Chamish - Discord, Deceit
And Disinformation

By Barry Chamish

It seems like the wrong time to expose how the Council On Foreign Relations uses discord and deceit to push through its murderous Israeli agenda. After all, this week it's Europe's turn to get Israel. The EU's foreign ministers, led by the German cutthroat Joschka Fischer will meet in Brussels and reward the PLO for its unrelenting slaughter with a state.

I had prepared an article called The Astonishing Secrets Of Europe's Plot Against Israel as a prelude to the meeting. Included within was Fischer's order to PM Sharon not to retaliate after the Dolphinarium blast, which murdered twenty young people down the block from his Tel Aviv hotel last summer. But we'll get to Fischer and Europe in the next installment, once my readers absorb the reality of the upcoming European plans for Israel.

Instead, circumstances call for an expose of the CFR's use of disinformation, because I'm a victim of it and I'm getting quite tired of it all.

In my case, the 3800 member Manhattan think tank is using its pawns to denigrate me in the American right wing Jewish community, as illustrated by an attack which was just published in the magazine outlet of Americans For A Safe Israel. The attack is pathetic and utilizes the same stupid arguments the attackers have used for the past two years. Conspiracy theories against Jews and Israel are all wrong, therefore there could not have been a conspiracy to murder Yitzhak Rabin. I have written about weird subjects therefore I have no credibility. And my expose of Rabin's murder has no evidence to back it up. False claims all of them and, as always, not many readers will be fooled.

Here is how such a campaign of discordant falsehood is organized. You start with one CFR member Richard Pipes, who is not just any old CIA employee but past head of the CIA's Soviet research department. The apple falls right by the tree as his son, CFR member Daniel Pipes receives slightly indirect CFR funding to run a "think" tank in Philadelphia, serving CFR interests. In the recent past, D. Pipes has been called upon to neutralize "conspiracy" theories and he wrote inferior articles resulting in an inferior book on the subject. Today, his role is to spread hatred against Islam, while his CFR superiors publicly profess no objection to the religion as they blow Afghanistan to smithereens and draw up battle plans to capture the Middle East.

Pipes has attacked my work in his institute's barely-read journal but the real work has been passed to a buddy of his, an unknown economics teacher based in Haifa. Numerous readers have sent me background on this creep, and he's just as tied up with the ruling establishment as his mentor. He was trained, groomed and financed by the American Federal Reserve, and apparently sent to Israel in the 80s to instill that peculiar globalist economic theory that insists local economies must be "reformed" through "liberalization," or in short, local industries must be wrecked in order to make way for American corporations.

But as a former colleague of his explained, "He got nowhere. People in his field saw him as a screwball whose ideas were off the wall. He was dismissed as irrelevant ten years ago." Trying to be known for something, he is a willing partner in the smear campaign against me. Yes, he is an infiltrator sowing discord among right wing American Jews. And he's not the only one. Others have made the same claim against one Murray Kahl, whose role seems to be the venting of Jewish anger towards harmless issues. So let us counterattack against infiltration with a simply amazing piece of evidence given to me last week by the director of the Root And Branch Society, Aryeh Gallin.

Up until now, the best proof of the CFR's nefarious Israeli agenda was their Middle East Task Force Report of July, 1997, which, in barely couched terms, called for Israel's withdrawal to its 1948 borders and the division of Jerusalem. That task force was headed by one Henry Seigman, who receives $200,000 a year from the EU to spread anti-Israel disinformation in the world media. That fact was intended for my Astonishing EU Secrets article but let's let one cat out of the bag early.

Now, we have in hand an even more detailed proof of CFR chicanery against Israel in the form of a whole study called A Changing Israel by Peter Grose - A Council On Foreign Relations Book. This book was published by Vintage Books in 1984. It is a CFR policy book and thereafter became the official diplomacy of such CFR members as James Baker, George Shultz, Warren Christopher, Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright. Like all CFR publications, it tries hard to appear to be balanced but upon, even the most cursory reading, comes up a transparent piece of deception. The author's method is to relay his views and those of his CFR bosses, through the quotes of others, almost always anonymously.

