More Chemtrail Reports
From Around The US
From Lorie Kramer <>
Dear Jeff,
Thank you so much for providing information about the Chem Trail issue to your audience. Many of our members have expressed their gratitude for having found Chem Trail Tracking USA from your Chemtrail Data Page.
My heart goes out to all those in the Pacific Northwest that we have been reading about on your site. These are indeed challenging times.
Since our membership is presently 730 people, I thought you might be interested in a cross section of reports recently contributed by club members. We post our sightings on our calendar which gives the whole picture, but I thought a few of the accompanying messages would illustrate how wide spread and many are the reports of this phenomena.
Sadly, these reports originate from all over our country, yet we still see no mention of it on the news or in the papers, and do not recieve responses from officials who have been queried. Meanwhile, the illnesses are moving right along with the non-stop lines of whatever it is being spread over our skies.
This is not a localized phenomena. Our membership wants some answers. These people are concerned, educated, often professional individuals who want answers to what they are observing over their heads. We want an explanation and accountability.
This is what Americans have seen over their heads within the last week.
SE Pennsylvania 6/8/00 Long trails, and short bursts were the form and shape of our ct's today. Not very many that I could see due to the real clouds. Tonight about 8:30 p.m., the moon had a "rainbow" halo.
Cent Or Report June 10, 2000 Heavy applications to the east and southeast of the Bend and Redmond area early began the complete blanking of our sky above a cumulus layer covering 60% of visible area. By 1000 pdt there was a high altitude layer of thin altocumulus looking clouds, but at cirrus levels, about 28 thousand ft. The cumulus were scudding along out of the southeast at 10 to 14 thou. and headed roughly north.... Expected rain never arrived and the cumulus was successfully dried out and broken up by midafternoon. The flyguys took a break after 1400 hrs which is their habit here, and were back by 1700 hrs to refill the sky, creating a full canopy at high altitude by sunset covering the Deschutes basin and north to Madras. Surface winds to 10 mph, temps mid 30's low to low 60's for the high.
Emporia, VA 6/11/00 Mostly hazy sky like yesterday but CT's present in the northern sky. Planes flying from South to North. Few cumulus clouds have been flattened. Two OFF/ON or STOP/START CT's.
Charlotte, NC 6/11/00 Trails looking like spokes of a wheel are all over. Also weird looking clouds, not really clouds are pink coming from the north. Really odd. The wheel spoke spraying is a new thing for around here.
North Carolina 6/11/00 It is really incredible but I just do not know if I know what a normal sky looks like anymore..I see those wispies and wonder if they are real clouds or not...We have that surreal weird blue sky here and some strange looking gold and pink colors in the sky last night..
Boston, MA 6/8/00
Trails-in-progress in all directions to the WNW as I write this. Total Strafe-Out today, all day, with very graphic refraction anomalies. Fake cloud formations turning pale magenta-yellow, then pale green as they literally drip with long virga and then "vaporize." Fake clouds "appearing" out of nowhere and doing same. "Sequence" takes about 3-5 minutes. Have never really seen it quite as bad as it is this week. Hartford, CT, NYC, coastal NJ, Philadelphia and Baltimore corroborate.<<
You know, there are tears running down my face as I write this. A very close friend has just returned from 10 days in France - Paris and Brittany. We just had dinner. She brought me, among other things, photos she had taken of trails over there.
I spoke with a close friend in Skowhegan, ME earlier today. He is depressed because he has not been able to complete several outdoor carpentry jobs due to the constant rain up there. He is broke this week. He says their temperatures are consistently 10-15 degrees below normal for this time of year.
It is the same here. Right now, at 9:05pm EDT on June 11, it is 52 degrees here in Boston, MA.
Flagstaff, AZ-6/12/00 Heavy Jets/Spray/Chem Jets began (quite visibly) in unison at 7 am, went hard and heavy all day long. Heavy white chem cover by afternoon. By sunset, chemclouds have rolled back, smooth edges, solid cover, with intermittent blue and continual spray. Sun is really bright! Weird colors at sunset through the chem haze, surreal. Light breeze all day. No visible smoke. (from fires)
Cincinnati,OH 6/12/00 Sunset - Heavy Trails everywhere starting at around 6pm continuing until dusk with a spectacular huge "X" over the city of Harrison,Oh at 7:45pm just northwest of Cincy.
Houston, TX 6/9/00 I went outside this morning and noted a huge billowing line of chemclouds stretching northwest to southeast as far as I could see. 3 obvious fresh, intersecting chemtrails in front of this `cloud` front (some of these clouds are real, as there are some thunderstorms rumbling in northeast Harris county right now.) Big ring around the sun already this morning. driving to work I saw a single `mega`-sprayer plane working southeast to northwest in front of this cloud front. he was leaving a HUGE blatant trail of the type we havent seen much of since about march, I would guesstimate altitude between 15,000 to 20,000 feet, but like I said...its a guess. obvious chemtrail with typical dripping then gradual spreading properties. lots, and I mean lots of other spreadout chemtrails all over the sky, they must have been hard at work last night. prevailing wind is out of the southeast, I believe due to the tropical disturbance down in the Bay of Campeche, forecast for rain is 65% today and 50% through Monday. we will see what happens.
Also I have noticed yesterday and then again this morning commercial aircraft around my area in Houston (San Felipe & Voss) have been flying at EXTREMELY lower altitudes than I have ever noticed before. I've noticed them flying lower on some days than others, but yesterday when I looked up they were lower than ever before.
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