The Confessions Of Jean Frydman
By Barry Chamish <>
There may be a dozen people in Israel with the power and influence to have organized the Rabin assassination. Of these, only Shimon Peres has direct ties to the main actors of the murder. Consider the most likely of the plotters:
Carmi Gillon - Head of the Shabak (Security Services) at the time of the assassination. Despite being forced out of office for incompetence by the Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry, Peres appointed him chairman of his peace center.
Yoram Rubin - Triggerman of the murder. Despite being head of Rabin's personal bodyguards, those which failed to protect him, on the very night of Rabin's murder Peres appointed him to be head of his bodyguard unit.
Menachem Damti- Rabin's last chauffeur, whose trip to Ichilov Hospital took twenty times longer than it should have. In fact, Rabin cancelled his regular driver Yeheskiel Sharabi 90 minutes before the fatal rally and he was replaced by Damti, who was the regular driver of Shimon Peres.
Jean Frydman - Peres's French financier, who funneled millions of dollars into the Ifshar Fund to promote the Oslo process. His partner in Ifshar was Tel Aviv mayor Shlomo Lahat, strangely, a Likud Party member.
In my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. I examined the roles of Gillon, Rubin and Damti in close detail. I only touched on Frydman when I quoted his bizarre statement; "I have such guilt feelings, I can't sleep." After acquiring a copy of an interview with and article by Frydman from the Paris Match (16/11/95), we can all understand why.
I will quote from Frydman's own words and comment after:
"I am a member of the real peace camp. I have been so for the past four years at the urging of my good friend Shimon Peres, a man I like very much. We agreed that Israel's military occupation was negating Jewish values and demoralizing our youth. Shimon, a peace now man, was with me on the joyous day in Tel Aviv that the Norwegian Foreign Minister, Jorgen Holst, revealed the protocols of the agreement signed with Arafat. Peres didn't believe the agreement would hold and felt it could be derailed. I remember him telling me, "It's now up to Israeli public opinion. We need to quickly form an organization that will sway the Israeli people." I replied, " It's all yours."
The Norwegian Foreign Minister Jorgen Holst was the first murder suspect of the Oslo Accords. In excellent physical shape, he died at 53 of an unexpected heart attack. A widespread rumor said he died of knowing too much. Frydman, a media tycoon, out of the goodness of his heart, gives Peres a carte blanche for his plan to brainwash the Israeli people, in the summer of 1993.
"Peres immediately flew to California to convince Secretary of State Warren Christopher of the reality of the Oslo Accord. Both he and Clinton were skeptical of the agreement reached behind their backs. Once they realized Peres wasn't bluffing, Clinton said," Now your problem is Israeli public opinion."
For some reason Peres had to fly to California to get Christopher and Clinton's permission to mount his and Frydman's propaganda campaign. In short, he told the two Council On Foreign Relations reps, "The French have agreed to fund the campaign. We need your approval and mass marketing experts." The rest of the paragraph is nonsense. I interviewed one of the Oslo negotiators, Ron Pundak, and he told me he phoned Christopher from the very first evening of the talks in January 1993. The State Department guided the negotiations from their inception.
"After the Taba Accord, I realized that Israeli public opinion was in the hands of the far Right. Then at a rally of the right wing Likud, someone displayed a photomontage with Rabin in an SS uniform. Others shouted, "Death to the traitor Rabin." When told of the incidents, Rabin was furious. He was well past fear but felt an injustice had been done to him. On Saturday, October 6, I was at Shimon Peres's home. I told him,'We cannot leave the streets in the hands of the Likud and far Right. We have to put up a fight.'"
Since the Taba Accord, which gave Egypt a hundred extra yards of sand in the Sinai, became law, it is hard to see how public opinion was in the hands of the far Right. After that, the lies come thick and heavy. The photomontage and death threats came from Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv and the minions of his straw group, Eyal. Rabin knew this and was not furious at the far Right but at Carmi Gillon for his illegal use of Raviv. According to research by Israeli journalist Adir Zik, Rabin ordered Gillon to his office and let loose a barrage of invective against Gillon, to which Gillon assured him that Raviv and Eyal were under tight control and were his responsibility.