Look at the claims of the preface: "The author of this book, director of the Council's Middle East program, visited Israel twice during the study to confirm facts and impressions... A generous grant from the Ford Foundation underwrote the costs of bringing Israeli discussion leaders to this country...The groups were deliberately diverse..."

Diverse? A list of some fifty discussion leaders follows. I saw one name that I recognized as a right wing leader, Eliahu Ben Elissar, who was assassinated in Paris a few years ago. All the rest were of the likes of Meron Benvenesti, recipient of Ford Foundation money during this period to head a West Bank anti-settlement watchdog group: Arthur Hertzberg, a rabbi and partner of CFR member Charles Bronfman, best known in certain circles for their work with the UN to spread a one world religion; Samuel Lewis, the former American ambassador to Israel and recent signer of a petition less than indirectly supporting Arafat's regime of terror; Itamar Rabinovich, the Israeli diplomat who negotiated away the Golan Heights to Syria; and a man who needs no introduction in war-torn former Yugoslavia or anywhere, Cyrus Vance.

Of the Vance connection, let's look at the author's short biography: "Peter Grose is managing editor of Foreign Affairs and a Senior Fellow of the Council On Foreign Relations. A longtime correspondent for the New York Times; he was bureau chief in Moscow, Israel and at the United Nations and later served on the Policy Planning Staff of the State Department under Cyrus Vance."

Now let us look at this study and get a rare glimpse at the CFR's Israeli agenda.


If you are a member of any political group from Labor to its left, you are described as "thoughtful" or at the worst, "dovish." Take a gander at the adjectives if you are not:

"Those espousing the more militant ideologies of the Likud...allowed adventurist leaders to pursue a ruinous, inflationary economic policy..." pp 4

"They told me their dismay over the hard-line policies of the Likud government...and the danger for the future survival of Israel." pp 6-7

"...the fanatic rabbi Meir Kahane, considered an abomination by moderate Israelis." pp 9

"As Begin's rhetoric unfolded, his dogmatic assertions about Jewish rights and Arab perfidy sounded clear and satisfying (to Sephardi Jews)." pp 28 But the good news is that, "Sephardi soldiers returned from the 1982 invasion of Lebanon expressing the same disgust as their Ashkenazi partners." pp 40

"Gaining strength along with this generalized rediscovery of Jewish roots was its extremist expression..." pp 44

"Secular Israelis are troubled by the appeal of the narrow, traditionally religious Jewish radicals, particularly to the young." pp 127

There you have it. Israelis to the right of Labor are all extremists and endanger Israel's future. Of course, Grose could not have known that the people who would eventually endanger Israel's future are the "moderates" of Labor-left who brought us the dubious gifts of the CFR's Oslo "peace" process eight years later. After all, Grose, was merely a tool, preparing the ground for later public acceptance of Oslo. Or maybe, he actually knew what he was doing, which means he is personally responsible for thousands of Jewish and Arab casualties.


Sharon's CFR ties have previously been examined in depth. They began in 1974 with a meeting between him and Henry Kissinger. His role was to infiltrate and destroy the Herut movement and he succeeded nearly completely. However, according to this study, Sharon rebelled against the CFR in 1982 with his Lebanon policies. I would take the following passages with a grain of salt and consider the likelihood that Sharon was actually pursuing the war the way his masters desired. Nonetheless, examine the CFR's attitude to the current prime minister in light of his impotence to protect his people.

