Photos Of Secret US Pine
Gap Australia Base
(Note - Following the recent internet publication of numerous satellite photos
of the ultra-secret Area 51facility, we now add these new (taken May 2000)
EXCLUSIVE low level photos of the legendary Pine Gap US
installation in Australia. American public tax dollars at work - ed.)

Pine Gap photos from Keith Douglass (UFO researcher in Alice Springs)
courtesy Diane Harrison


From Stan Deyo <>
I have some older 8x10 photos of this same Pine Gap base site. They have been available since 1980 (see Desmond Balls' book, "A Valuable Piece of real Estate"). Your photos are definitely a later or more current vintage. There are about four more dishes (balls) and a heap of newer buildings. These new photos also show one of the many surface entries to the base which is located deep underground and to the west of the apparent location.
The above ground portion is nothing more than a superficial - almost movie set - decoration. The real base has a concentric arrangement in which the central area is set on a massive set of springs for shock absorbtion in case of nuclear attack or earthquake.
The R&D which has been done below ground at the real base site is truly remarkable.... The base has had an average of 1200 employees over the years since 1964 when it was first commissioned. These have been divided into three work areas concentric to the core platform. Each area is tightly controlled by security systems.
Persons working in one area must wear a certain color of ID meant to match the color ribbon running along the walls everywhere. Persons working in the outer area "C" never get into the areas "B" and "A". Australian personnel at the base never get past area "C" and usually have menial jobs. Former prime Minister Gough Whitlam was deposed because he was going to try to get the base closed. He was mainly angered because he couldn't find out what was really going on inside the base.
A number of well known aerospace companies including Collins Radio and Texas Instruments of Dallas Texas have had facilities there.... It was the cream of postings in the seventies. IBM, Collins, TRW and E Systems were the primary contractors to start with but the group grew over time.
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