So Frydman's account of Rabin's reaction is a flagrant falsehood. Because the State Prosecutor has mounted a coverup of Eyal's crimes, we cannot be absolutely certain that Peres was apprised of them. However, it's a pretty safe bet that Peres knew everything Rabin did plus much more about the Shabak's covert war on the settlers. After all, he and Frydman were organizing the public relations side of things. So, in all likelihood, every word of Frydman's is a conscious lie.
"On Monday, Shimon and I were in Rabin's office. He asked me one question:"Will you take responsibility for this great event?" I told him, "Yes, on condition that I do it the way you want." Rabin and Peres gave me the green light. "Let's go," they said.
With Lahat, we organized a dozen generals for our Israeli Woodstock, our war for peace.
I suggested to Rabin November 4th as the date of the event, but he hesitated. He had an official dinner. Finally, he reorganized his agenda and accepted. I wish I had not arranged things for the day of his death."
If Rabin already had a commitment, who was Frydman to insist he change his schedule? Frydman does not explain why he was so insistent.
"We distributed posters reading, Say Yes To Peace, Say No To Violence, Kings Of Israel Square, Tel Aviv. We constructed a large stage, and a grand podium. We worked with the security personnel assigning 750 police officers, 250 border guards, sixty elite sharpshooters and three helicopters to patrol the skies. This was in addition to the
Shabak forces who permanently protected Rabin and Peres. We placed special detection equipment at each entrance of the perimeter."
Frydman and Peres organized the security of the rally. If there were 750 police officers, all but a few were directed away from the sterile area where Rabin was shot. If there were metal detectors at the entrances, they were not placed backstage. If the crowd was well lit, some people arranged for the sterile area to be bathed in darkness. And Frydman confesses that he was one of those people. And why not? He paid for the rally.
Peres's close ties to the murder now extend past the head of the Shabak, the driver, and Rabin's bodyguard right to the very person who organized the security for the assassination rally. And from there, to France.
Intelligence Briefs:
During the course of my work, I am privileged to receive insider information from people who request anonymity. The following briefs came from highly reliable sources.
- The Dakar mystery is solved. The submarine sunk because its electronics were faulty. Before the submarine was launched, Moshe Stern, an engineer for Israel Aircraft Industries which built the craft, warned his superiors that the ship's balancing mechanism was defective. He predicted the ship would overturn in deep water and suggested a working apparatus that he had designed. He was turned down and when the sub disappeared, his life was threatened. If he testified to what he knew, numerous officers and staff would be charged with manslaughter. He died at age 53. His family related the story.
- Another family member reports that Eyal member Moshe Ehrenfeld was abducted by two Shabak agents, taken to an isolated spot and was given dire threats to his well-being if he testified at the trial of Avishai Raviv.
- A legalist explains that Peres's race to the President's House is based on the American experience. President Ford pardoned Nixon and thus covered up further Watergate revelations, while President Reagan pardoned Caspar Weinberger and others involved in Iran Contra. Peres will use the same tactic to pardon Carmi Gillon, Yoram Rubin, Dorit Beinish and others to stanch the Rabin murder truth.
- A water expert points out that the reason for Israel's drought is a government secret. The 50 million cubic meters of water missing from the Kinneret is the amount transferred to Jordan. This obvious fact is being withheld to justify the peace terms with Jordan. He adds, "Jordan should be the one buying water from Turkey.
On another issue he explains that the IDF and government are terrified about the implications of the dozens of Navy frogmen who got cancer while training in the polluted Kishon River. He observes that the cost of compensation could literally bankrupt the IDF, so Meir Shamgar, Judge Coverup, was called to adjudicate a commission of inquiry which will eventually absolve the IDF of responsibility.
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