"Dissent reached a critical level over the military campaign in Lebanon, a war undertaken at Israel's initiative, under dubious political controls and for aims far broader than merely to counter any immediate threats to the life of the population." pp 90. So while Grose conveniently forgets that a constant barrage of Katyushas threatening lives, along with a series of terror attacks from Lebanon, taking lives, was the prime reason for the Lebanese invasion, it offers him the opportunity to go for Sharon's jugular. "The political leadership, supposedly operating under a system of collective responsibility, was manipulated during the weeks of combat by one member, Defense Minister Ariel Sharon. Begin and his colleagues were kept substantially in the dark about crucial military decisions until it was too late to alter them." pp 92. On this point we agree, the difference is my claim that one of Sharon's goals was to destroy Begin and his Herut movement through his conduct of the war; a pre-agreed CFR policy. This is the belief, minus the CFR, of Begin's son, Binyamin. Still, Grose's wrath knows no bounds when it comes to Sharon's doctrine of defense.

"Sharon's bold strategic doctrine rested on four premises:

- The concept of strategic defense aimed at altering the political status quo on Israel's borders, was to replace the longstanding posture which had been intended to maintain the status quo.

- Military operations were to be initiated whenever targets of opportunity presented themselves; national survival required the dulling of enemy capabilities.

- Tsahal's central mission was to keep hostile forces off balance by initiating anti-terrorist operations, rather than maintaining a defensive stance to counter basic threats to the Jewish state.

- The government was to maintain the capability to make strategic decisions quickly, based on the judgments of the responsible military and security officers, without necessarily seeking national consensus...

"For all the traumas of Lebanon, the Sharon doctrine is not universally discredited, particularly among the hard-line extremists who registered such a strong showing in the 1984 election. Sharon is not spent as a political force...Israelis pride themselves on greater sensitivity to casualties than Arabs, but the offensive operations called for under Sharon would inevitably produce higher casualties." pp 99-100

"Military cooperation would grow less defensible in Washington, of course, were Israel to continue the adventurist, military policies of the Sharon doctrine." pp 116

Imagine the nerve of this Sharon! He actually favored taking out Israel's enemies before they murder Israelis. Well, the CFR had to put a stop to this. And they did. Sharon has a thousand more reasons to invade the PLO Authority than he ever did to enter Lebanon but he is incapable of acting. His CFR masters clearly wouldn't like it if he did and one can only imagine what is making him obey them. Meanwhile, the CFR restraint option is producing the desired effect; Israeli casualties are far higher than would have been if the so-called intifada had been forcefully nipped in the bud the minute the Israeli public gave Sharon the mandate to do so. The Grose book states without hesitation or shame that the CFR would never allow Sharon again to change the status quo through pre-emptive strikes. From now on, Sharon could only react and retaliate, and moderately at that, thus turning Israelis into the sitting ducks of the CFR.


Of all the self-serving chutzpah seen in various CFR publications, none is more outstanding than Grose's total denial that international forces are coordinating the Middle East violence. Forget that after Word War 1, the CFR and their British buddies created the new Middle East. Forget that Labor Zionism was their creation, as was the never before heard of Palestinian Arab nation. Why recall that their oil companies run Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States and placed the Hussein clan in power in Jordan and Iraq?

Absolutely incredibly, Grose denies that the current conflict is being manipulated by the very forces he works for and this lie may have been a primary motive for his book. However, this claim is so shabby and shallow that he contradicts it more often than he supports it. Watch the argument break down before your eyes.

"For generations the people on both sides have deceived themselves into supposing that the conflict was external to themselves, the clash of foreign forces...A quite different prospect could emerge if the two sides recognized how mutually destructive that portrayal has been through the twentieth century. Forces external to Palestine have clearly manipulated the rivalry of the two claimants to the land, but can it honestly be said that the rivalry originates with outsiders? Israelis and Palestinians might well consider the hypothesis that they only have themselves to reckon with." pp 79

"Looking upon the Arab-Israeli reality in this new light, as an internal conflict, the concerned outsider can be excused for feeling like a latter-day Dr. Zhivago, watching a revolution that passed him by. Ideologues on all sides continue to bewail the malignant influence of external forces on Arab-Israeli relations...Problems could always be blamed on external forces intent on stirring up trouble." pp 87,88

Now watch Grose cut his own ridiculous thesis into pieces before your unbelieving eyes.

