Clarifying Chemtrail Confusion
By William Thomas <>
Over the past two years - and possibly longer - one of the biggest covert operations ever undertaken by a military in peacetime has caused illness and consternation across America as positively identified U.S. Air Force aerial tankers continue to spread broad white plumes in patterns that defy civil air regulations, public health and air pollution laws - and the physics of normal contrail formation.
As hundreds of thousands of North Americans jam hospital emergency rooms in a nearly year-round epidemic of sometimes fatal "flu-like" illness, it has been difficult not to believe that some kind of population cull is underway.
Indeed, more than 80 years of calls by pioneering American eugenicists, some of the most powerful families in the U.S., and their Nazi allies to eliminate unproductive "useless eaters" and the "human weeds" of non-white races, the infirm and elderly - are thoroughly documented. With the pressures of an aging population increasingly squeezing government and corporate bottom lines, such influential statesmen as Henry Kissinger, Robert McNamara, Jaques Cousteau and Ted Turner have called for immediate and drastic population reductions.
The dictionary definition of decimation of a population is a one-in-10 death toll. Despite a CDC-confirmed few-percentage increase in annual deaths among the elderly from pneumonia, Influenza-Like Illness and related cardiac arrest - there is no statistical proof that such a chemtrail cull is currently taking place.
If genocide is truly intended, such an aerial spray program need not be repeated relentlessly over cities and remote rural communities for at least 28 months. Current U.S. biowarfare capabilities could see one or two aerial applications of a rapidly replicating contagion infecting, sickening and killing target populations virtually overnight.
But who would fly the genocide planes? Since there are not nearly enough foreign pilots qualified to fly the 700 KC-135 and KC-10 tankers in the U.S. inventory, how could American air crews be persuaded to carry out such missions against their own families?
The "inoculation" explanation would not play well among tanker crews already leaving the armed forces in droves rather than line up for anthrax vaccinations known to contain illegal adjuvants and the mycoplasma responsible for Gulf War Illness. Military personnel conversant with germ warfare also know that besides posing grave risks, no inoculation can possibly protect against terrorist "cocktails" of multiple disease agents whose genetic composition can be altered literally overnight.
If the choice is air-sprayed genocide, what would be the point of any government inflicting massive and indiscriminate casualties on its own people? With so many sick and dying workers, managers and consumers, entire economies would face catastrophic curtailment. Not to mention armed revolt by the survivors.
A far more effective and selective pathway for pathogens is through vaccination. In 1969, House Appropriations bill 15090 approved an additional $10 million for U.S. biowarfare researchers to produce a synthetic biological agent "that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired." Three years later, the misnamed World Health Organization suggested that their new human immuno-deficiency virus could best be tested in a vaccination program aimed at infecting siblings. In 1977, after warning of a non-existent epidemic, the WHO began injecting HIV-laced smallpox vaccine into over 100 million Africans in the remote jungles of Sierre Leone.
The following year an experimental hepatitis B vaccine administered to gay men in seven U.S. cities was followed by an outbreak of AIDS in those seven - and only those seven - locations. Five years after receiving the WHO,s contaminated vaccinations, 60% of recipients became infected with HIV. Today, half of New York City,s gay population has died from AIDS, and 30 million African people are infected with this lab-concocted disease. Within 15 years, the population of Africa could be cut in half, and the spread of AIDS in Asia will account for more infections than in sub-Saharan Africa.
Merck pharmaceutical, Litton Bionetics and other profiteering vaccines-makers have a long history of biowarfare research - as well as close connections with Henry Kissinger and other influential Americans who have called for a cull. In October, 1999, a special congressional investigation examined contractual links between vaccine makers and the biological weapons industry after the National Cancer Institute tied millions of cases of cancer and auto-immune illness to contaminated vaccines and possible bioweapons experiments. Experimental vaccines known to cause systemic illness continue to target minority groups in the USA, where the inoculation of infants is now mandatory.
