerusalem
"Girl in Red" in Bomb Horror

The Daily New, Perth, Western Australia
October 31, 1946

JERUSALEM - Forty minutes after a telephoned warning, the Jerusalem Railway Station was blown up yesterday. Agency reports say that at least twelve people are missing, and the station will not be able to be used for a week.
A young Jewess described as the "Girl in Red" slipped past Arab police, held up the railway clerk at pistol point, and planted three suitcases, containing bombs, in the waiting room.
Troops and police were rushed to the station to try and locate the bombs and a constable managed to remove one. A second exploded in his hands while he was trying to get it out of the building, wrecking the loading room and the waiting room. The police constable was killed instantly.
In the meanwhile, the "Girl in Red" leapt into a taxi, which tore off through a hail of fire from police. In an attempt to break through the police cordon drawn around the city, the taxi roared through twisting lanes in the Jewish slum quarters.
It is thought that the taxi must have stopped briefly to let the girl out, because when it was finally cornered near the walls of the Old City, she was not in it. The only occupants were three Jews, two of whom were wounded. There was a quantity of explosives and hand-grenades under the flooring of the taxi.
Police took in charge the bullet riddled, bloodstained taxi, scoured the adjacent Montefiore quarter, and arrested another Jew who was found wounded in a nearby house. They also held ten other suspects including a girl dressed in red, who is being questioned in an attempt to establish the identity of the girl who planted the bombs.
Although earlier agency reports mentioned at least 12 missing, the only fatality so far mentioned in the official version is the police officer. He was a demolition expert. Reuters in Jerusalem says that police and troops last night were still searching the debris at the station for further casualties.
After the explosion, an Irgun Zvai Leumi (terrorist) spokesman, broadcasting over the secret radio "Voice of Fighting Zion", said: "The Jews are at war. Only arms will decide Palestine's future, not an election."
Final death toll is 12, with 11 injured. The Female Jewish terrorist has been identified as Sima Fleishhaker-Hoizman.
Source: The Daily New, Perth, Western Australia 31 October 1946
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