Clinton Disbarment One
of Many Presidential Firsts
With Carl Limbacher and Staff
The presidency of William Jefferson Clinton will be remembered for many things, not the least of which is a string of White House firsts unequaled by any of his predecessors.,
With the lawsuit filed by the Arkansas' lawyer-discipline committee on Friday, Clinton could be on the fast track to make history as the first U.S. president to be disbarred while in office. The committee has a near 100 percent record of winning its disbarment cases.,
But disbarment would merely be the latest in a long list of White House precedents.
Clinton's remarkable record will also show that he is: ,
The first elected president in U.S. history to be impeached -- Dec. 19, 1998.,
The first president to be found guilty of a crime while still in office. (Leaking the private correspondence of Kathleen Willey in violation of the Privacy Act),
The first U.S. president to be publicly accused of forcible rape -- by Juanita Broaddrick, Feb. 24, 1999.,
The first U.S. president to approve the sale of sophisticated weapons technology to a hostile power while its emmisaries contributed to his campaign.,
The first president to be accused by multiple witnesses, including one under oath before a federal grand jury, of using cocaine while he was the chief law enforcement officer of his state.,
The first U.S. president to be accused of sexual assault on White House property -- by Kathleen Willey, March 15, 1998.,
The first U.S. president to order a paramilitary operation where a network television camera crew was punched, kicked, and forced to the ground at gunpoint to prevent them from broadcasting live video coverage. (Elian Gonzalez's abduction -- April 22, 2000),
The first sitting president to be the subject of a sexual harassment lawsuit -- filed by Paula Jones, May 8, 1994.,
The first sitting president to be held in contempt of court for lying under oath and fined by a federal judge (in the Jones lawsuit).,
The first U.S. president to order an armored assault on a church, resulting in the deaths of 55 members of the congregation along with 25 of their children. (Waco -- April 19, ,1993),
The first U.S. presidential candidate to accept financial support from a KGB spy. (Aldrich Ames -- $7,000, 1991, 92),
The first sitting U.S. president to be named in a federal criminal referral as a possible witness to and beneficiary of fraudulant financial activity. (Whitewater),
The first president to consult with Congress about combat troop deployment while simultaneously receiving oral sex -- according to Monica Lewinsky and Rep. Sonny Callahan. (Starr Report -- Sept. 1998),
The first U.S. president to have two senior administration officials die violently under mysterious circumstances while they were being pressed for testimony on assorted White House scandals. (Vince Foster, Ron Brown),
The first U.S. president to have a major cooperating federal witness against him die in prison while waiting to give prosecutors the testimony they later admitted would have led to first family indictments. (James McDougal),
The first U.S. president to launch unprovoked missile attacks on two sovereign nations. (Sudan, Afghanistan -- Aug. 20, 1998),
With more than six months of the Clinton administration left, other equally impressive presidential firsts cannot be far off.

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