"The policy of the British Mandate administration starting in the 1920s, underscored the two communities' habits of separate development. The Mandate was committed to 'putting into effect the Balfour Declaration and to establishing a Jewish Agency' which would represent 'all the Jews' the world over. Externalization was thus enshrined in international law." pp 80

"The only outlet for national expression was within the new diaspora of Palestinian refugees, with its strange mixture of internationally supported charities and its obsessive military structure."

Nosiree. Those British and those international charities aren't initiating trouble in the Middle East. Nobody outside the region would want to do that. After all, what's there to gain by constant conflict except control of the region and all its resources?


The importance of the Grose book is that it exposes the CFR's plans from the 1980s. Look how they all came to fruition in the 1990s and then realize that they and the State Department they control are directly and deliberately responsible for the slow bleeding death of Israel at the start of the new century.

"The state of the Israeli economy is no longer a purely internal matter left to Israeli politicians. It is increasingly the American Treasury that underwrites the economic priorities defined in Jerusalem. This is a situation calling for serious, quiet professional dialogue among friends, and with Shimon Peres' visit to Washington, the dialogue has begun." pp 70

"It is the attitudes in Washington that do the most to assure the security and well-being of the people and land of Israel." pp 111

"Israelis have not found the costs of territorial expansion too high a price to pay. This could change if the Arabs within Israeli jurisdiction become restive or if the financial burden of developing Jewish life in Judea and Samaria starts to divert too much of the national treasure away from social needs." pp 88

"Israel must have the legal and territorial basis, it is argued, for military action to assure the continued demilitarization of the West Bank and Gaza. No Arab armor, artillery or missile batteries are to be deployed in any surrendered territories. There is obviously little room in this concept for an independent sovereign Palestinian state." pp 97

"A way has to be found to differentiate convincingly between a stance of firm support for Israel and a readiness to support whatever the Israeli government of the day advocates...A proposal to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is an example of an irresponsible and foolish litmus test. Its sole impact (would be) to spread mischief and ill-feeling." pp 118-119

"The settlement budget, though small, is vulnerable in any drive to cut overall government spending and will be wound down in the coming years." pp 119

"The extended borders reached in 1967 may well hold firm for a long time to come, in the absence of effective pressures from any source to change them...Even the broader Palestinian question, for all its emotional and humanitarian force, is important to US foreign policy only because its potential for spreading a populist instability throughout a strategic quarter of the world." pp 123-24

"Another war would certainly change the equation; a significant increase in the level of violence along Israel's extended frontiers would increase the costs of prolonged occupation. Opportunities for diplomatic maneuver could arise...The United States, a would-be mediator, must be ready to move fast in response to changing circumstances, even if it is not called upon to initiate a diplomatic process. pp 124-125

And there is the CFR plan in a nutshell. To force Israel's removal from its defensive positions, a fully armed PLO state must start a war. Once the violence reaches a critical point, the US and its CFR Secretary Of State will negotiate an end to the conflict which will include the removal of all Jews from the Golan Heights, Jordan Valley, Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Give the CFR some credit, they are good to their word. And if Israelis don't wake up mighty fast to their plans, they are going to find out just what their word means. A good starting point would be for Israelis to totally boycott all members of the CFR, starting with such American Jewish leaders as Bronfman, Lauder, Hoenlin, Zuckerman, and Seigman.

We are all suffering from their infiltration and it's time to say, 'enough'. ___


Last week, The Public Committee For The Reinvestigation Of The Rabin Assassination met to discuss two issues: A slander suit against Yediot Ahronot and the building of an extended web site.

The suit against Yediot, Israel's largest newspaper, is based on a six page article they published last month accusing members of the committee of "dancing on Rabin's blood" and calling them "double murderers." A law suit forcing the newspaper to prove these claims are true might well open the whole Rabin murder in a court of law. The committee members agreed that the suit was their first priority.

