The Government-Criminal
Connection - Part Three
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
In the past, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has had movies and TV series promoting them as the men (and later women) in the white hats. Yet, from the time J. Edgar Hoover took over the FBI in the 1920s, to his murder in 1972, the Bureau was America's secret political police. And there are strong reasons to believe it still is that.
Starting in the 1930s, Hoover used his "muscle" to block any would-be radio station owner that was linked with labor unions or labor groups. Exactly how he had his way with the then new Federal Communications Commission to strangle pro-labor radio stations is a little-known subject. One of the few exceptions was WCFL Radio in Chicago. It was owned by the Chicago Federation of Labor. If you listened to them starting in the 1960s, however, you would not suspect or detect that they were supposedly "The Voice of Labor". They had the usual format, just like every other commercial radio station. They did NOT push labor's point of view and hence were acceptable to the FBI.
For all of the years, even now, the policies of the FBI include:
1. Through FBI-paid agents provocateur, they framed labor union organizers and activists as "bombers" and "violence-makers", or simply tagged them as "subversives" and "communists", a label too often used to wreck the voices of labor.
2. The FBI targets those whose politics are incorrect, as "subversives". To save their time and breath, the FBI simply called most civil rights marchers and anti-Viet Nam War activists, and environmentalists, and such, as "communists", from the Bureau's standpoint, sufficient to put such persons out of action and bad-mouthed in the monopoly press.
3. According to the FBI mantra, there was and is no "organized crime" or mafia, or La Cosa Nostra. It was all in the "imagination" of book and magazine writers, a phantasy.
4. According to the Bureau's agenda, certain categories of persons were not only "subversives" but using more current lingo, labeled "terrorists". (With the help of the FBI, Hillary Rodham Clinton, disturbed by our public access Cable TV programs, had me and an associate of mine, Joseph Andreuccetti, falsely tagged as "domestic terrorists" and put on her "enemies list". The White House-instigated Federal Gestapo followed me in my wheelchair all over the federal courthouse, even waiting for me outside the government building toilet. I always offered a full report of how much government tissue and paper towels I used up.)
The bulk of those targeted by the FBI as "terrorists" are those whose origin or descent was from the Southern Hemisphere, including Africa and the Middle East. That is, people of color are most often labeled "terrorists" by the Bureau under their bigotted racial policies.
5. Under FBI policies, there is no Russian mafiya operating in the U.S., such as in Chicago, Cleveland, and New York. None, that is, that the FBI wants to tangle with. This mafiya is made up of assassins and cut-throats, many formerly with the dreaded Soviet secret political police, the KGB. And the FBI, in many ways incompetent to deal with such, are simply blind to it. The FBI does not wish to enter the political and financial world of the Russian mafiya that includes U.S. units of Mexican Banks interwoven with the dope traffic and the family of George Herbert Walker Bush and his sons. Visit our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes the Bush Family".
6. Under their policies, the FBI's specialty has been to supposedly pursue small-time bank robbers or misguided robbers of post offices. Certainly this was so in the 1930s as to banks, when Hoover planted a lot of stories in the lackey press about "G-Men". Veteran FBI agents, however, have given us details of how Hoover took pay-offs to let a few bank robbers go free. After all, the "imaginary" organized hoodlums owned and blackmailed Hoover who was of Swiss descent. (Hey! Did he have a secret Swiss account?) They knew he was gay and they apparently had pictures of his sexual episodes with his live-in top FBI official. They let him corruptly win at gangster-linked race tracks where he often went as their guest. A criminal booze octopus set up a supposed "foundation" to benefit him financially and personally. (Read "Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover", by Anthony Summers.)
An understanding of the "Pizza Connection" episodes would convince any open-minded person that the FBI is a highly politicized and corrupt operation. The supposed terminus of the worldwide dope link to pizzerias in the U.S. was a pizza parlor in the tiny town of Oregon, Illinois. Apparently nothing came up, however, in the FBI/U.S. Justice Department jurisdiction in the Middle West. [By the way, unlike the American CIA set up by a charter, the FBI HAS NO STATUTORY BASIS TO EXIST. It was simply created out of the mists and vapors swirling around the Justice Department, considered by some, a nest of vipers. But, would any federal judge, many subject to blackmail, dare declare the FBI as legally non-existent, an unconstitutional animal?]
