Dragon Lady - Part 1
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
Since the time of the Borgias, there was no one just like her. Some swore by her, proclaiming she was the best for the country. Others, swore at her, that she is the curse of the nation. Were they talking about Madame Chiang Kai-shek, born May-ling Soong, First Lady of China? Her Harvard-educated brother, T.V. Soong, was described as one of the richest men in the world. The Soongs were tied to international big business and shadowy high-level criminals in and out of governments, worldwide.
To some, there is quite a similarity. With her family's help, in his quest for power, Madame Chiang Kai-shek's husand, the Generalissimo, shook down the criminal bankers of Shanghai. A great deal of the nation's money and assets were centered there. Madame Clinton's husband, the President and Commander-in-Chief, on behalf of international big business, shook down the criminal bankers of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as well as the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. A great source of money and assets is also there. When Clinton, as President, came to give a speech from time to time, at CME or the "Merc" as it is called, the pressfakers never reported what it was he said.
Madame Chiang's secret links to power and money, financed her husband's political ambitions. Madame Clinton's links, similarly, did the same for her alleged husband.
It was a marriage of convenience. The Generalissimo's concubines were more or less known. It has been more or less known who the sex-mates are and were of Hillary's alleged husband as well. The secret societies and their monopoly press create the images of those with disturbing roles in human history, as May-ling Soong and Hillary Rodham. As one author described the Soongs:
"The Soongs captivated publisher Henry Luce, of Time Inc., who enlarged their fame in his magazines. Luce, himself the child of American missionaries in China, helped to keep the Soongs in power as vestiges of his own lost horizon, symbols of a romantic China that had become a figment of his imagination. He provided the distorted lens through which many Americans came to see the events in Asia. Scores of influential Americans fell under the Soong spell--operatic characters like Claire Chennault of the Flying Tigers, journalists such as Theodore White and Joseph Alsop, famous Washington lobbyists, such as Roosevelt's friend 'Tommy the Cork' Corcoran. While FDR joked about letting himself be 'vamped' by Madame Chiang, other Americans were nearly done in by the Soongs, especially those who argued for a more objective view of the Chinese quandary, men like General Joseph W. Stilwell, and diplomats John Service and John Paton Davies. "This is their story as well. It is also the story of the Russian secret agent...."
"The Soong Dynasty" by Sterling Seagrave, Harper & Row, New York, 1985, pages 9-10.
Sound familiar? How the Clintons captivated Hollywood movie-makers and the lackeys in the press, painting a romantic and imaginary view of America and its lost horizons, under the Clintons.
Hillary's father, Hugh Rodham, Sr., was reportedly a "fixer" and "bagman" for banks and insurance companies, here and overseas. Her brothers have reportedly aligned themselves with business in the former Soviet Union, described by some as with the criminal oligarchs of the Russian mafiya and their laundry banks. In the Clinton administration, there was no effective scrutiny or restraint of the Russian criminals operating in U.S. big cities, like Chicago, Cleveland, and New York.
America's secret political police, the FBI, the CIA, and the DEA, have been willfully blind. With impunity, dope from Southwest Red China floods into the U.S. through Chicago as a major intake point. According to law enforcement personnel, the Rodhams reportedly stem from links to the Gambino crime family in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
We were among the first to publicly mention that Bill and Hillary are a CIA couple, each from an early age with their own separate agenda. Operating under the wing of the CIA Station Chief in London, Bill pretended to be an alleged "draft evader", a convenient cover to infiltrate the Viet Nam Peace movement in Europe. So sponsored and financed, he went to Moscow with shadow Strobe Talbott, and somehow together they unearthed the secret transcript of Krushchev lambasting the old-line Stalinists. Used as propaganda by the American CIA.
