New Chemtrail Spaying Tactics Observed Over Texas
From Joel Howard <>
To Clifford Carnicom <>
Dear Mr. Carnicom,
Thank you so much for your courageous efforts.
I am compelled to relate to you a very odd spraying event which I witnessed this morning, July 25, approx. 10 a.m. CDT in Austin, Texas.
As you are probably aware, Austin seems to be a hotbed of chemtrail activity. But until recently, most trails in this area had been laid at relatively low altitudes, with the aircraft shapes and colors visible to the naked eye. Over the past few months, everything has moved upstairs, with absolutely no engine noise heard. (Reverse wave form noise cancellation?)
As I was alerting my neighbors to a brutal spraying event several days ago, we were amazed to see how rapidly some of the trails were being deployed. (Sorry, no photos) It was almost as if you looked away for a few seconds, then turned back around, and there would be a fresh one.
Then we realized that we never saw the planes at all! I have a fairly keen eye for spotting aircraft, since my dad was a private pilot and we logged quite a few hrs. together.
Today, as I was getting into my car, I looked up just in time to see the first *#@^&%! trail of the day. And for roughly two seconds, I was able to clearly see the unpainted, heavy jet, as it reflected the sun.
Then it just wasn't there anymore!
This plane was not directly overhead, but close to it. To catch the sun's rays the way that it did, it would have to have been descending, considering it was on a NW heading, with a fairly low sun angle. Visibility was fair to good at the time, with minimal scattered clouds.
There was a small bank of thin, mid level clouds, not very far ahead of the plane's position and I thought that maybe it just became obscured for a moment. But I was unable to spot the aircraft again, even though I scanned the sky intensely for many minutes afterward. BTW, this jet was definitely not very high, as I could clearly make out the two engines. Maybe a 757, judging by wing shape.
I've read somewhere about an operational cloaking system, which is basically a skin of flat screen video monitors fitted to the plane. Supposedly, this system can render a craft transparent by projecting the sky above above it on to the bottom screens and vise versa. So you are, in effect, seeing through the plane. I just have to wonder if this could be why we're not seeing the planes anymore. (Or just a glimpse.)
I would greatly appreciate any comments and I wonder if you have heard of any similar events.
Joel Howard Illustrator & Designer

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