Report Says Iraq Blocks
US Missiles With New
Russian Device
KUWAIT (Reuters) - Iraq has managed to stop the United States from firing sophisticated missiles at it with an $18,000 jamming device it bought from Russia, a newspaper reported on Sunday.
Al-Qabas daily said in a report from Moscow that it had met the Russian inventor of the portable device which was designed at a university. The daily also published pictures of what it said was the device.
Baghdad said earlier this year that it had developed the capability to neutralize U.S. anti-radar HARM missiles, often fired by warplanes enforcing no-fly zones in Iraq, effectively forcing them out of the skies.
Al-Qabas said the first two of the devices were carried to Baghdad as a gift by Russian ultranationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky.
British and U.S. warplanes conduct daily patrols over southern and northern Iraq and often fire at Iraqi targets if challenged. The two powers last led a major military campaign against Iraq in December 1998.

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