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One Good Job & One Turkey
From David Allen
A couple of years ago I was living on the northern California coast, twenty miles south of the Oregon border. I had a friend who was very much into the conspiracy theories, and was always ranting and raving about what "they" were doing to us, what "they" were hiding, and so forth. One day during a visit, he brought up CHEMTRAILS. I listened to his rantings with the usual grain of salt, and promised him I would look at the websites he offered would "open my eyes".
A few days later, while on the net, I decided to look up the alleged CHEMTRAILS. I was at first amazed. The sites I looked at contained photos, maps and eye witness accounts- Then I began to be concerned. Just what were "they" spraying? I began to inform other friends and neighbors, and it wasn't long before I saw the spraying with my own eyes, above my own house. Now it was "real."
Last year, I made a trip to Nashville, TN to visit my mother and she admitted to following the growing data being compiled on the net, too. We stood outside her house a couple of mornings and evenings watching a myriad of gridlines being laid over the area , and tossed about a few theories as to the meaning of them all.
Now I live in Cocoa, FL and see heavy spraying overhead almost everyday. I watched the internet coverage explode almost over night with reports from Portland to Perth. A few solid theories seem to have taken hold, but I have yet to make up my own mind ( I favor the inoculation theory).
I am writing today because I have witnessed a new chapter unfold. Last night (Sunday, July 16), Channel 35 News, which is the local FOX station out of Orlando, actually did a hefty segment (on Chemtrails) on the 10pm news. I was stunned, and pleased. Finally.
They presented many photographs and had a few experts on both sides of the issue. It was typical media fare, but it was THERE. Probably the best thing of all was that the anchor refrained from making any follow-up comments, leaving the issue suspended, and the viewers to make up their own minds.
As I went out this morning to have my coffee on the back porch, I noticed the spraying is quite intense today, about 10 lines so far- and I couldn't help but wonder how many "new" eyes were now gazing along with me, and asking the same question....why?
From Tod 7-16-00
Hi Jeff,
Thanks for all the great shows and info you provide. I just wanted you to know that today, July 16, we here in Portland, OR were treated to beautiful chemtrail "rainbows" for lack of a better word. Actually more of an oily smudge in the sky similar to oil on pavement in wet weather. It, along with about 35 other chemtrails polluted my whole beautiful blue sky. We topped out at 92 degrees today, but without all the clouds from the craptrails we would have hit alot higher.
Our CBS affiliate weatherman, Randy Querin, reported this as some sort of 'ice crystal' in the atmosphere phenomenon and actually gave it a rather pretty-sounding name which, not being a meteoroligist, escapes me. However, his describing this as a 'high altitude ice crystal rainbow' makes no sense as I witnessed it in my local geographic location not once but about 5 times in different parts of the sky at different times of the day, and agles of the sun.
So, why something so rare would occur so frequently during a single day makes no sense. Not to mention I have personally witnessed the exact same " formations" about 3 times since last year. Not to mention the fierce-looking black line that you have pictures of on your site. I have noticed that the black line varies as to duration from mere minutes to more like 10 minutes. I have seen this scarey momma 3 times and pointed it out twice to others. It is time for an answer. Let us all work together on this.

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