7 Of 19 FBI Identified Hijackers
Located Alive After WTC Attacks

From Dick Fojut

Jeff, thought you'd be interested. Following is another email I'm sending far and wide to news people, Senators, Reps., etc. Of course, some of the URLs came from your great news website...
7 of the 19 FBI identified WTC Hijackers were found alive AFTER September 11. The 7 men were NOT on the planes! So WHY did NBC and CBS continue to deceive the American people and Congress with their newest TV reports Saturday, March 2nd? NBC and CBS again presented the SAME (stolen) 7 names and photos provided back on September 17th by the FBI --- 7 men who were NOT on the WTC planes and are still alive.
The FBI "investigation" - and the network reporting - appear a fiasco. Could the networks (add the NY Times wire to that now) be totally ignorant of contradictory overseas investigative news that was widely reported many times last year?
If ignorant, they need to check the following URL, an article with the names and most photos of the seven men FOUND ALIVE. Doesn't this fiasco raise valid suspicions the FBI and administration may NOT KNOW the TRUE identities of (any of) the 19 believed Hijackers? Who actually were the 7 (or 19) dead Hijackers?
Seven Of The WTC Hijackers Found Alive!
Excerpt from report:
"Some of the men the FBI claims hijacked planes on Sept. 11 and crashed them into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon, and Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania are still alive. No, they weren't pulled from the rubble - they were never on the planes. The FBI press release of September 27th, 2001 containing names, photographs, aliases and other information is seriously flawed. They have used these peoples names and made claims based on the fact they were pilots ... and other supposedly incriminating evidence ... and yet these men were not involved. Places of birth, birthdays and other personal details were displayed on news throughout the world."
Following are URLs from Britain's BBC, Telegraph, Independent and another news outlets about some of the FBI (wrongly identified) Hijackers found alive...
BBC News... September 23, 2001 2001 Hijack 'Suspects' Alive And Well
News September, 23, 2001 Revealed: The Men With Stolen Identities ml
The September 17, 2001 'Suicide Hijacker' Is An Airline Pilot Alive And Well In Jeddah
The Daily Trust (Aduja)... September 24, 2001 Dead Saudi Hijack Suspect Resurfaces, Denies Involvement
(Note: There are several more URLs listed in the top URL story)
Following is a shocker about the Hijackers that is astounding! 1, 2002 Florida Terrorist Flight School Linked To CIA Firm
"New evidence linking the owner of the Venice Florida flight school which trained Mohamed Atta to the Central Intelligence Agency surfaced earlier this month."
Above URL stories posted by Dick Fojut Dick Fojut Graphics in Tucson, Arizona

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