Attorney Nitzana Darshan-Leitner explained the issues to us and suggested that I be excluded from the list of plaintiffs because I'm too easy a target. The plaintiffs in the suit will be Professors Arieh Zaritsky and Hillel Weiss and Dr. David Chen, who is also a Lieut. General in the IDF reserves.

The costs of the suit are not inconsiderable, legal fees alone will be $2000 before court costs, and the committee agreed that members with newsgroups; Arieh Zaritsky's Professors For A Strong Israel, Arieh Gallin's Root and Branch Society and my unnamed readers list will send out a request for donations.

All bank transfers will be handled by the respected accountant and chairman of the committee Yaacov Verker. To donate, please transfer funds to the account of Mr. Verker: Bank Discount, Tel Ganim, Branch number 007, Account number 127566.

The talented web designer Iris Mersel volunteered to take a month from her regular job just to design our site. That's how much she is willing to sacrifice for the truth. The committee members agreed that was too much to ask. Her plan was, initially, to produce an archive of every piece of evidence in the Rabin murder case. In the end, a more modest plan was adopted. The most important documents will be presented along with explanations in English, Hebrew and Russian. Daily news updates on the Israeli situation will be presented along with the Rabin archive in order to increase traffic. If all goes as planned, the web site will reach hundreds of thousands of Israelis and turn the corner, finally, on the search for the truth behind the murder. After that, we start on saving the nation.

The main costs are Iris Mersel's work, as well as that of the translators and the site itself. One anonymous donor, a brave patriot, has sent a check to Iris for $500 to begin the project. The more that can be raised, the bigger the site that can be built.

Donators are invited to support the site by transferring funds to Chamish, Bank Leumi, Modiin, Branch number 680, Account number 11782/71. All transactions will be recorded by Mr. Verker.

Unless you choose to be shy and anonymous, you are requested to inform Mr. Verker of your very kind contribution by writing him at

Well, that's the first time I ever did that!


From Robert L. Phillips

Chamish Needs A Reality Check - He's Blind To The Truth > Dear Jeff, Just a couple comments regarding Barry Chamish.

I find his articles interesting when they do NOT deal with the Israeli-Palestinian problems, when they are often lucid, informed and insightful. However, his stories about "poor beleagured Israel' are revolting. He acts as if the only atrocities committed in the region are by Palestinians against Jews.

The Israeli army and police kill Palestinian civilians on almost a daily basis (you won't see too many American writers, either, shedding tears in print about these murders); the entire world, apart from the US government, has long regarded Israeli occupation of the Palestinian lands as illegal and a prime cause of the ongoing bloodshed.

No, I don't regard terrorists who blow up innocent civilians as anything but animals. I also don't regard the Israeli occupiers, with their vast superiority in weaponry provided by U.S. taxpayers, to be any better than animals either.

I don't know what the solution might be to end the hatred and killing in the region, but it certainly won't come if Israeli deaths are mourned while Palestinian deaths are ignored. Anyone who repeatedly saw their villages and farms and orchards bulldozed, their cities rocketed and bombed, and their existences and children kept in a permanent state of poverty and oppression, might find themselves becoming a suicide bomber themselves.

When your back is against the wall and you have nowhere else to turn, and American weaponry continues to rain down on you day and night, perhaps the options begin to run out. All this hatred and murder is wrong. But when people are willing to die in order to 'fight back,' it must be a sign that something is terribly, terribly wrong, and that they have reached the utter depths of desperation.

Why in the hell can't Chamish acknowledge that there are two sides to this story? I honestly believe he would be happy if every Palestinian were dead and gone... but then I suppose he would find some other reason to portray the country of Israel as beleagured and oppressed. It is not just a lie, it is a damnable lie.

Robert L. Phillips
Ronan, Montana

Steven Palmer

There's only one flaw in your logic, Mr. Phillips. The Palestinians are not merely some persecuted minority group seeking independance or freedom from an oppressive government regime, these people want nothing short of the absolute destruction and removal of the Jewish state and culture, denying its right to exist entirely despite 4000 years of history, and have made no bones about this extreme of their position.

