Chemtrails - Facts, Plagiarism,
And Propaganda
By Margareta- Erminia Cassani
I am a health and medicine journalist/author/editor for over 20 years. Since November 1998, I have been working on the health aspects of some biological material ejected from low-flying planes. These incidents involved houses splattered with a reddish-brown gel. After a friend had heard Will Thomas' initial interview on Art Bell's show in February 1999, we thought my investigation might be related to Mr. Thomas' investigation of unusual-appearing contrail activity, so I contacted him with information about what I was working on and we agreed to join forces as partners/colleagues and jointly publish our findings together. Since that time, I have contributed information to Will's investigation in the form of health/medical research into what possibly could be contained in the contrails that might be adversely affecting the health of people exposed to them. I also shared with Will the laboratory analysis of the samples I collected from these homes covered with the red-brown gel.
In April 1999, Will Thomas and I jointly authored an article, Sky Samples Analyzed for the Environmental News Service in which some details of our (then) current investigation were published. Subsequent to that, Will Thomas has also authored articles by himself, either on his website or other places, with contributions by myself regarding health/medical facts surrounding both the "high altitude" phenomenon, i.e. contrail/Chemtrails, and my own ongoing research into what we came to refer to as the "low level" aerial phenomenon, i.e., residential houses splattered by low-flying planes with the above-mentioned reddish gel material. However, since the publication of Sky Samples Analyzed et al, I have seen numerous Chemtrails-related articles created by a number of people appear on Sightings and other web sites across the Internet. More and more I am greatly disturbed by the "cut, paste and plagiarize" fashion of putting together these articles that take bits and pieces out of Will Thomas' and my articles and rearranging them into an incredible hodgepodge of confusing, and just plain wrong, information. To make matters worse, these "cut and paste" articles blur the facts with pure fantasy and agenda-pandering, and lately some very dangerous propaganda which I do not want my name or work associated with. I feel VERY responsible for the effect that the misappropriation of my information has had on an increasingly scared public who are looking for FACTS regarding what is happening in our skies, in our air, water and land. Unfortunately, when they read these "cut and paste" jobs they, for the most part, get only far-fetched anecdotes (how about worms small enough to crawl out of human skin pores yet have " visible teeth?) or agenda-selling rhetoric or downright propaganda. It is for this reason that I wrote this article for Sightings, to set straight the facts of the information I contributed to the Chemtrails research and to disentangle my work and name from those who want to peddle their own agendas, using the contrail issue as their vehicle to do so, and especially those who want to promote and distribute ancient, extremely inflammatory, White Supremacist propaganda using Chemtrails research as the signatory which I will discuss later in this article.
I have stayed out of public view for the last 1-1/2 years because I preferred to work in relative anonymity while looking for the answers to the strange questions that this investigation posed very early on. As a writer/author, when the public spotlight is on you, many times "red herrings" get thrown into the mix by various people who either want to throw you off the correct path or tie your work into their specific agendas that they then want you to champion as a quasi-spokesperson. In addition, I simply did not want my research distorted and/or pre-emptively "borrowed" from other journalists looking for an interesting story to latch onto.
It becomes immediately apparent to me, when reading these "cut and paste" articles and seeing my information turned around so badly, that the author/s of these creations understand very little of what they are conveying to an answer-seeking public. This is most apparent in the information regarding the laboratory samples that I personally collected and shared the results with Will Thomas which appeared in our joint article and his subsequent articles. Many times, I have seen a word-for-word plagiarism of our (Will Thomas' and mine) work, simply re-arranging words and sentences from our original text and creating wholly different contexts with their new arrangements while taking the liberty to add either their own misunderstanding, or just plain confabulation, resulting in gross distortions of the original facts. Not only do they misrepresent, massage and manipulate facts of the info the "borrow", but they never attribute any of the information contained in them as coming from either Will Thomas or myself. One would get the idea, from reading one of these "cut and paste'articles, that they were the author's original thoughts and ideas judging by the lack of documentation or attribution to any source.
