The Government -
Criminal Connection, Part 2
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>
As we told you in Part 1, The Government-Criminal Connection has moved their operations just west, northwest, and north of Chicago. And we told you about the Gestapo-like raid on the residence of my associates who assist with our weekly public access Cable TV Show about high-level government corruption. State and local operatives WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT, seized our documents and other items for a then upcoming TV show about corruption of the Chicago IRS and the State Revenue Department jointly with the state and federal judges.
For our weekly show, we taped a one-hour program called "Corruption: Chicago to the White House". While the unlawful search mess was pending in court, surrogates for the Clinton White House went one step more and also WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT, seized the Master Tape of our Show about the high-level corruption of Illinois State and federal officials and judges tied to the White House along with the State Revenue and the Chicago IRS.
Just west of Chicago is Du Page County. There, in Court, we demanded the return of our news media items grabbed without legal formalities. Regarding the Judges hearing our demand for the return of these items, we insisted the Judges remove themselves. Why? As we showed in Court, confronting them to their face, we were working on an upcoming TV Show about the one million dollar embezzlement of the Du Page County Bar Association. The rip-off had been covered up by the Chicago IRS and the State Revenue top-level official criminals.
And how have the embezzled Bar Association funds been used? To secretly finance Judges in Du Page and nearby counties in their election campaigns, to be put on the bench. Pursuant to our demand, we issued subpoenas for records from the Chief Judge in Du Page, Michael R. Galasso, as well as from Christine Ory, then President of the Du Page County Bar Association. When we confronted them in Court, two of the tainted judges hearing the case did not deny that they were secretly benefitted in getting on the bench from the embezzled Bar funds. Nevertheless, they refused to remove themselves and ordered the subpoenas quashed, thus protecting themselves. Hey, what about the age-old principle of Law that a person must not sit as a Judge in their own case?
So we took an appeal to the next higher Court which is one step below Illinois highest tribunal, the Illinois Supreme Court. That is, to the Appellate Court of Illinois, Second District, in Elgin, Illinois. Just as the appeal process started, the Du Page Chief Judge was promoted to the higher court in Elgin. A coincidence, right? And replacing him as Chief Judge---get this---was one of the tainted judges who refused to remove himself.
Our undisputed Court papers showed the corrupt background of a number of judges in the area, including some sitting in the Appellate Court in Elgin. For example, we detailed how a Court "bagman" (that is not someone packing groceries at the mart) had from time to time invited, at his expense, various judges to visit his lavish villa in Jamaica. The Judges arrived there, not with their wives, but with their mistresses. The bagman arranged to photograph the Judges cavorting with their mistresses---for blackmail, naturally. [One of the Judges was in on the "fix" of a 58.4 million dollar case in his Court later related to the corruption of Bill Clinton and the embezzlement of an Arkansas bank reportedly by Bill and Hillary.]
[The Court bagman, by the way, is still functioning through pals of his in Illinois and Florida. The reputed bagman is the nephew/godson of Bishop Paul Marcinkus, until 1991 head of the Vatican Bank which some contend is mafia/CIA linked.]
The Judges on the Illinois Supreme Court are not court-reformers or whistle-blowers. [In 1969, our group touched off the biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history, causing the downfall then of the Illinois high court and two judges were removed and one croaked in the commotion. See some of our other stories about their current corruption regarding Buying A Judgeship.] The Illinois Supreme Court Judges ordered all the Appellate Court Judges in the Second District to step aside. They especially assigned from another district, a three-judge panel to hear and consider our appeal. Sounds like musical chairs, right? That is, three judges from the Appellate Court of Illinois, Third District, Ottawa, Illinois. [Read Part 1 of this series about Ottawa, Illinois and "The Boys".]
In running for re-election, earlier in the year 2000, was one of the Third District Judges, Judith E. Koehler, one of the three-judge panel assigned to our appeal. According to various authorities, on primary election day, she reportedly apparently committed criminal violations of the State Election laws. Authorities say the Judge was "electioneering" inside at least 12 polling places on election day and she did not present any candidate poll-watcher credentials at any of the precincts. State law forbids promoting candidates within the polling places and within so many feet of a polling place on election day
Guess what happened on the same day, Friday, June 2, 2000? A state prosecutor said he intended to prosecute Judge Judith E. Koehler for criminal violations of State Election laws. But on second thought, he decided not to try to put her in jail. He filed a 25-page report stating why he changed his mind. "For those reasons, I have chosen to file no criminal charges against Judy Koehler and, unless directed by the court, I intend to pursue no further action in this matter". Quoting Special Prosecutor Thomas R. Davis. (Story in the lawyer's newspaper, The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Monday, June 5, 2000, front page.)
