Argentina - Shadow Creature
'El Petizo' Attacks A Young Hunter

From Scott Corrales
Source: El Tribuno Digital

The legendary creature staged its reappearance in the South, in an area in which five other attacks have been reported.
Paranormal phenomena are a subject of study for those persons who engage in such research, but are also of interest to readers at large: the location lnown as El Duraznito, located 15 kilometers to the southeast of Rosario de la Frontera, happens to be one of the places where "El Petizo", a mythic character described as a shadow that attacks lonely walkers in the middle of the night, has made a reappearance.
Six claims have already been documented in the Terminal City [Salta --trans.note] involving people who received wounds that were later treated by hospital personnel. The manner in which the attacks take place is the same in all cases, and the shadow disappears when someone comes to the victim's rescue. These accounts also agree on the fact that "El Petizo" appears to be immune to knife wounds, and bullets appear to have no effect whatsoever.
The most recent victim of an attack by "El Petizo" was a boy heading to a mountain area on a bicycle to visit friends and do some hunting, bringing with him a shotgun and a knife. According to his story, after asking for reservations to be made in his name, he was toppled from his bicycle and found that a black shadow was facing him.
The young man managed to unholster his shotgun and fire two shots, but when he saw that this had no effect, promptly drew his knife and stabbed it without causing any apparent harm. Frightened, the youth tried to escape, only to find that "El Petizo" knocked him down again without saying a word, dragging him by the hair to the side of the road. The young man stated that at that point he began screaming at the top of his voice and that this is what saved him: his cries were heard by a local man who rushed to provide assistance, only to find a black shadow dragging the boy by the hair. The fearful shape disappeared without a trace when it became aware of the other man's presence.
At El Duraznito, the place where the grim shadow appears, is bordered by the entrance to a farm, an abandoned house, and a thousand meters away from the spot lies what is known as La Cueva de los Negros ("Cave of the Black Ones")--a rocky formation occupied 800 years ago by natives of the Candelaria culture.
"We can say that it is a mystical area, since there have also been reports of strange lights in the sky, and many have no doubt that UFOs could be involved. Such is the case that a film was made a few years ago and sent to the Fuerza Aérea for analysis, but no official response was ever received. A copy of this film is in the hands of the local cable access channel," explained volunteer firefighter José Alvarez, a resident of Rosario de la Frontera.
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