In these articles, for the most part, the reader generally gets beat over the head with the impression that United States citizens (even though other countries are experiencing this phenomenon as well) are being either chemically experimented on by the United States government/military and/or are being "culled", i.e. killed, by the United States government/military. It is very frustrating for me to see the laboratory samples that I had analyzed in a reputable environmental biology lab near where I live, which I hold the test results on, and know full well what disease entities they are capable of causing, be cited as the basis of this "cull" theory. These misconceptions, and distortion of the facts, I believe, stem, in part, from the idea that people apparently believe that the samples mentioned in Sky Samples Analyzed came out of contrail aerosol and that the "Chemtrails" are disease-producing bug and chemical sprays unleashed on the United States. Let me state, unequivically, for the record here, my samples referred to in Sky Samples Analyzed DID NOT come out of contrail aerosol. To date, no laboratory samples have been taken from contrail aerosol, although gathering sampling data from contrails is still trying to be done. It was stated in Sky Samples Analyzed that these laboratory samples were taken from material dropped or jettisoned from "low-flying planes", but apparently that terminology was too vague, and when the text of that article was printed it was wrapped around photographs of contrails, so it is at least understandable, however, wrong, that many people inferred that the samples spoken of in that article came out of contrails. This could not be further from the truth. The samples were taken from residential homes splattered with the aforementioned biological "goo. Since Sky Samples Analyzed and subsequent articles by Will Thomas that contained similar information regarding these lab samples, the "cut and paste" doctors have stretched and stressed the limits and capabilities of these God-made organisms to make their Procrustean bed arguments that our government has cooked up these bizarre biological concoctions in some research laboratory somewhere and are loading them into military jet fuel systems and "spraying" everyone, via contrails, with deadly bugs, viruses, and other cancer-causing chemicals, with the express purpose of killing people, specifically old people and ill people. Or, that these organisms are somehow used to "change around human DNA" which somehow shuts down our neurological systems, making us confused, dizzy, disoriented, dysphasic, and therefore more susceptible to New World Order takeover by United Nations factions. This occurs most frequently in the misunderstanding, hence, misuse of the term restriction enzyme - a term that appeared in the results of my early laboratory samples. See What is a Restriction Enzyme? further in this article for a detailed description of what these organisms are, and what they are biologically capable of. They have nothing to do with the Frankenstein's monster-type genetic manipulation that some of these cut and paste authors are proposing. I have to say, I feel like the farmer who came to the city when I read these way out in left field scenarios that people have fantasized using my laboratory information as proof.
Interestingly, none of these "authors" explain how laying bug and chemical laden Chemtrails dispersed at high altitudes will accomplish a "cull" or a "mind-control" feat without affecting the rest of the population and/or the perpetrators themselves. Spraying bugs and chemicals at these high altitudes, how do you discern what type of citizen will get hit with what? How do you control the hit? They cite weakened immune systems that occur primarily in the aged and the ill which apparently will determine who lives and dies in this doomsday scenario. I have news for everyone - breathing in bugs and chemicals are going to weaken everyone's immune systems, even the people doing the spraying, and those doing the planning of said spraying, so that no one would escape a "cull" scenario such as the ones proposed by these authors. Or is this a Jonestown mass homicide/ suicide CIA mind control experiment on a grander scale? I don't think so.
