Portland, Eugene, &
Western Oregon Hit With
Chemtrails Again
From (anonymity requested)
Hey Jeff,
Today (Tuesday 6/21), we got 'pounded' with trails. My wife is a bus driver and calls me when she sees them working. I hold a commercial pilot license, but I am not flying much these days. The entire sky, from the major north/south airway (V121 that is predicated on the VOR on the Eugene Airport, just west of town) to as far as we could see east. They were rather high, I am guessing appeared about 25,000 feet, and very heavy. They created a obscured overcast to the east, as the prevailing winds aloft were from the west. There over a dozen trails, each about a quarter mile apart. They spread out until they met each other.
They were too high to be a bio threat (to Eugene), as they would have blown half way to Boise before they got to the ground. It might be a weather control device, to reduce direct sunlight to the ground. But I had another thought. Remember when India & Pakistan were testing nukes and we didnt know what they were doing, because they knew the timing of our satellites, and made their movements when we could not 'see' them?
Perhaps, we are moving things, under the cover of an obscured sky, so Russian or ( other ) satellites can not see them?? Maybe this whole concept is a national security issue, that should not be disclosed. ???? Regardless, we should not have to breath that stuff, and then be lied to about it.
Thanks so much for your participation and keep up the good work.
From Sardar Khalsa <
This is feedback that I'm getting from Southern Oregon from a pilot. We were bombed on Tuesday of this week with more Chemtrails than we have had before I started researching this attack on the American People.
I have gotten two new contacts to question. One is the Pentagon Environmental Desk and the other one is the University of Washington Atmospheric Research Lab. The Pentagon # is: 1-703-695-0640 and the University's # is: 1-206-543-4250
Most of the spraying stopped after I contacted McChord AirBase last week saying we were filming these trails in the Portland area. They resumed with a vengeance yesterday, 6-20-00.
If these were normal Contrails in the north- south flyway, they would happen everyday - not just certain days. And from the films we took and sent to LA it clearly shows only 4 planes: three white and one orange.
It is of the utmost importance to find out what these are, as most conventional military and government sources deny they even exist even after we have photographic proof of their existence.
I talked to the CDC yesterday and they said that 'no one in America' has reported these trails. I find that hard to believe in light of the mass of evidence that has been obtained so far.
The Portland Tower also denied any flyovers as I was standing outside watching them spray. We are getting hit today, again (Wednesay). The local media (other than a Mr.. Redden) has ignored repeated attempts by me to get them to cover these sprayings. The Chemtrail spraying is quite real, and it makes me very nervous when government and the military tell me bald face lies when I have seen them with my own eyes, as have hundreds of thousands of others.
Sardar Khalsa
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From D.A. Wheeler (Southern Oregon)
Dear Sardar,
Yes, we were hit by a series of high altitude trails,over the last two weeks (only 2 days). I am getting film developed to send to ALPA personnel.
One senior United Captain said he would look into it, but it seems most are squeamish about making waves so close to retirement. It is up to us to get the truth out to those who would listen. As far as I know, no one down here got sick, as we never had ground contact (weather mod only?). Temperatures soared abnormally for 36 hours following south latitude strike. My eyes were itching and I had a rough throat for 24 Hrs. after strike. Some other friends that were working outdoors felt abnormally tired and generally lathargic.
I am calling a nurse friend of mine to see if any fellow workers may be able to get some samples under an electron microscope. Jets have let up in the Southern latitude for last 4-5 days. I will keep working on getting some pilots interested, but it wont be easy. I pray the good Lord watches over you and your family during these times. I think a simple streamlined external collector pod would suffice to sample an airborne chemtrail, so we could commence Congressional hearings on this, and get these bastards put in prison forever.


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