Hillary became Board Chairman of a reputedly CIA proprietary, the New World Foundation, financing CIA agents provocateurs used to frame up and discredit real dissidents. Jointly with George Herbert Walker Bush, Hillary was reportedly involved in supplying weapons in the 1980s to Iraq in their war with Iran. The purpose was to keep up the price of oil for the worldwide oil cartel. The Elder Bush reportedly had a sizeable financial stake in the U.S. unit of a French firm, American LaFarge. Hillary was on their Board of Directors. They apparently supplied the ingredients to Bagdad for the making of poison gas used by Iraq against their own dissidents the Kurds, and against the wave after wave of exceptionally young soldiers of Iran in that conflict. And used against U.S. troops during the Persian Gulf War, implicated some say, partly as the cause of the Gulf War Syndrome.
Hillary and her reputed lover and law partner, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., played key roles through the twin infamous enterprises, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, and Banca Nazionale Delavoro, BNL, owned in part by the Vatican. The Atlanta branch of BNL supplied some 5 billion dollars, disguised as Agriculture Department loans, for weapons for Iraq. The Chicago branch of BNL laundered billions of dollars of Persian Gulf oil kick-backs from the weak sheikdoms to the Elder Bush and his private business partner of the decade of the 1980s, the Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. [Dealt with in previous stories on our website. It was the subject of unpublicized proceedings in Chicago's federal courts.]
Those who got in the way of Madame Chiang and the Generalissimo were mysteriously and conveniently snuffed out. Those that got in the way of Bill and his alleged wife, the Dragon Lady, were likewise done in, often disguised in the monopoly press as "suicides". Some websites have the bloody list of victims, dubbed as The Clinton Body Count.
The Soongs criminal treasures have not been scattered to the wind. They have reportedly been moved to Chicago where they are disguised as secret numbered accounts and trust accounts with major banks in the Windy City, such as with the former Continental Bank now called a branch of Bank of America. The bank is jointly owned, as we have pointed out in previous stories, by the Rothschilds, the Jesuits, and the Giannini Family.
The pressfakers allege that the Chicago Sun-Times has been owned by the Canadian/British interests, Hollinger International Inc. They conveniently omit that the Soongs reportedly have a sizeable interest in the Chicago Sun-Times.
And Chinese "royalty" reportedly tied to Madame Chiang has their anchor face on local TV in Chicago, Linda Yu, on the ABC owned and operated outlet WLS-TV, Channel 7. Some contend that Hollinger is tied to the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the vast reputed money laundry that washed the huge criminal funds of Shanghai for the Soongs and then jointly, with the Red Chinese Secret Police. Just as that bank's parent holding firm was to merge with a bank reportedly tied to the Russian mafiya, Republic National Bank of New York, the major owner of Republic National was apparently murdered. [Visit our story, "Murder in the Gold Market".]
By the way, the North American Chief of the Red Chinese Secret police is apparently from a major Shanghai banking family. If we posted his name, address, and phone number---he lives in the U.S.---the FBI, without a court order, would shut down our website. Something like that has happened in the past. He has a direct communications link to the White House.
Did I hear you mutter the word TREASON?
There is a tie-in, as we have pointed out, between the Red Chinese Secret Police and the Chicago markets. Bank of America, with their unit in Chicago, are tied to the money laundry gang whose front is Madame Clinton. Bank of America is the major transaction point for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the other markets here. What is not always easy to understand is how, over a period of years, there got to be an overlap between the Mainland Chinese and those in Taiwan, supposedly the nemesis of the Red Chinese. After all, money is not Red, but like the blood of bugs, is Green.
If you understand all this, you would understand why Madame Clinton's husband came to the fountain of money, from the Red Chinese, the Hollywood movie producers, the dope traffickers disguising the illicit items as proceeds of foreign currency deals, and such: The Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Through their foreign exchange department, Bank of America launders huge funds for the Soongs jointly with the Red Chinese Secret Police as well as the Russian mafiya. On all this the Federal Rserve is inclined to be willfully blind. [Visit our series on Greenspan bribes Bush.]
To really understand all this, the Dragon Lady and the strange death of her reputed lover, Foster, you have to read our website, from the beginning to now, as if it were a book.
More coming.
Stay tuned.
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