Most of us know by now that our United States government, along with some aiding and abetting by our United States Military, performed several open-air bacteriological, chemical and even LSD experiments on unsuspecting American citizens and soldiers. Our CIA also funded research on Canadian territory to do the same and worse, re the mind control experiments of Dr. Ewen Cameron at Ravenscroft, in Montreal. However, knowing that history should not automatically imply that this type of experimentation is necessarily, then, the basis of Chemtrails activity. If we were jurors in a trial, we would be convicting a case based on precedent and what could be the truth rather than what is the truth by examining the facts. To date, no facts support this theory. No CREDIBLE source has come forward to acknowledge that this type of experimental activity is at the core of Chemtrails activity. No one. If anyone out there has information to the contrary, please come forward. Besides, the "cull" theory is just plain illogical in a huge market economy such that the United States is - an economy that depends on lots of warm bodies, old, young, ill, and otherwise, to keep the wheels of Wall Street rolling along. Wall Street, et al, Bilderbergers would not tolerate this scenario, because even if they had no social conscience towards it, they would start losing money and none of them wants that. The stock market would suffer badly. I think all serious Chemtrail researchers should just forget this one and quit scaring the poor senior citizens and chronically ill into heart attacks or committing suicide or homicide out of depression and/or anger brought on by the public airing of these scenarios. It's a socially irresponsible idea to throw out there without any more evidence or data to back it up other than the lab samples I (and several other people) volunteered to Chemtrails research.
Ironically, what is seriously affecting the health of our older people, the chronically ill, and the very young, in this country, which is getting pooh-pooh'd by many Chemtrail trackers and workers, is a growing environmental fungal infestation problem that can and will take hold of weakened immune systems and bring them down much faster, I would add, than any overhead aerial spraying program could. More on this in my Brief Conclusions later in this article.
Several other theories proposed in these Chemtrails "cut and pastes" which use cite specific organisms found in my laboratory samples as some sort of empirical proof include:
1. The military is trying to "own" the weather. I have seen it stated many times in these articles that some of the organisms contained in the lab samples I collected from low flying planes, NOT contrail aerosol, are organisms that the US Military has hundreds of patents on, and therefore are proof that they are spraying these organisms in the air to facilitate defense-based weather modification programs. That's a big leap - to nowhere. The US Army stockpiles a lot of biological material for bioremediation purposes, specifically pseudomonas fluorescens and aureobasidium pullans (two of the organisms contained in my samples), one which eats fuel and oil spills and the other is used in creating certain vinyl products (amongst other things). We could not have cleaned up Exxon Valdez if not for the God-made organism pseudomonas fluorescens for it thrives on fuel and oil. In the numerous patents I researched that are listed on the DOD's website, regarding pseudomonas fluorescens, bioremediation was the objective of these patents, not weather modification, or even human illness. The Exxon Valdez oil spill, et al, are more toxic to the environment and the ecosystem than pseudomonas fluorescens would ever be. People seem to forget, these organisms are NOT manufactured in a laboratory somewhere, they exist in nature. Yes, they can be pathogens to man under certain conditions, but I do no believe they, specifically, are the culprits in the numerous upper respiratory, et al, illnesses people are suffering. Rather, I believe that, in synergy with the over-abundance of fungal organisms present in our environment for the last decade, and dramatically increasing over the last 18 months (a time factor of critical significance), the power of these organisms to cause more serious infections in the human population has strengthened.