At this point in the game it's kind of like the Native American Indians rising up to overthrow the U.S. government and dissolve American culture. It's madness. It's absurd. In addition to this, the Palestinian "state" (as it were) is phantom -- arbitrary -- any Arab or even non-arab anywhere in the world can call themselves a "Palestinian." France is packed with self-determined, self-appointed Palestinian "youths" who have never set foot in the country. They call themselves "Palestinians in exile" but no one ever exiled them! They know nothing more than that they are told to think, say and do for the cause. That alone is the most idiotic, irrational and wholly corrupt element of this whole middle east debacle. There will never be and end to the stream of human beings claiming to be Palestinian and demanding a Palestinian state and the complete overthrow of the Jewish state.

Israel has little by little sacrificed one parcel of land after another after another to the Palestinians over the decades until they possess a mere sliver, a pathetic fraction of what the UN Charter delivered to them, and what they themselves fought valliantly for in '68, against seemingly insurmountable odds; Egyptian forces out numbering and out gunning them almost 10 to 1. That victory was of Biblical proportions, to say the least.

Sour grapes, Mr. Phillips. I think that's the Palestinian story, which is nothing more than a thinly veiled world Arabic cohersion by the phantom Palestinian "state," the never-depleted foe of Israel, to make peace absolutely impossible until the Jewish state is overrun or overturned. It's been an invasion, Mr. Phillips, years and years of Arabs of every sort pouring into the tiny little country for the express purpose of assisting the demise of Israeli government and land possession. They will not be satisified with a mere Palestinian state co-exising with the Jewish state. That has been openly expressed countless times by Palestinia leaders, including Arafat. You can't find on record a government official of the Jewish state calling for the death of all Palestinians, but it doesn't take a hard read to find plenty of such genocidic rhetoric from Arafat and other Palestinian overlords.

Israel, you will notice, has not taken the ultimate step and removed all Palestinians from the country or sought to "kill off" the entire Palestinian population as many like to suggest is their goal. They have had the might to do so for 30 years. And who would stop them? What have they done instead? Put up with endless acts of terrorism against Israeli citizenry and hacking off more and more land for a people who are never satisfied or appeased. It's that simple. Until the entire nation is under Palestinian rule, and Jerusalem falls into their hands and every Jewish element is overwhelmed, the Palestinian phantom state will continue to mangle the peace process, meanwhile slowly blackmailing the government with terrorism to get more and more land.

There I fault Israel... not the Palestinians. Israel should cease all diplomatic and humanitarian relations with Palestinians until the bombings and riots stop cold and firm offers, which are more than generous (even outlandish in some cases), are accepted by them once and for all.

Your last comment about Chamish just shows your arrogant antisemitism, and that's not a term one should ever toss about lightly and arbitrarily like certain overzealous albeit braindead groups like the Simon Weisenthal Society and the Jewish Defense League, both of whom I detest. Inevitably whenever someone starts spouting off against someone who is pro-Israeli, words such as yours about Mr. Chammish bubble to the surface and reveal a deeper truth and agenda. Antisemitism is precisely what you're revealing when you suggest Chamish would only be happy if every Palestinian were dead and gone. Your post smacks of typical Neonazism, though I'm sure you can't imagine yourself in brownshirt, much less oppressing Jews "yourself". Today it is a war of attitudes and perceptions in ideology outside the holy land. And that feeds a nasty little beastie that eventually ends up with a select scapegoat for social ills elsewhere and millions suddenly, inexplicably dead. Then afterward, people want to dicker about the "real numbers." That shows the depth of this madness of hatred of the Jews.

