Russian Student Loses Medal After Writing To President Putin
MOSCOW (Reuters) - A 16-year-old student in central Russia paid heavily for doing something that students often do -- writing a letter to her country's president, Vladimir Putin.
Anna Provorova has left school without a silver medal she was awarded because she made two mistakes in the letter asking Putin to give her school a video camera to film a graduation party.
``It was a joke. We were talking about our final evening party during the break. We wanted to film it, but we did not have the camera and decided to write a letter,'' Provorova told NTV private television Thursday.
The letter made its way from the village of Vorobyovo to the office of the head of Vologda's education department, where the mistakes were spotted. Provorova had failed to capitalize the first letter of one word and missed an exclamation mark.
The letter prompted the education department to double-check her work and reduce her grade from a five -- the top mark in Russian schools -- to a three that disqualified her for the silver medal.
``Maybe it's unpleasant and not very good for the girl and the school director, but we had to double check,'' said Nikolai Sych, head of the regional education department.
``If you want a silver medal, you should not write to the head of the country on such a piece of paper and with mistakes.''
In response, the Kremlin sent a letter saying that the regional authorities had violated students' rights.
And though she is unlikely to get her medal, Provorova will receive the video camera, which, according to an order from Putin, will be sent to her village.

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