I have no doubt that the US Military and other governmental defense agencies are experimenting with weather modification to facilitate defense programs. The HAARP program is one such defense project which, basically stated, manipulates the ionosophere to become a shield that would deflect incoming missiles from entering our country if, suddenly, our global "trading buddies" decide they don't want to play Monopoly with us anymore and would rather just take us off the playing board completely. How these particular organisms I (or others) collected would function in a weather-mod scenario has never been explained in these cut and paste articles, but I can't see that they would contribute anything substantial to this effort. Perhaps, they might act as bioremediation agents in keeping the upper atmosphere "clean" of jet fuel combustion products that would further weaken the ozone layer and thus, perhaps affect the stability of the upper ionosphere, hence, affecting the stability of the "shield", but other than that, I think they would be of limited value. Granted, the argument could be made that these organisms sprayed in the air for purpose of defense-based weather modification are making people sick when they ultimately fall to Earth and into our breathing space. Could that account for the rise in respiratory flu, bronchitis, pneumonia? The chances of that are very slim as they would have to be some very hardy strains as the exposure to UV rays and cold temperatures at contrail appearing altitudes would render most, if not all, of these organisms harmless by the time they fell down far enough for us to breathe them in. Therefore, the fact that some laboratory samples of gel-material were taken from houses is a very weak foundation to support the idea that the US DOD is injecting organisms into the atmosphere to assist in weather modification and that is what is making people ill. I do not believe that weather modification, and the use of biological organisms to facilitate that goal, is the specific objective of the unusual contrail activity. It certainly could be an unintended by-product of it, or part of a two-fold program, which I will get to in my conclusions, but I do not feel it is its primary intention
2. Another theory I have seen taken in Chemtrails cut and paste articles making use of my lab samples analysis as evidence is the Alien Connection, i.e. aliens are procuring our atmosphere with biological materials to make it a habitable place for them to live as their planet is dying. Even The Star and The Globe rumor rags have run stories of how UFO's are responsible for splattering brownish-goo on residential roof-tops as far away as London, England. How any one on Earth knows this alien agenda is interesting to ponder and why these aliens would want to come to our environmentally damaged planet on the brink of disaster when they could find some pristine place in God's infinite universe is beyond me too. Or are they coming here to help us in a time of environmental crisis? In any case, I would wager that aliens would not be using US and/or UN military-type antiquated aerial machinery to accomplish their goal. Sorry, but this proposal is just a little out there - like past Pluto, and therefore I won't spend much time here.
3. The other less strange and even more credible theory is mass inoculation of American citizens against biological/chemical warfare via aerial dispersal of antigens that might protect us from anthrax , smallpox, or botox, or? Like the global defense theory, mass inoculation has one of the best motives in the world - the United States is totally unprepared on a medical, clinical level to deal with bioterrorism. If we were to be hit by an aviary flu such as the one that infected scores of chickens and other fowl in China not too long ago, and developed the ability to "cross vector" from bird to human, a lot of human life would be lost because we simply do not have either the antigens or the antidotes developed yet to deal with such a crisis. Or, how about another virus recently on the scene, the West Nile, which seems to be exhibiting a very scary propensity lately of "jumping vector" between mammalian (human) and avian (bird) hosts with no intermediary animal host (i.e. pigs, cattle etc).
As recently as June 12, 2000, USA Today reported that several new deaths in the crow population have been confirmed to be from West Nile virus. This same virus had already killed 6 humans back in the fall of 1999, but had been responsible for hundreds of crow deaths at that time. These new crow deaths suggest that the West Nile virus did not die off, as was hoped, over the winter and may come back like a lion this summer when the temperatures start getting hotter and more humid. What does this scenario tell us? That the West Nile is, obviously, more devastating to birds than humans, for the time being. With six human deaths from this virus, the virus has already developed the capability to "jump vector". The question on every health official's mind should be will it now start mutating into a stronger species that can affect humans as devastatingly as it has the crows? If so, we are in big trouble and, quite frankly, could be in for an epidemic of a "flu-like" encephalitic syndrome the likes of the 1918 flu epidemic. And because it infects birds as well, disease containment would be very difficult, if not impossible, as birds could carry the virus hundreds of miles in all directions.
