UK Sex Offenders May
Be Tracked For Life By
Satellite Ankle Device
By Jason Allardyce
Convicted paedophiles face being tracked by satellites for the rest of their lives through an ankle tag that would trigger a warning if they entered a banned area such as a school.
Rapists might also be tagged so that they could not approach their victim's home undetected, under plans being considered by Home Office officials. The technology is already used in the United States, where it is known as "reverse tagging" because it allows the offender to move around, rather than being confined to a particular place.
The technology is also being examined in Scotland in response to mounting public concern about the number of serious offenders who are released from jail and then commit further offences.
Lord MacLean, a judge, who chairs a Scottish government committee on criminal justice reforms, raised the idea after he observed a scheme operating in Arizona.
He said yesterday that dangerous criminals who were a threat to public safety should be subject to continuing supervision for the rest of their lives.
The judge called on the Scottish Executive to make a new sentence available to the courts, which he suggested be called an Order for Lifelong Restrictions. He said that the sentence could be applied to around a dozen Scottish criminals each year.
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