Poisoned Skies Over Oregon -
Another Outrageous Chemtrail Assault
From Patricia

Hi Jeff,
Like what else is new...Just thought I would tell you that the chemtrails here are overwhelming. I'm going to attempt to attach a photograph I just took over our apartment in Hillsboro, Oregon. It is awful! Have you heard about "Give Em' Hell Week"? A whole lot of us Chemtrail Watchers are going to contact several departments in the government, using the "Freedom of Information Act", and demand some answers. It's rather clear now what they are doing. It's the effects on all of down below that remains uncertain. Thank you Jeff for the great job you continue to do.
From Blue Skies Yesterday To Another Chemtrail Attack Today
From Deborah

Hi Jeff, We are beling deluged with chemtrails over Portland today----I mean beseiged!!! I woke up to a red chemtrail sunrise. Yesterday, we had CLEAR BLUE SKIES ALL DAY. Tonight, a cold storm front is to supposed to come through---bringing with it rain and wind.
Beginning last night (or early this morning) and today we have massive chemtrails. Will Thomas says the barium and sterine in the chemtrails sucks the moisture out of the clouds, essentially eliminating the rain. I have no idea if this is true, but it certainly seems that when most wet fronts approach Portland, we are sprayed heavily with Chemtrails... and the rain disappears. I have been noticing that the coat on my dog Cedar is really sticky. His hair did not use to mat like it does now. I leave my dogs outside during the day (they are big and rambunctious) and I am wondering if this sticky coat condition is due to the chemtrails. I am going to give him a bath tonight in hopes that I can determine something - what, I don't know. I am curious to see if the water smells like chemicals. Once again, Portland is being beseiged with chemtrails. The blue skies of this morning are now hazy white.

Mass Spraying Extends To Eastern Oregon
From John DeShiro
Jeff -

I have been reading some of the headlines on your website about chemtrail activity in the Portland area. My mother-in-law thought I was a nutcase when I first metioned the difference between contrails and chemtrails to her. She called me a conspiracy nut. I spoke with her last Friday and she said she was starting to believe what my wife and I have told her about chemtrails. She said everyone has been sick lately.
My wife and I live in Eastern Oregon. Medical Springs to be more specific. We work in Baker City which is about 22 miles south of Medical Springs. We have fairly heavy contrail activity out here because we just happen to be in the lanes where air traffic goes back and forth from Boise to Portland. My understanding is that aircraft that travel from coast-to-coast use this corridor as well but I do not know how to verify that.
Because of the heavy air traffic I know what a normal contrail looks like.

Attached are some images I thought you may find interesting. All the images are of what I call chemtrails - NOT contrails.
The last set, you will find particulary interesting, I'm sure. I took these around 7:00 this a.m. Just to give you some background on these. I get up about 5:30 a.m. to feed our horses. It is usually still dark out. This morning was a particularly beautiful one. The air was very cold, 22 degrees, the sky was very clear, ceiling unlimited, and a very pretty clear dark blue without a sky in the cloud. I love it out here! By the time I was done feeding the horses the sun has just begun to rise. I went back into the house, cleaned up, made some coffee, stocked the wood stoves, and loaded up the car to head back into Baker to work.
When I went outside the sky was just covered in a haze with these chemtrails everywhere. There must have been several dozen. As I was taking the pictures my wife and I counted at least 6 aircraft. Upon arriving into Baker we noticed a heavy haze - like being in L.A. - really bizzare for this area. I've had a runny nose most of this morning. Really congested like I have a cold. Not feeling well at all.
The Results Of This Morning's Mass Spraying

From Deborah Yates
Hi Jeff,
Just an update on the chemtrails today. They sky was completely covered with the things - all day. When I went outside, I could taste the chemicals in my mouth. You could also smell a very chemical scent in the air. It was terrible. I woke up with a red chemtrail sunrise and now I had a red chemtrail sunset. Pretty confusing in that 'red skies in the moring, sailor take warning. Red skies at night, sailor's delight.' Don't know which one to go with. I am just beside myself trying to get people to listen. They just want to put their heads in the sand.

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