A campaign as vast, blatant and expensive as chemtrails is not needed to facilitate a cull continued under the guise of "mercy killing" in hospitals across North America. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that at least 1 in 5 critical care nurses admit to having hastened the death of the elderly in their care - even killing patients who are not terminally ill. Pope John Paul II has railed against this "Culture of Death", which he warned in a recent encyclical "is advancing above all in prosperous societies, marked by an attitude of excessive preoccupation with efficiency and which sees the growing number of elderly and disabled as intolerable and too burdensome."
People sickened by chemtrails are easier to control. But mass media brainwashing, orchestrated fears of unemployment, a cornucopia of legal and illicit drugs - and the further mind-muddle caused by incessant din, experimental electromagnetic weaponry and rapidly rising microwave smog - have already created a befuddled and docile public too frightened, apathetic or mesmerized even to look up at the outrageous aerial patterns being woven right over their heads.
But not everyone is asleep. In the face of deepening distrust in shadowy federal agencies unresponsive to their electorate employers, chemtrail confusion and paranoia is spreading with every repetition of unverified rumor and garbled reports.
Let,s look at the facts as they are known today:
1. Steadily intensifying high-level "chemtrail" spraying at altitudes between approximately 20,000 and 35,000 feet are being reported over at least 14 allied nations.
2. Widespread illness and unusual, non-forecast weather events often follow heavy spraying - which usually takes place on "blue sky days", clear nights just before dawn, and/or along the edge of advancing storm fronts.
3. To date, no disease-causing organisms have been found in chemtrail plumes.
4. To date, no chemtrail plumes have been successfully sampled.
5. There are at least two aerial spray programs underway. Though much less extensive than high-altitude chemtrail spraying, over the past two years C-130 propeller aircraft have dropped gel-like material at rooftop-level over at least 40 neighborhood and wilderness locations in the USA. The biggest cluster of suburban spatterings has taken place in Utah near Dugway Proving Grounds. (This military test center for bioweapons became notorious for killing sheep around its boundaries after the spray valve on a jet fighter failed to close.)
Intentional treetop-level drops of a sick-making red powder also took place over Espanola, Ontario last summer. Just as in high-level chemtrail spraying, in all documented cases of extremely low-level drops over populated areas, serious upper respiratory and/or gastrointestinal illness followed within 24 - 48 hours among people and pets exposed on the ground.
6. Our only laboratory tests of air-dropped gel and red powder come from rooftop-level releases. The disease-causing bacteria, molds and fungi found so far have not come from chemtrails.
7. While decades of "open air" biowarfare tests on population centers in Canada, England and the U.S. provide plenty of precedent for experimenting on uninformed and non-consenting "human test subjects" - the current chemtrail program is far too pervasive and persistent to coincide with previous biowarfare tests conducted at specific locations over a few days.
Nor are supposedly harmless biowar "simulants" being used today. "Bio-hazard" materials found in low-level gel and red powder drops by startled laboratory technicians include corroborative "cocktails" of disease-causing bacteria, molds and fungi. (The televised 1994 gel drops over Oakville, Washington were also found by the state health department to contain human blood cells.)
8. Cobweb-type material has also fallen across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and South Africa. Eye-witnesses report fine filaments - sometimes referred to as "angel hair" - being dropped over Salisaw, Oklahoma and Karoo, South Africa from high-flying jet aircraft. So far, microscopic examinations revealing the possible presence of inert blood cells have not been corroborated by actual lab tests. \ 9. A call by Edward Teller for an aerial "sunscreen" to be sprayed above the Earth, a practical patent for the reduction of greenhouse warming by spraying reflective aluminum particles from jets, and a study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory confirming that this billion-dollar-a-year aerial spray program would prevent further warming despite a projected doubling in CO2 emissions came in 1998 as the world,s insurers pressed governments to turn down the heat on rapidly rising temperatures. Reeling from catastrophic storm losses up 1,500% over the past decade, the insurance lobby is a voice - and money market investor - bigger than Big Oil and the international trade in arms.
10. The only actual laboratory test carried out on rainwater falling through heavy chemtrails over Espanola, Ontario found aluminum particles at seven-times maximum permissible "safe" levels.
