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Hillary Clinton has angered Jewish voters in New York and nationally with her controversial support of a Palestinian State, and her startling embrace of Yasser Arafat's wife.
Questions remain, and the debate intensifies, as to whether she can win the crucial Jewish vote in New York as she wages a neck-and-neck battle with Congressman Rick Lazio, who has made the Jewish question a campaign issue.
Now, as the race comes down to the wire, a new book is set to explore the first lady's feelings about Jews and anti-Semitic sentiments held by certain Rodham family members.
Biographer Jerry Oppenheimer's new book STATE OF A UNION: INSIDE THE COMPLEX MARRIAGE OF BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON will not be released by HARPERCOLLINS until Tuesday, but the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal:
In one particularly shocking passage in the book, Oppenheimer quotes a campaign official who describes an angry attack by Hillary in which she screams at him, "You fucking Jew bastard!"
Two sourced eyewitnesses confirmed to Oppenheimer that they heard the verbal assault.
[Sources tell DRUDGE that Dick Morris is not the campaign official.]
"One anti-Semitic slur slung in anger hardly defines a person, and Hillary has always had a tendency when angry to go for the gut," Oppenheimer writes.
But, unfortunately, according to UNION, that was neither the first nor the last time Hillary had used such a slur. And there is a darker side to the story.
In probing Rodham family roots, Oppenheimer writes that Hillary paternal grandmother was known for her violent antipathy toward Jews and Catholics, something Hillary's father heard while growing up.
Oppenheimer discovered from family sources a vein of anti-Semitism that was sparked after Hillary's maternal grandmother got married for the second time to a Jew, a Chicago businessman named Max Rosenberg.
According to the book, Hillary's mother, Dorothy Rodham, held a life-long grudge against Rosenberg, and made Jewish slurs, according to an on the record family member quoted by Oppenheimer.
When asked about Hillary's Jewish connection and the Rosenberg marriage, Hillary's brother, Tony, told Oppenheimer firmly, "It was no big deal. In our family, with my brother, myself, my sister, my mother, my father, we're not Jewish in any way, shape or form."
The book, which ranked #5,360 on the AMAZON sales list [7/14 12:00 ET], caused immediate anger inside of Hillary Clinton's campaign office.
"This is malicious trash written by a former NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporter!" one campaign staffer said after being read excerpts from the book.
"Oppenheimer's work came in well-sourced," countered a publishing insider. "His intense study of Hillary hurts, cause it is factual."
**Addition details from STATE OF A UNION will appear Sunday on the DRUDGE REPORT.
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Getting Rough: Hillary Clinton Is
Beginning To Feel The Pressure
Book Lights Fuse Under Hillary's Jewish Vote
By Tom Rhodes - New York
A poll last week that put Hillary Clinton's support among New York's Jewish voters at only 54% showed how much ground she had to make up in her campaign for a Senate seat.
The dispute that engulfed her yesterday over an anti-semitic remark she was alleged to have made 26 years ago is certain to impede her attempt to reach a traditional Democratic benchmark of 67%.
Clinton can be under no illusions about the importance of winning over New York's Jewish community, the largest in America. While Jewish people make up 9% of the state's population, they go to the polls in higher numbers than any other group, accounting for up to 30% of voters.The accusation in a new book that she called one of her husband's aides a "Jew bastard" - a remark that she vehemently denies making - may shatter her hopes of opening up a clear lead over Rick Lazio, the Republican candidate, who is running neck-and-neck with her in opinion surveys."That a liberal Democratic candidate in New York can raise only 54% of the Jewish vote is not pretty," said Eric Alterman, a Jewish commentator. "This quote, accurate or not, is not going to help. Mrs Clinton's campaign is in a lot of trouble."The claim that Clinton screamed abuse at the manager of her husband's unsuccessful bid for Congress in 1974 is made in State of a Union, to be published this week. Jerry Oppenheimer, the author, says that during a row at the end of the campaign in Arkansas in 1974, Clinton called Paul Fray "you f****** Jew bastard".
She describes the assertion as "an outrageous lie", saying she has worked all her life to promote tolerance. "This never happened," she said.However, Fray's wife, Mary-Lee, stood by the account yesterday, saying: "It definitely happened."Although a Baptist, Fray's father was Jewish. His wife said that good relations between the couples had been soured for ever after that night. "Hillary's just going to have to pay for the consequences of her actions," she said.
According to the book, Clinton's paternal grandmother was known for her vigorous antipathy towards Jews and Catholics. Her mother, Dorothy Rodham, is said to have held a life-long grudge against a Jewish family member she would regularly chastise.
The Jewish community in New York, already sceptical of Clinton because of her support for a Palestinian state, is bound to be angered by the alleged comment.An early beneficiary could be Mark McMahon, 39, a British-educated doctor with a flourishing Manhattan practice who is expected to enter the Senate race this week as an insurgent Democratic candidate. He calls Clinton a carpetbagger.
McMahon is a strong advocate of Israel who has already gained powerful backing from the local Jewish lobby.
"She has never realised how important Israel is to so many New Yorkers," he said. "But this could be devastating."The orthopaedic surgeon seems an unlikely opponent. A political novice who learnt most of his tactics while studying government at the London School of Economics, he placed himself on the ballot last week to contest the Democratic nomination. His late entry to the race has provoked speculation that he may undermine her chances of defeating Lazio, 42, in November's election.Although McMahon has little hope of unseating her in a planned primary contest in September, the ability of an unknown to rally support for his candidacy was seen as humiliating to a sleek $10m campaign that can count President Clinton as its chief adviser.McMahon said Clinton had grandiose personal ambitions for the White House but no notion of the needs of the state's 4.9m Democrats.
"She's a carpetbagger and a dishonest one at that," said McMahon. "I'm a native New Yorker who cares deeply about the issues in this state and I don't have her litany of negative baggage."McMahon can only benefit from the increasingly negative campaign surrounding Clinton."People in New York are not stupid," he said. "They understand when you say one thing and do another. That's why more than 50% of registered Democrats in this state don't think Hillary Clinton should be running here at all."When questioned about McMahon, Clinton was non-committal: "We'll just have to wait and see what happens."
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