Update - Plum Island,
Mycoplasma, & West Nile Virus
By Patricia Doyle <>
It is almost a year since the West Nile outbreak in New York City. We are no closer to any answers, regarding the origin of that outbreak, than we were one year ago.
I commenced the investigation into Plum Island simply to ascertain if Plum Island was the origin of the West Nile outbreak. During that simple investigation, I stumbled onto a puzzle. Most of the answers to that puzzle are stored in some US Government computer banks and in dusty file cabinets. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult...and try to find those answers.
The investigation of Plum Island had led me down many paths, as many of you know. The last turn and twist of the plot was my discovery that in 1970, Plum Island was granted 10 million dollars to research mycoplasma. The work went so well that in 1975, the year the initial grant was to expire, Plum Island was granted even more funds to continue the mycoplasma research. I had finally learned why Plum Island had a Biolevel 5 designation.
At the time, 1970, it was illegal to work with mycoplasma in the continental US, therefore Plum Island was designated Biolevel 5 and the research commenced at that off-shore facility.
I needed further information on the research of Plum Island's Dr. Jawad Al-Aubaidi. He was the young researcher who completed his graduate research at Cornell and was hired by Plum Island to head up the Plum Island mycoplasma research in the 1980s.
I had learned from Prof. Garth Nicolson that Dr. Aubaidi had returned home to become President of the Al-Qudisiyah University, South of Bagdad, and head up the mycoplasma research at Bagdad University. I further learned that Dr. Aubaidi had been murdered in 1995. Professor Nicolson indicated that he had been murdered by the Israelis. I needed further information on both the research of Dr. Jawad Al Abuaidi and the circumstances of his untimely death.
On March 26th, 2000, I had requested FOIA documents on Ft. Terry, Plum Island, and Dr. Jawad Al-Aubaidi.
On March 28th, 2000, the National Archives turned over my FOIA request to the NSA (National Security Agency). On June 5, 2000, I received a letter from the United States Government NSA. . According to that letter, the request for records on the circumstances of the death of Dr. Jawad Al-Aubaidi is "a currently and properly classified matter in accordance with Executive Order 12958." The FOIA request for info was also withheld pursuant to the third exemption.
The specific statutes applicable in this case are: Title 18 U.S. Code 798; Title 50 U.S. Code 403=(c)(6); and Section 6, Public Law 86-36(50 U.S. Code 402)
In other words, my request is exempted from disclosure purusant to statute.
The circumstances and the death of Dr. Aubaidi is to be kept secret in "the interest of national defense and foreign relations," and are properly classified pursuant to such Executive Order.
On June 21st, I received a letter from Dr. Jawad Al-Aubaidi's professor at Cornell University, The James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health, Dr. Leland E Carmichael.
Dr. Carmichael compared my research to that of Nelson Demille's book, basically all fiction. I cannot figure out how Dr. Carmichael found my mailing address. I cannot even imagine how Dr. Carmichael heard of my work. I did not think that my research would be required reading of University Scientists.
Dr. Carmichael corrected me on several points:
1. Dr. Aubaidi pursued a Veterinary Science Degree at Plum Island.
2. "Mycoplasma sp. are the poorest of candidates for germ warfare and have never been considered for that awful purpose.
3. Plum Island is an Agricultural Research institution and not a biowarfare lab.
He basically stated that Dr. Jawad Al Aubaidi was a research student of his, and he was a fine young man, and my inquiry into his research and death is doing Dr. Aubaidi a disservice.
All that I wish to do is to request information on Dr. Aubaidi's research and to inquire into the events surrounding the death of Dr. Jawad Al Aubaidi. I do not wish to accuse, I do not wish to invent or create a disingenuous fabrication, I wish to learn the truth.
If, according to Dr. Carmichael's version of the facts of the death of Dr. Aubaidi, the agents of Sadom Hussein did, in fact, arrange for Dr. Aubaidi to have a flat tire and subsequently hit with a truck as he fixed his flat, then I do not see how my inquiry could posssibly do a disservice. Dr. Carmichael indicated that the Iraqis had Dr. Aubaidi killed because he and his family wished to return to the US and had made preparations to do so.
There are thousands of Gulf War Vets and also, now, general population in the US suffering the effects of mycoplasma. I can assure you, myself included, that they (effects of mycoplasma incognitus) can be devastating. It is hard to identify the worst symptom, whether it is the severe headaches, the constant feeling of a rubber band pulled tightly around your head, or the "fog."
On a 'good' day, there are still symptoms present. When one is able to go to the store, if one has to bend down to pick up something from a bottom shelf, one topples over. Heart palpatations, congestive heart failure, and rising and lowering blood pressures, all courtesy of mycoplasma.
There have been days when I find my self at the strip mall, yet, do not remember why I am there and which store I need to go into.
There is very little that many of the primary care physicians know of treating mycoplasma infection. When one needs long term antibiotic treatment, it is very hard to convince the primary care physician to give that needed prescription for the Doxycycline.
As time goes on, the symptoms of untreated mycoplasma take their toll on the victim.
I certainly want to know what mycoplasma research was done at Plum Island, as well as Cold Spring Harbor, and Ft. Detrick, and Tanox. Yet, the U.S. Government makes it increasingly difficult to read about that research. If it is so inocuous, then why won't the Government release the data? Why is information on mycoplasma, a poor candidate for germ warfare, classified?
If the circumstances of the death of Dr. Jawad Al Aubaidi were simply Iraqi agents of Saddam taking out someone who was moving back to the US, then why is the US Government so reluctant to release the documents?
Why is it classified and done so pursuant to Executive Order?
Why is so much information on Plum Island and Ft. Terry classified and unretrievable from archives?
On March 26, 2000, when I made the FOIA request, I thought the Plum Island investigation might soon be complete and that I may soon have the answers that I sought.
June 2000, with the letters from the NSA and, also, the very curious letter from the Professor of Dr. Jawad Al Aubaidi, I am left with even more questions.
I am hoping that by publicizing the circumstances surrounding my investigation, I may find someone ready to stand up and blow the whistle on the coverup.
I cannot foget that it was mycoplasma that killed so many people in the Huntsville, Texas area during the Day Lily Project at Huntsville, Texas prison.
I also remember that it was Dr. James Dewey Watson, Nobel winner, "Double Helix," and Director of Cold Spring Harbor, who went to Texas to oversea the giving out of flu shots to the Texas Dept. of Corrections Prisoners at Huntsville Texas Prison.
I am in contact with victims of that project, who, to this day, from exposure in the 1980s, suffer the effects of mycoplasma. Many folks, prisoners, prison personnel, doctors, nurses, and towns people of Huntsville, Texas had perished before Professor Nicolson had arrived in 1994 and identified the pathogen as mycoplasma incognitus.
I cannot follow Dr. Carmichael's assumption that mycoplasma is a poor candidate for germ warfare. The only word in that sentence I can agree with is "awful."
Yes, only those who suffer from the effects of mycoplasma know it is, indeed, AWFUL.
Thank you,
Patricia Doyle
Anyone with information on Ft. Terry, Plum Island, Mycoplasma research, Dr. Jawad Al Aubaidi and the circumstances of his work or death, please contact me at:
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