Chemtrails Over Kansas City
From (Anonymity Requested)
Dear Jeff,
I was walking my dog early Monday morning (7/10) near my home in the Platte County area north of Kansas City when I noticed a number of strange cloud, contrail, or chemtrail formations in the sky - I cannot say for certain what they were, simply because I do not feel myself qualified to do so. I've listened to your show via the internet for the last 12 months or so, and am well aware of the "chemtrail" controversy, but have always viewed it with some degree of skepticism. However, I cannot deny what I saw with my own eyes, and I simply have no explanation for it. I've debated for the last two days whether or not to pass on my story, and I've finally decided to pass on the information, else it will make no difference. I will tell my story to you, and I will also (anonymously) contact some local meteorological experts, again via e-mail, simply because I would like some sort of "official" explanation for this, although I honestly expect to receive no attention from the local media.
The time was about 6:50 am, and I immediately ran back to my house and searched out my digital camera. Finding it after some amount of consternation, I went back outside at about 7 am and began photographing anything I felt to be of an unusual nature for the next 20 minutes. Structures of note were a large "X" shaped formation directly over my head (see jpegs X05 and X06), with another line parallel to one side - perhaps the remnants of a grid pattern. There was a series of about 7 to 10 parallel lines to the north (Lines04), and to the south of my position was what appeared to be an earlier "X" structure (I say "earlier" because it had reached a higher degree of dissipation). Each of the structures I mentioned appeared to be dissipating into a thin mist.
I went back inside and viewed the pictures, finding myself somewhat disappointed with my photographical skills, but was pleased that a few of the 20 or so pictures I took clearly showed what I had seen.
I returned outside at 9 am and saw the remnants of the large "X" still in nearly the same place in the sky directly over my head. I again photographed them (X2h01 and X2h01), but the pictures were less than satisfactory due to the position of the trails in conjunction with the position of the rising sun.
Once again, at noon, I ventured outside and noted the still visible "X" structure in the sky, but I did not photograph it because the sun was nearly directly overhead and not blocked by any nearby trees.
I live within 5 miles of the Kansas City International Airport (KCI or MCI as it is referred to) and am very accustomed to seeing air traffic. I have never before seen anything of this nature. Never in my life have I seen a cloud formation or contrail remain nearly stationary for a period of five hours, and I would venture a guess that the trails I saw were laid down several hours before I saw them, meaning they were made during the pre-dawn darkness. Simply put, I'm somewhat concerned by it - I did not believe that the "chemtrail controversy" was real, but now I'm forced to rethink my position.
I've attached five photographs taken with my Digital DSCpro True Digital VGA 640*480 2MB digital camera with a 3 feet to infinity focus free lens. Three of the pictures are from 7am and the other two are taken from the group photographed at 9am (again, these two are marked "X2h01" and "X2h01"). These pictures are *not* altered from the originals, other than being changed from the BMP format to JPEG format to reduce the size of the files for mailing.
In closing, I would like to thank you for your efforts to bring controversial subjects to the eyes of the public, and the fact that you have enough respect for us to allow us to form our own opinions and beliefs.
If you would find any of the photographs or any portion of this message to be of any use, either on the show or on your website, then please, by all means, use them as you see fit - all that I ask is that you keep my name and my e-mail address confidential, for personal reasons.
Thank you and I apolgize for the lengthy nature of this message,

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