Islam's Suicide Bombers Preparing
Children For Martyrdom

By Gordon Thomas
Author 'Seeds Of Fire' Globe-Intel Issue

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Islamic terror groups are preparing to use children - some as young as eight years of age - as suicide bombers.

They have also drawn up plans for young women - many in their teens - to use strollers packed with high explosives.

In both cases the targets will be the streets of Israeli cities.

The decision to do so was made at a secret conference to discuss how to further escalate the deadly war of attrition which has turned Israel into an already out-of-control arena of hatred.

The conference was held in Lebanon's Beeka Valley. It was attended by the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

It followed the worst night of violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip during which another thirty persons died in exchanges of gunfire.

The prospect of using children and women posing as mothers walking their babies is seen as a "desperate attempt to shock both sides" into a cease-fire, a senior PLO source has told Globe-Intel.

The source claimed that "some twenty children, some aged a young as eight years have already volunteered for suicide missions."

Globe-Intel has been told that the children are scattered in homes across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Israeli intelligence sources - already stretched by the recent wave of suicidal bombers - say that the use of child bombers is a logical extension to the arrival of women suicide bombers. Two young women have already blown themselves up in a quest for vengeance.

They belonged to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs, radical group that has claimed responsibility for preparing all suicide bombers for death.

It is not known if Yasser Arafat has approved the use of children and young women posing as mothers.

But he has already endorsed the two single women who blew themselves up.

Both came from Ramallah, where Arafat has his headquarters - and is at the core of Islamic extremism.

The mother of Wafa Ali Idris, 31, a childless divorcee from a refugee camp in Ramallah, told Globe-Intel: "My daughter wanted to help our people. She was a daughter of Palestine. She told me several times she wanted to become a martyr."

The would-be child suicide bombers have already been inducted by their immans - priests - to escalate the vicious cycle of suicide bombings.

They are taught the attraction of martyrdom in back rooms in the West Bank or on the sewage-strewn Gaza beach.

A key part of their tuition is to be steeped in the legitimacy of the acts they will be asked to perform.

The word "suicide" is never used - the act is forbidden in Islam. Instead the act is described as "a sacred explosion."

A Hamas leaflet, widely distributed in the West Bank states: "We do not have tanks or rockets. But we have something superior - our Islamic human bombs. In place of a nuclear arsenal, we are proud of our arsenal of believers."

The founder of that belief was Dr. Fathi Shiqaqi. He set down the guidelines for the use of explosives in martyrdom operations.

"The holy warrior must not hesitate. He will press the detonator after he says 'Allahu akbar' - 'Allah is great; all praise to Him.' He will go to heaven once he has planted terror in our enemy."

The child suicide bombers watch endless videos made by adults before they blow themselves up. They are told that when the time comes for them to die, each child will perform a ritual ablution. Then he will put on clean clothes and attend a final prayer at a mosque. At the end he will recite the customary Islamic prayer before battle, in which he will ask Allah to forgive his sins and bless his mission.

By the time you read this, he may well have blown himself and others into eternity.

Others will surely follow. That is the fearful reality of life and death in Israel today. ___
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