On that same Friday, Appellate Judge Judith E. Koehler issued a ruling, dismissing our appeal without hearing it. The other two judges on the panel concurred. In writing the decision, Judge Koehler committed a fraud upon her own Court. She knowingly relied on the fraudulent statement of the State authorities that they grabbed our news media items about Court and IRS corruption, with search warrants while pursuing criminal charges against us. As the Judge knows from the undisputed appeal record and our Appeal Briefs, there were no search warrants and none are in the undisputed appeal record.
And the criminal offenses planned to be mentioned in upcoming TV Shows by us were/are about the embezzlement of the Bar Association, benefitting the Judges, and high-level corruption of key judges jointly with the Chicago IRS and the State Revenue Department. Even if there were search warrants (which there were none), State law protects news media items from being grabbed. A special hearing is required before State authorities in Illinois can grab news media items. As shown by the undisputed appeal record, and Judge Koehler knew it, there was no special hearing and there were no search warrants.
To put it directly, Judge Koehler committed judicial perjury and we have challenged her ruling, covering up the corruption, as being a fraud upon her own court which makes her decision void. [Our filed petition confronting her is pending as this is posted. Updates will follow.] Putting fake "facts" into their supposed "ruling" we call judicial perjury. [Lawyer-cowards are afraid to even whisper the term.] In key cases, it happens more often than common folks know or understand. Finding fake "facts" in rulings of judges we already suspect of bank and other corruption, is one of the ways we go about investigating judicial bribery. Crooked Judges cannot easily change the judge-made-law, called case law, so they change the facts, putting in supposed "facts" out of the air. The undisputed court record shows it is DAY, the crooked judge in making a "fixed" decision says it is "NIGHT", and applying case law as to "NIGHT", makes a corrupt decision most often against underdogs, like us.
Is it just a coincidence? On the same day she found out a Special Prosecutor was not, after all, going to reportedly want to send the Judge to jail, she throws out our appeal involving high-level corruption of her court colleagues?[Note: our way of investigating judicial corruption over the last 40 years has resulted in the jailing, for bribery, of 20 local judges, 40 local lawyers, and a Chicago Federal appeals judge, formerly the governor. Visit our website for details.]
Was Judge Judith E. Koehler blackmailed? I suppose the Special Prosecutor will say he knows nothing about all this. Another way to corruptly influence Judges, is for the highly politicized, terribly corrupt IRS to suddenly start poking into the tax returns of the Judge and/or his or her family and relatives. In the over 200 year Law History of the U.S., only one judge was bold enough to issue, and have published in the law books, a decision condemning the IRS as blackmailers of Judges. It was a U.S. District Judge in Boston who said: "More than once judges of a court have been indirectly reminded that they personally are taxpayers. No sophisticated person is unaware that even in this Commonwealth the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has been in possession of facts with respect to public officials which it has PRESENTED OR SHELVED in order to serve what can only be called political ends, be they high or low. AND A JUDGE WHO KNOWS THE SCORE is aware that every time his DECISION OFFENDS THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE he is inviting a close inspection of his own returns." Lord versus Kelley, Volume 240 Federal Supplement page 167, at page 169 (U.S. District Court, District of Mass., 1965). (Emphasis added.)[You can look it up in a good-sized law library.] By the way, does The Hub, "The Boys", the high-level Government-Criminal Connection mentioned in this series, do they work their way into crooked deals by blackmail? Do you suppose "The Boys" know about the embezzlement of the Du Page County Bar Associatgion? And use it to corruptly influence lawyers, judges, the IRS, and the State Revenue? Cynics laugh about all this, saying "Hey, it's wonderful that someone thought to embezzle the funds of the Bench and the Bar. Bar Associations are crooked. So the Du Page County Bar Association got ripped off. So what." Stay tuned.

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