The Girl In The Window
By Barry Chamish <>
I received a most disturbing phone call from Yannai G. of Tsfat today. Last week, he e-mailed my article, explaining why Shimon Peres was too criminal to be our next president, to numerous members of the Knesset. A day after my car was sabotaged, he had a similar incident with his motorcycle. In his case, his accelerator was jammed. When he braked, the motorcycle's speed increased and could not be reduced. He saved himself by turning off the ignition and using his emergency brake. His mechanic later explained that he's never seen damage like that before. It appears that a desperate and dangerous Peres, is trying to put an end to anyone who exposes his shady past and corrupt present. If, G-d forbid, I meet my demise, recall, he is my first suspect. Again, the dirtier the situation turns, the quicker I release new evidence. After my near brush with fatality last Saturday night, I released a video clip of Yigal Amir verbally accosting Rabin shortly before his assassination. Reaction was strong. The clip, which was broadcast on Israel Channel One after Rabin's murder, proves the Shabak had to have known Amir and under normal circumstances would never have permitted him entrance to the sterile area where he shot Rabin with blanks. Many people commented that the Amir of the clip might be a phoney because he is not wearing a kippah and looks a bit different than the real thing. Perhaps, but the fact that Israel Television announced that it was Amir had the same effect, of proving to the public that Amir was unstable, radical and stalking Rabin...all the reasons, if true, that he would never have been able to shoot him unless allowed to. In light of the latest report from Tsfat, I am releasing a far more contentious piece of evidence. As my readers understand, I contend that the driver of Rabin's car on the murder night, Menachem Damti, rought sundry family members to the sterile area and that his twelve year old daughter snuck into the backseat of Rabin's Cadillac, slammed the door shut and soon after, witnessed the assassination within the car. Arthur V., a computer expert, using sophisticated photo filter technology, has extracted a picture of, if not the girl, someone in the backseat of Rabin's car shortly before he was placed within it. Looking at the original photo Arthur had to work with, in which nothing is visible in the back window, his result is nearly miraculous. In the middle of the rear window, one sees a face looking out. It is far from a clear face but after showing the picture to enough people, I learned that almost everyone identifies the face the same way. While the reconstructed photo is too fuzzy to delineate close features, it is, nonetheless, compelling proof that someone was sitting in the back seat of Rabin's car. Here's hoping others will be able to improve on the result, or if such is the case, disprove the photo. As it stands now, we are looking at potentially stunning evidence.

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