Chemtrails -
Full Disclosure Sought
By Margareta-Erminia Cassani
To everyone who wrote me regarding my article, Chemtrails: Facts, Plagiarism and Propaganda, thank you for your thoughtful replies.
I want everyone reading the above article here on, that I am working everyday for full disclosure to the public, i.e. to the world, what exactly is contained in any aerial program aimed at attempting to patch the damaged ozone layer and what is the purpose of low-level residential fungicide-like drops throughout the country? I have drafted letters to President Clinton, the World Health Organization, The United Nations in an effort to obtain any public information possible. If and when I receive answers to those letters, they will be posted publicly for everyone to see, no matter what their content and outcome. I DO NOT condone, in any way, keeping anything, whether it's noble in its efforts or not, that affects public health a secret.
To clarify: The "propaganda" I spoke of in the Chemtrails: Facts, Plagiarism and Propaganda, has ONLY to do with the tract, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion being distributed via e-mail to Chemtrail trackers, researchers. I do not want anyone to misconstrue that I believe, in any way, that Chemtrails work is "propaganda" - there is a REAL phenomena taking place in our environment, in our skies. The problem that has, sadly, divided Chemtrail trackers/researchers, is that some unscrupulous people have inserted their personal, political and religious "agendas" into an investigation, throwing monkey wrenches of bad information, wrong information, distortions of facts, and very sad, and disturbing "hate-mongering" type, so that what was once a fairly cohesive group of researchers working for the same goal, truly looking for real answers, have become a group of polarized, and dare I say extremely paranoid, individuals who don't want to hear any other thoughts other than the echo of their own. Its too bad because there were/are a lot of good people in this investigation who have worked hard for answers. I will continue to work on my own, if need be, for the answers I started out 1-1/2 years ago to find with full disclosure of real answers my sincere goal.

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