Homophobes In
The White House
By Joseph Farah -
As I wrote last week, this is the month the Clinton administration proclaimed as "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month."
And this was also the month that we learned, through the Drudge Report, that the White House doesn't just employ people to dig up dirt on its enemies, it actually uses investigators and senior staff members to "out" critics as homosexuals.
Perhaps John Connolly's "Insane Clown Posse" will never see the light of day. But what we know about this manuscript courtesy of Drudge and columnist Ann Coulter should unequivocally and for all time put an end to the lie that Bill Clinton and his friends and fans actually love and support homosexuals and have their best interests in mind.
In reality, homosexuals are being used for political advantage the same way blacks and other minorities are used and shamelessly exploited.
Remember how Clinton's defenders once accused his critics of being obsessed with sex? Look who's obsessed now.
Connolly and company are on a witch-hunt to learn about and reveal publicly the sexual peccadilloes -- real and imagined -- of virtually every adversary of the Clinton administration. It's get-even time, apparently. They see homosexuals under every bed -- every Clinton enemy critic's bed, that is. They find loose women among the White House adversaries. They chronicle such ridiculous charges against both public and non-public figures.
And it all begins, apparently, in the Oval Office. It's part of a strategy of demonization launched from Clinton's own top officials.
Way back on March 30, 1998, the Nation magazine charged that White House aide Sidney "Sid Vicious" Blumenthal was briefing members of the media about the sex lives of investigators of the Clinton administration.
Doug Ireland reported that three members of the media confirmed that Blumenthal, the White House media counselor, "had indeed been spreading such stories: They'd heard him do it. These reputable members of the Beltway media agreed to tell me what they knew only if guaranteed complete anonymity; they were afraid of losing access to White House sources, and of possible reprisals. Two said that Blumenthal had told them directly of the same-sex orientation of a member of Starr's staff, and a third said he had been present for a conversation in which Blumenthal made such a comment to a third person."
But it goes further than that, according to the Nation.
Blumenthal also told similar stories about aggressive reporters on the Lewinsky story.
Of course, this is nothing new to me. I've been personally victimized by such tactics of the Clinton administration -- and long before the Lewinsky story. However, I must admit, the Clinton White House has never tried to out me as a homosexual.
Instead, they tried to portray me as a ringleader of a vast, right-wing media conspiracy. They tried to portray me as a religious nut, a zealot, a political activist.
The Clinton administration will say anything it needs to say about anyone for political advantage, to disparage those who indict the president, to chill dissent, to squelch further inquiries and revelations. And they do all this on your nickel -- at the taxpayer's expense. It's criminal, and even with only a few months left in his term of office, it needs to be stopped and punished so his successors will not be tempted to resort to such illegal tactics.
I'm not the only one who thinks so. Ireland feels betrayed by such conduct.
"Such conduct constitutes a fraud and a deception on gays who voted overwhelmingly for Clinton, who in both his '92 and '96 campaigns received millions of gay-raised dollars from same-sexers who believed his presidency would put an end to the institutional homophobia of preceding administrations," he wrote in the Nation.
Guess the joke's on those folks, this time.
It brings to mind Lord Byron's quote to Southey:
Thy love is lust Thy friendship all a cheat Thy smiles hypocrisy Thy word deceit
That's what Bill Clinton is all about. He is the artful liar -- the master of the double-standard. He wants you to watch what he says, not what he does. He surrounds himself with sycophants who will stoop to any level of gutter fighting in his defense.
You know, come to think of it ... "Insane Clown Posse" is a pretty good name for the Clinton cabal
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