Chemtrail Photos Over
Wellington, NZ -
Look Familiar...?
From ( anonymity requested)
These images were taken on Sunday 2 July above the Northern suburbs of Wellington, New Zealand.
The day started out sunny, clear and still with the first activity occurring 10:30 am local time (GMT +12:00) Activity occurred throughout the day above the city and surrounding areas (I personally witnessed a minimum of 6 long trails, 2 were being laid at the time of the sightings). The sunset images were taken from 30 km north of Wellington at Pukerua Bay.
Needless to say the day developed into a very overcast and hazy sunset.
The images were captured with a Casio QV100 LCD Digital Camera and have not been enhanced or retouched in any manner.
Kind Regards

I would like to comment on the above story. I live in Christchurch NZ and the photos taken over Wellington look like a contrail from a Air New Zealand 737 flying from Dunedin, or Christchurch to Auckland. I have seen exactly that type of contrail for 30 years in Christchurch: they were 737s flyiong from Dunedin to the North Island. These contrails stayed for over an hour - sometimes 2 before dissapating. I am not saying I do not believe in chemtrail spraying, it is just that New Zealand is a rather unusual place to do it. Besides, has your poster stopped to think what aircraft there are in NZ who can do this type of spraying? Certainly none in our puny, un-equipped airforce as none are equipped for spraying.
Michael Taylor
From Mark (anonymity requested)
In response to Micheal Taylor's views that the images that were provided to you were no more than normal Boeing 737 contrails I have included images of a normal contrail taken from the same vantage points as the previous chemtrail images sent. These are not the greatest quality however they show in my mind the differences between a contrail and a chemtrail. These images were taken on a day with almost exactly the same climatic conditions as those images sent previously. This contrail disappeared within seconds of being created (as you would expect with water molecules). They did not hang around, give the impression of dribbling or fan out into whisps over a prolonged period. They simply vanished over the space of 45 secs or so.
I live directly below the flight path to Wellington Airport (also almost directly below the flight path taken by jets en route to Auckland from the South Island and visa versa) thus a great deal of air traffic almost directly over us is the norm. I would not have gone to the trouble of posting the information if there was any doubt in my mind as to whether these were outside the realm of normal contrails. Since reading Michael's comments I have checked both Air NZ's and Ansetts flight schedules on a daily basis from the Southern cities to Auckland (and in return) in the hope that I could spot these planes leaving persistent contrails. Over the last two days I have observed a lot of jet traffic none of which has even come close to the images captured on Sunday. OK the weather conditions and altitudes of the craft may not have been exactly those of Sunday, however the Wellington weather has been consistant for the last few days. No persistant contrails have been observed to date all vanish within literally seconds.
I agree NZ does not appear to have the aircraft present in the country for this type of spraying, and cannot give a firm answer as to where these craft are departing from. (Reports of Chemtrails appearing in Sydney and other Australian locations are common knowledge, perhaps that's where our craft are originating from. It is only a relatively short flight after all and would allow a centralised departure point for accessing numerous Pacific's just a thought!)
Again anonimity is requested as I can't be bothered being heckled by the numerous skeptics out there who can't seem to be bothered to look up before formulating their answers..
PS Further spraying was observed on both Monday 3 July and Tues 4 July above Wellington. I have some further images if you are interested.

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