Chamish may indeed be very one sided, but when the other option is to give credence to an outlaw faction bent on the destruction of your people and culture, and sworn to it, what the hell do you expect? The crimes of the Jewish state MUST be addressed by the world court, and UN (if necessary) without attempts by the international community to abolish the Jewish state in the process. A Palestinian state of some kind is always in the making, but who is it that always pulls the plug on it? Not Israel. Not the Jews. It's Arafat and the PLO, operating under the orders of outside Arab controllers who have absolutely no interest in a Palestinian state or peace.



From Robert L. Phillips

Mr. Palmer,

You're quite right, terms like antisemitic and neo-Nazi should not be hurled around so recklessly. You don't know me, nor my values, yet because I criticize Barry Chamish's outlandish attitudes, the Israeli military and police killing of civilians, American funding (MY tax dollars) of weaponry used on a daily basis to kill civilians, and the American press's blatant bias in covering Middle Eastern politics - I am "arrogantly anti-semitic" and a "neonazi"?

Your argument falls on hard times when you resort to such name-calling. I despise Nazism and everything it represents. Indeed, I think the current American administration is as close to fascism in beliefs, attitudes, goals and policies as anything with which this nation has yet flirted. I speak up, openly, in protest of current American warmongering and corporate pandering, in my daily life and in newspaper letters to the editor, and am more than willing to take it on the chin in order to try to get people to think about the dangers.

I find the current policies of the state of Israel, and its militaristic attitudes, far more akin to Nazism than the beliefs of those who simply wish to see a little balance in American foreign policy and press coverage of what's going on in the Middle East. I think Ariel Sharon acts very much like a Nazi. I find the killing of civilians on the West Bank and Gaza, in blind retaliation for the deeds of Palestinian terrorists, quite Nazi-like.

And I repeat - I find the motivations, directions and goals of the current American administration, its lust for total global domination wrapped in psuedo-patriotism, its overt desire to stifle dissent and disguise its corrupt aims behind lofty sounding humanitarian and democratic ideals, and its prostitution of American democracy on behalf of the Enrons of the world, to be extremely Nazi-like.

I am not at all anti-Jewish, though it appears that anyone who questions any aspect of Israel's behavior automatically gets that label. Many years ago, I even had a kind of respect for the tough, "take-no-prisoners" attitude of Israel. Then I wised up.

Maybe it's time you did too, sir. I have no love of Arafat or his cronies, nor those who desire only eternal war with Israel or its ultimate destruction. But the U.S. government pours billions of dollars into supporting Israel, without which, the Israeli government would have a hard time continuing their military activities. The reward? Israel has on countless occasions thumbed its nose at the US and the world, continued to build settlements in the occupied territories, sold military technology to nations who are avowed enemies of America, attacked an American vessel (The U.S.S. Liberty), and conducted terrorist activities (The Mossad, a real great bunch of Freedom Fighters) that were blamed on Arab terrorists and resulted in an American attack on Libya. This is only a short list. I cannot view Israel as a great ally of America anymore, though without American support, Israel would have one hell of a hard time surviving.

So, I fully admit, I totally disagree with the current level of US foreign aid to Israel. The money could better be used to help people in my own country. But I'm not holding my breath that the situation will change anytime in the foreseeable future. A final note about "Nazism." My dear departed father put his life on the line in World War II, theoretically, to fight fascism.

I find it appalling that the war everyone thought "we won," didn't end fascism at all. It only brought it right into our own back yards - through the activities of the CIA and the ongoing carte blanche backing of the corporate-financial elite of the world by US government policies, and manifested by the revolving-door scenario that allows people like Richard Cheney to snag millions in government contracts one day for Haliburton, as its CEO, and then conduct wars to benefit that corporation as vice president the next.

The Founding Fathers' worst nightmare is coming to pass, in the despicable anti-democratic, anti-humanitarian, anti-economic justice policies of Bush, Cheney and gang. And I must confess, frankly I'm a lot more concerned with what is happening in the United States of America right now, and the threats to American democracy, than what might happen to the nation of Israel -- which in many people's eyes, including your own, can do no wrong.

Robert L. Phillips
Ronan, Montana

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