Radioactive Spill At Florida
State University Uncontained
From Scott D Portzline <>
PNO-II-00-028 - Florida State University
July 21, 2000
This preliminary notification constitutes EARLY notice of events of POSSIBLE safety or public interest significance. The information is as initially received without verification or evaluation, and is basically all that is known by Region II staff in Atlanta, Georgia on this date.
Facility Licensee Emergency Classification Florida State University Notification of Unusual Event (An Agreement State Licensee) Alert Tallahassee, Florida Site Area Emergency
General Emergency: X Not Applicable
Subject: Radioactive Spill
On July 21, 2000, State officials advised the Region of a radioactive spill, which occurred on July 6, 2000, in a radiation laboratory assigned to the Chemistry Department, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida. Preliminary information gathered by the University's Radiation Safety Officer indicates that there was a spread of contamination, both inside and outside of the building, to include the vehicle and residence of one of the staff members.
University officials, including the Radiation Safety Officer, were not aware of this event until July 17, 2000, and subsequently the University notified the State of Florida on July 20, 2000.
On July 6, 2000, while physically removing radioactive material from a radiation laboratory in the Chemistry Department, located in the Hoffman Teaching Laboratory, a spill occurred during the movement of a glove box which was situated on a wheeled dolly. The laboratory staff attempted to conduct clean up operations, but did not have any instrumentation to conduct radiation surveys. The staff apparently assumed that their clean up efforts were successful, and did not report this event to the Radiation Safety Office. The isotope and quantity of material has not yet been fully determined; however, the material appears to be an energetic beta emitter and presumed to be strontium-90 (Sr-90).
On July 21, 2000, State officials were dispatched to the University and initiated a detailed investigation of this event.
Currently, no media interest has been expressed in this event.
Technical assistance was offered by the Region, but was declined by the State. State officials will continue to keep Region II informed of the results of their investigation.
This information is current as 1:00 p.m. EDT, July 21, 2000.
Contact: R. Trojanowski (404)562-4427

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