The FBI limited the "Pizza Connection" investigations primarily to the Gotti and Gambino crime families of New York. Nothing was said about those crime families operations in the Chicago-area, such as a short distance west, south, and north of Chicago. Nothing was said of CIA creature John Gotti and how he arranged the dope route from Arkansas Governor Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush and Ollie North through the Mena, Arkansas airport to LaGuardia Airport. No mention was made of the Rodham Family [Hillary's bunch] and their reported links to the Gambino crime family operating in Pennsylvania.
According to the FBI's way of planting it in the monopoly press, the "Pizza Connection" was mainly New York as linked to Sicily and other overseas places. The Bureau had their press agents lean on the press fakers to play down FBI corruption in respect to the New York mob.
A New York FBI agent, Jerome Sullivan, a 25-year FBI veteran, who headed an organized crime squad that arrested John Gotti's heir apparent, was indicted on charges of stealing more than 400 hundred thousand dollars, including mob money he helped seize. [Chicago Tribune, 6/27/97]. He later pleaded guilty to embezzling more than 400 hundred thousand dollars from the Bureau, some of it money used for undercover work, as his gambling debts mounted. [Chicago Tribune,1/29/98.]
A Brooklyn Federal Court juror who voted to acquit mafia boss John Gotti five years previous was convicted of agreeing to take a 60 thousand dollar bribe to throw the case. [Chicago Tribune, 11/7/92.] Played down, on the other hand by the Bureau, was a situation where a local reputed mobster somehow arranged to sit on a federal grand jury in Chicago investigating organized crime. After his presence was "discovered", the grand juror problem seemed to fade away to the dark hole of monopoly press never-never land. [U.S.versus Robert Girardi. Chicago Tribune, 1/19/94. Girardi was from the Berwyn-Cicero mafia enclave adjacent to Chicago.] It was a highly sensitive matter for the Bureau. Why? Because, as is little-known, the Northern District of Illinois which includes Chicago, is about the only Federal District in the U.S. where the FBI hand-selects the persons who become grand jurors and trial court jurors.
So, it appears plain that the FBI put the tainted juror in place. There were to follow investigations of what indictments were "tainted" by Girardi being on the grand jury. Nothing has been publicly disclosed as to what criminals were thus turned loose by "defective" indictments caused by FBI corruption. And if someone gets framed by the FBI, an FBI-selected trial jury would most likely find that person "guilty". You can see why the Justice Department has such good results in persecuting persons in the corrupt Chicago federal courts.
The press fakers, at the behest of the FBI, ignored the documented items in the undisputed federal court record in Chicago showing massive Bureau corruption in the 25 million dollar robbery of the Purolator Vault, in 1974.[The Marzano case.] With the "counting machine" help of the reputed mobster-linked Amalgamated Bank & Trust of Chicago, top FBI officials arranged to falsely label the rip-off as just 2 million dollars which the Bureau with the then U.S. Attorney Jim Thompson recovered from a basement. The 23 million dollar difference reportedly financed the political ambitions of "Big Jim" who went on to become, for 14 years, Illinois Governor. He is a Rockefeller family puppet.
Being cheapskates, they financed his "career" with stolen money. According to undisputed federal court records in the Marzano case, a senior FBI inspector reportedly helped arrange to make the 23 million dollar difference disappear from government records. He was allowed to take an early retirement and moved away to the West Coast. Jim Thompson more currently has been head of the huge worldwide law factory, headquartered in Chicago, Winston & Strawn. As we showed in a one-hour public access Cable TV Show in 1994, Thompson's law firm has a secret internal unit reportedly in the worldwide dope traffic, for the Rockefeller family, and not in the law business. Off the record for fear of their lives, several employees of the law firm confirmed to us the validity of our TV Show contentions.
Cynics say Chicago is somehow moreso than New York, a Rockefeller/CIA enclave and is exempt from real scrutiny by the U.S. Justice Department and their illegal step-child, their "no charter to exist" Federal Bureau of Investigation. Visit our website for details of the Rockefeller hospitals in Chicago reportedly in the selling of human body parts harvested from doomed political prisoners in mainland China. Our series, "Red Chinese Secret Police in the U.S." More on the real "Pizza Connection" coming. Stay tuned.
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