11. Aluminum is a potent neurotoxin capable of producing all symptoms of Chemtrail-Related Illness (CRI). Unlike viral-derived illness, the absence of contagion between exposed and non-exposed family members - along with asthma attacks and other severe allergic reactions - points to a non-viral cause of chemtrail sickness.
12. Jet fuel ingredients found to cause severe allergic reactions include benzene byproducts and Ethylene Dibromide (EDB). Tests on commercial jet fuel (not chemtrails) carried out by Aqua-Tech labs in 1997 found in lab sample #MEL 97-1140, 51 toxic substances - including benzenes, various methanes, carbon tetrachloride, styrene, toluene, and 1,2 dibromethane (EDB).
The EDB measured by Aqua Tech was found at such minute levels as to be almost undetectable. But the Registered Microbiologist who submitted this California JP-8 jet fuel sample disputes the official lab report, insisting that the actual levels of this potent carcinogen (banned by emergency EPA order in 1984) were much higher. Recently reported NASA lab tests of JP-8 do not substantiate his claim.
13. Despite laboratory evidence of potent chemtrail allergens, the weeks-long dry hacking cough and other extreme and persistent symptoms often experienced in the wake of chemtrail spraying - coupled with reoccurring illness in the absence of re-exposure - argue strongly for a pathogenic component. With the CDC now reporting that an unknown disease-causing parasite is responsible for epidemics that most often test negative for influenza, this reporter believes that parasitic fungal infection is the primary agent of systemic sickness in the North American population today.
Since no actual chemtrail plumes have been tested, it is not yet possible to say whether fungal spores growing inside jet fuel tanks or deliberately introduced into the spray "mix" are part of the chemtrail program. But immune-weakening reactions to aluminum dust fine as talcum powder could leave susceptible persons vulnerable to extremely toxic fungal mycotoxins already proliferating in the environment.
The escape of germ warfare-modified mycoplasma fungi into the general population following the Gulf War, and the sudden appearance of other "stealth" pathogens such as viral-bacterial-fungal hybrids called viteria are further cause to suspect inadvertent and intentional releases of experimental bio-agents from secretive biowarfare labs. Adding chemtrail contamination to this unholy brew is extremely hazardous.
14. Though aluminum carries a relatively low electrical conductivity, the possible presence of other chemicals and/or metals in chemtrail sprays could interact unpredictably with electromagnetic energy already saturating urban environments. The possibility of deliberately introduced pulsed microwaves or low frequency waves to cause confusion and illness cannot be ruled out. On several occasions, aircraft displaying unusual antenna have been sighted during chemtrail activity and simultaneous television interference on the ground. At least two observers report electromagnetic alarms sounding during chemtrail flyovers.
15. So far, those persons with strong immune systems appear to be either unaffected by chemtrails, or recover relatively quickly from heavy exposure. Reported effective treatments and preventative "cellular shielding" include homemade colloidal silver, liquid oxygen supplementation, and high-quality vitamin and herbal supplements. Laboratory-confirmed mycoplasma infection can almost always be cured by repeated courses of specific antibiotics such as doxycycline administered under a physician,s direct supervision. \ 16. While the best available print and photographic documentation confirms what USAF "Weather Force Specialists" refer to as chemical spraying for the purposes of "aerial obscuration" - the bottom line of the chemtrails conundrum remains: We still cannot say for certain what is being sprayed on us, and why.
17. Any government that continues to spray toxic substances on its own people for any reason - knowing that an epidemic of fatalities is taking place at the same time - is committing murder.
18. Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, it is illegal to carry out an illegal order. Even if undertaken as an "operational necessity" for reasons of unannounced and unsubstantiated national security, any member of the military who deliberately sickens and kills her or his own people is committing treason against the populace they are pledged to protect.
Our investigation continues.
William Thomas - Investigative Journalist Author: Scorched Earth, Bringing The War Home, Probing The Chemtrails Conundrum Documentary videos: "Eco War", "Chemtrails: Mystery Lines In The Sky"
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