More Artificial Clouds
Observed By Professional Pilot
From Capt. D.A. Wheeler/ATP
Howdy Jeff,
I would like to report a strange weather related occurence yesterday 6/28/2000, 25km north of the California town of Santa Barbara.
Firstly, the chemtrails started in earnest around 10-11am PDT and by afternoon large areas of high altitude cirraform clouds were observed and did not drift much at all with the upper level winds.
Now, the weird part: I went inside and flipped on the Weather Channel to check the radar summary for our locale (central coastal California), and lo and behold, there were strong radar returns exactly over the Pacific where these high altitude 'cirrus clouds' were located.
Normally, cirrus clouds are mainly composed of ice crystals at those altitudes, and no convective activity was possible due to very low humidity in the area. Also, I observed two separate jets about 20 miles entrail of each other, at equal altitudes, one producing chemtrails in short bursts, the other did not produce anything. BINGO!
The only other radar returns observed were hundreds of miles to the east over the desert southwest which is normal for this time of year. Could it be that the strange echos were some sort of metallic substance contained in the cirrus 'clouds' to allow better tracking of drift?
I am an airline transport pilot with experience in both propeller driven and high performance jet aircraft and have flown for more than one airline here in the US and internationally.
Please post this for all to evaluate.
Many Thanks,
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