Chemtrails Over San Antonio
From Horizon Astrology <>
I hesitated to e-mail you since I know that you get so much mail but when I saw your news story that Austin, Tx had been sprayed by two planes on July 24, I just had to let you and your readers know that San Antonio has also been sprayed.
On July 19th, I was driving to a job located in the Northeast area of San Antonio around 12:30 p.m. As I looked up at the sky, I saw a grid of chemtrails hovering over the area. There was a huge X where the planes criss-crossed each other. I pulled the car over to watch and got a good look at the plane as it flew over. Since I know nothing about planes, I can only tell you that it looked just like what has been described on your Web Site. It was white and as it flew over, it left the white chemtrails in the sky that are often seen in the pictures you post on your site. I did not have my camera with me at the time because since it is so hot, I did not want to have to leave it in the car while I was working. But then you already have plenty of pictures of Chemtrails, mine would have been no different.
When I checked the sky four hours later, I saw that you could still see the chemtrails but the wind had blown them southward slightly so that they were over the most populated area close to downtown San Antonio.
Yesterday, July 25, 2000 the planes were back spraying but the chemtrails were not as visible since the sky was cloudy and provided good cover for them. I believe that the same planes spraying the Austin area also sprayed the San Antonio area since the two cities are not that far apart.
How does this make me feel? Mad and confused are just a few of the emotions I have experienced. What I can tell your readers is this, you have to experience the event to understand the seriousness of it. Until you actually see it and not just read about it on some web site, do you get the full impact of the event. It makes you feel helpless and angry at the same time.
Beth Engleman <>
P. S. Feel free to post this if you like. Maybe other people in the San Antonio area will come forward with more information.

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