Effects Of E-War And
Uranium Bombs In Yugoslavia
The following scientific, non-Propaganda report details the health effects of NATO electronic warfare and Uranium bombing during the recent war. Please read and reflect, scientifically and morally. War remains humanity's most destructive activity. No matter how much people on this list may object, the effects of electronic warfare and environmental warfare, along with the boy-toys - must be confronted if they are to be avoided in the future.
Alfred Webre,
Vancouver, BC
From Dr. Janet M. Eaton, NB, Canada:

Dear All:
The following contains two e-mails from Dr. Aleksandra Veljovic of the Cancer Foundation , Yugoslavia, sent to me in response to my requests for 1] information on the health consequences of NATO Bombings and 2] specific information on the recent conference held in April in Yugloslavia on "Consequences of Ecological Catastrophe on the Health of the Balkan Population."
Dr. Aleksandra Veljovic also forwarded by attachment to her first e-mail : "A Report of Current Cancer Epidemiology in Serbia based on Available Data " December 1999 which is not yet available on their website which is still under construction. In the section of this report entitled "Projection of Malignant Diseases", the authors note that "when the bombing of Yugoslavia started, the environment of the population of Serbia was greatly altered. The destruction of petrochemical and fertilizer factories, refineries and electro-energetic systems released cancerogens in the air: sulfur dioxide, nitrogen hydroxide, hydrocarbons, pyralene, vinyl-chloride-monomer, lead and other. Many cancerogens have polluted water flows. Excessive radiation is present in the form of uranium oxide from impoverished uranium. ..... It is hard to predict what kind of chemical reactions will take place in the air, soil or water. As a consequence of decreased quality of life and a life style in deprivation, it is reasonable to expect a much higher trend of increase of malignant diseases, both in terms of incidence and mortality."
They also note that long term effects will be visible in 5 to 15 years while suggesting: " It is our job to warn the population of the possible consequences in the future." [See also #3 below for Introduction]
The enclosed information may be useful for those attempting to determine the health consequences for the civilian population of Yugoslavia of NATO's aggressive and illegal bombings of petrochemical and chemical installations and their use of depleted uranium weapons.. Dr. Veljovic's e-mails also shed light on the on-going economic sanctions against Yugoslavia and the NATO bombings of medical and health care infrastructure [some 147 building in all ] and the deprivation these actions have caused in regard to basic medical and health care services and in depriving a whole people of the right to be healthy and to live to anticipated old age.
All the best, janet
1] Message #1 from Dr. Aleksandra Veljovic
------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From: "Fondacija protiv raka" <kbcbkosa@ptt.yu> To: "Janet M Eaton" <> Subject: Need for information on cancer increase etc for IAC Trib Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 14:11:07 +0200
Dear Ms Janet Eaton,
I would like to thank you, on behalf of Cancer Foundation and my country, for your engagement in fighting for justice and peace in this world, which is not such a grateful task nowadays.
Since last year, almost immediately after the bombing, during which 147 objects (buildings) functioning as health care institutions were totally or partially destroyed and were unusable for the diagnostics and treatment of patients, most of our hospitals and primary health care institutions lack most of the basic and essential medicaments, infusion solutions, sutures, and 70% of the drugs normally provided in our pharmacies are nowhere to be found, especially citostatics. Obtaining a simple blood count has become almost impossible in more than a half of our otherwise relatively modern and advanced health centers. Surgeons are using linen for sutures as they did 80 years ago, since the regular catgut is far too expensive and this leads to additional problems with respect to postoperative patient care and rehabilitation. Old people have no means to buy medication with their very small pensions. Only in January, in a very short time, almost 2000 people died from the flu pandemic and corpses waited to be buried for 10 or more days since there was not enough room to bury them --people died in numbers in a very short time from pneumonia and the consequences of a severe flu, which the doctors in other non-sanctioned countries were able to treat.
The WHO UN charter guarantees the availability of basic health care needs to all, hopefully by year 2000, and here they are in a position of depriving a whole people of the right to be healthy and to live to be at least 74. Not to mention the high level of stress to which people in this country were exposed during all period of sanction and especially during the NATO bombing. Considering all above, we are faced with a severe cancer problem since the incidence of cancer is doubled! I am sending you, as an attachment, our Cancer Epidemiology Report with the projection for malignant diseases to year 2020, which will provide you, I hope, with useful information for your paper. This report has evaluated our present cancer epidemiology situation, based on available data, which are currently incomplete due to difficulties in a proper registration of malignant diseases, so we can expect that the true numbers are much more higher.
Once again, thank you for your consideration and please, feel free to contact me should you be needing any other data.
Best regards and best of luck in your further activities, Aleksandra Veljovic, MD
Cancer Foundation Yugoslavia 11080 Belgrade Serbia, Yugoslavia Tel: (+381) 11 3010-721 Fax: (+381) 11 606-520
2] From: "Fondacija protiv raka" <kbcbkosa@ptt.yu> To: "Janet M Eaton" <> Subject: Re: Thank you again! Date sent: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 11:51:26 +0200
Dear Ms Janet Eaton,
Once again we will try to help you.
First of all , I want to give you more information about the Conference which Mr Radoje Lausevic has told you about and was organized by Cancer Foundation Yugoslavia. We forget how important our health is until we are in situation to seek for medical help.
Economic crisis in our country has provoked crisis in health care as well (as I wrote to you yesterday). Hospitals are unable to fulfill the needs of all patients seeking for advice, check up or treatment.
Also, it limits the actions of prevention services. Nowadays it is very hard to make sure that all patients get adequate hospital care, to perform all the necessary diagnostic procedures and to provide necessary treatment. Series of new diagnostic procedures have been developed to enable early detection of malignant diseases, but still number of early detected cases of cancer does not increase as expected. That is why Cancer Foundation has been established.
The opening of Cancer Foundation Yugoslavia was promoted by Medical Center "Bezanijska kosa", one of the most eminent health centers in Yugoslavia, in which our office is situated. Our team consists of physicians, molecular biologists, oncologists and health care and prevention proffesionals and we all participate in the actions of Cancer Foundation, as well as people of good will, ready to help the ones who need help.
One of our actions was the organization of the first international symposium with the topic: Consequences of Ecological Catastrophe on the Health of the Balkan Population. Most eminent physicians, biologists and nuclear scientists took part in it. We are preparing the book which will include all their reports, and we hope that it will be published in the autumn, so I think that this will be something you are looking for. Till then, I am sending you, as an attachment, the address book of all participants, so that you can make individual contacts due to your interests. We still do not have our web site but we are working on it, so be sure that I will contact you the very moment it is completed. Be free to quote our Cancer Epidemiology Report, hoping that this will help your philanthropic struggle. Best regards and feel free to contact me for any other data,
Aleksandra Veljovic, MD
Cancer Foundation Yugoslavia Bezanijska kosa bb 11080 Belgrade Serbia, Yugoslavia Tel: (+381) 11 3010-721 Fax: (+381) 11 606-520 ----- Original Message -----
3] A Report of Current Cancer Epidemiology in Serbia Based on Available Data Belgrade, December 1999
This is a Report on cancer epidemiology based on available data in Serbia today put together on the basis of separate reports given by some of most renowned Serbian oncology professionals. The report contains data on the current status of health care institutions in Serbia dealing with cancer patients, the epidemiological situation of malignant diseases in Serbia based on the mortality and morbidity statistics, the survival rate and the regional variations of malignancies on this territory.

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