Human Sludge Is Not
Being Properly Composted
From Anita Sands <>
I just read the article on human waste being used in factory fields, all over USA at, one of my favorite archives of articles... and the article is just below at if you want to click on it.
It's about how local sewer companies all over USA have started to drop their crap on local fields, how they've convinced farmers they're doing 'em a favor. EXPECT a tidal wave of hepatitis to result!
The challenge with human wastes being used is that they must be HEAT COMPOSTED for a month. These wastes are not truly composted by the methods used by waste removal plants. They may strain it into tar like soup but that don't phase the viruses. THIS IS VIRAL SOUP!
In ancient China, 'night soil' was treated in 'hot compost piles' mixed with green leaves and plants (after harvesting of fruit/vegies) and the high nitro caused really HIGH HEATS to occur. The waste material contributed a bacterial 'leavening agent' quality and the whole thing stayed REAL HOT for a month and when it was finally just black humus soil, it smelled sweet like the fine soil we buy at the HOME DEPOT for 6$ a bag. Or like soil in our garden.
When I first used 10 bags of this new 'bio waste' fertilizer which HOME DEPOT now sells, I noticed the horrifid latrine odor. I almost accused my homeless worker fellow of 'using' the garden instead of coming into the house! I could detect the aroma of a public latrine ALL over the garden!
Stay away from bagged manures if they say bio wastes on 'em. They are NOT SELLING YOU COW MANURE at Home Depot, This isn't Kansas any more. The bag reads 'cow manure and bio-wastes' and it's hepatitis rich SEWER SLUDGE.
There are other ways to fertilize. I looked on package of cage free eggs from local healthfood store, saw the CHICKEN farmer lived in a house a few blocks from me, now can go and for $l dig my own 5 gallon bucket of chicken poop, fresh from the cages. Fantastic stuff. That one bucket outweighs a huge bag of light, dry hepatitis manure. I compost it with my clippings.
Every trash nite I wheel everybody's GREEN BARREL (my neighbors houses... 3 colors trash barrel, do they do that where you are?) wheel it down to my front driveway. THE 5 foot wide strip of bare soil down the ENTIRE driveway back to the garage and house is a compost pile, 30 feet long, 150 sq feet is the minimum for a cottage garden.
MINIMUM. I could easily compost two plots that size. I dump their barrels on it. The grass, leaves. I cover wi. a little soil, hose it daily. In a month of HOT temps breaking the poop and all the neighborhoods lawn clippings down, I have raw mulch. I just top dress every bed in the yard, every tree, don't dig anything in as I might strike a bulb. I top dress all year. IT SOAKS down in. The soil moves thru and down.
By the way, seed harvest is here now. If you want sunflower seeds, let me know. They are bouquet sized flow4ers, not Zhivago flowers, 9 feet tall plants but flowers you can use in the house, and which BIRDS adore. Every finch knows how to get them out of the seedheads!
Then, there are FRAGRANT SUMMER STOCKS, all pastel colors, plant in Aug in flats, lay out in beds in Sept if you don't freeze under 30deg. and they bloom in spring.
Then there are calendulas, gorgeous flower and I use their petals on every wound my Tomcat has protecting our house from that NEIGHBOR's male cat. I wish I had a gun cuz I'd shoot him as he might come in daytime nab my chicken Puck Puck. MY TOM has wounds like crazy as this other guy outweighs him.. Calendula closes any wound. ANYTHING. Makes skin grow. Amazing. Use mortar/pestle and some neosporin, orig. formula only, mash it into a YELLOW paste.
HOLLYHOCKS burgundy flowers. Cornflowers or bachelors' buttons, blue/pink/lav mix. HAMHOCK greens (turnip, collard, mustard mix).DELISH!
DECORATIVE GOURDS, the kind of warty gourds in high colors you put around table on Thanksgiving. Loads of seed! Send stamps to 7900 zelzah, reseda ca 91335 and they're yours, indicate which you need.
Signed, Your Stargazer, Anita Sands Hernandez archive at
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