Kansas Chemtrail Pics
From Eric
Jeff - here are 4 from a series of pics I took this spring on I-70 going through Ft. Riley, Kansas.
I did not at first notice the chemtrails above me; what got my attention was seeing two men standing by the side of the road staring up into the sky. I looked up and immediately saw whey they had pulled off the road. I did also.
As an architectural historian, I usually travel with a digital camera. I started taking pictures when a highway patrol car pulled up and an officer asked me if I "had a problem". Where was he last year when my truck broke down and no one stopped for 11 hours?
He advised me that it was illegal to park on an interstate highway. I wasn't going to argue with him and was just glad that he didn't ask what I was taking pictures of.
I continued to snap images out the window of my truck as I drove along; at some point he passed me, surely noting my activity. I thought it was odd that this was all centered directly over Ft. Riley.
Here it is, for whatever it's worth. Keep up the excellent reporting! Eric in Kansas

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