Or, how about a new strain of an old killer, i.e., smallpox (both of which have been developed as biowarfare agents in Russia, China, and perhaps Iraq) - Americans would go down so fast we wouldn't know what hit us. There is only a very small store of smallpox vaccine in this country and some people necessarily would have to go without, i.e., not be inoculated. Possibly, you could take the existing stores of vaccine and dilute and then aerosolize them and disperse aerially to at least give cursory coverage to a greater group of people. However, in medical terms, cursory coverage equates to very weak coverage, although in an emergency it may be the best "shot" we have. Personally, I would rather have weak than none. In that scenario, an involuntary inhalational vaccine could be the answer, especially with a country of people now skeptical about any type of vaccinations and even military personnel refusing to take the traditional anthrax vaccinations. Even if Ted Koppel announced on ABC Nightly News that a biowarfare attack was imminent and it was imperative to their health to get one of these vaccines, there would simply be those in this country who would not volunteer for a traditional vaccine. These reluctant vaccinees would present an even bigger problem in disease containment control as one infected person can infect an entire community and the death toll could be devastating. The drawback to this method of inoculation is that unfortunately, to date, aerosol inhalational vaccinations have only successfully been developed to be directly sprayed into the nasal mucosal passages and thus function as a "first response" to incoming, inhaled bacterial/viral pathogens that can be caught and short- circuited in nasal cilia before they get to the lungs. Currently, this technology exists in the nasal flu vaccines that were put to use in the fall of 1999 at the outset of the flu season. Disseminating an inoculating antigen in the air, via mass spraying by airplanes, however, would most probably render the antigen/vaccine useless (especially in our polluted breathing air), unless certain protective polymer or protein coats were developed for the material to protect it from environmental damage on its way down. In the best case scenario, this method would still be highly unreliable and more than likely would be an incredible waste of time, money and resources. We do have the nanobomb technology now to greatly lessen the impact of biological attacks, but a nanobomb is only good where the agent is known to have been dropped. Nanobomb technology is progressing in development to being carried in a personal aerosol and sprayed directly into the nasal passages when the infecting agent is theorized or known to be inhaled. This could be very effective on the battlefield with soldiers in combat, but how many American citizens are going to know when they inhale a biological agent when going about their everyday routine? None, I would wager.
The organisms contained in the samples I collected are not viruses and they are not capable of becoming antigens to any viral based disease. There are some bacteria contained in the samples, however, not of the type and caliber to create any type of bacteriological immunity against such killer attacks as anthrax. Besides, the size and volume of the dropped material is reason enough to know that these particular samples are not part of any mass inoculation program involving inhalational organisms - they were not of respirable size, i.e. too big to be breathed in by any human pulmonary system. There does, however, exist the possibility that spores could have formed from the mold and fungal organisms contained in the samples which would be of respirable size. Learning what I have, over the last 1-1/2 years while working on this project, about the sharp rise in mold and fungal based diseases in the United States, and basically the world, I have wondered if the molds and fungus contained in my samples could possibly be canceling agents for other types of fungal organisms proliferating in the environment.That is to say, is it possible that spores from the molds and fungus in my samples could provide some type of immunity to other more infectious, fungal-based organisms? In my more optimistic moments, I like to think that this is what is behind these residential plane drops, i.e., delivering a synergistic mixture of certain organisms into the environment to counteract other more aggressive ones. This theory has some validity to it as frequently "mycoherbicides" contain certain fungal organisms which act as natural predators on certain plant structures and other fungal organisms which allow those plants to proliferate. The United States DEA recently began testing fusarium oxysporum in Florida to see how effectively the fungal elements contained in that mycoherbicide cancel out certain plants and the other "fertilizing" fungal organisms which enable them to grow healthy. These tests are being conducted for the express purpose of using the mycoherbicides in an anti-coca plant program in South America and other places to kill cocaine sources at their root, so to speak. In dropping organisms on residential homes from low-flying planes, it seems more logical and beneficial, though, to open-space drop them where more people might better get the possible intended benefit of them, rather than seemingly "target" one home amongst many as has frequently appeared to be the case in the instances that I have researched. I frown on the accidental transport of biological organisms theory, for the most part, as once or twice an accident, perhaps, but I have documentation of these drops ocurring over 33 times since 1998 through May-June of 1999, many occurring in the same areas. These are either some awfully careless pilots or these drops are deliberate for some reason. I tend to believe the latter as that is the direction the evidence points. Calls and FOI request letters to the USDA, who could be the responsible federal department for such "pesticide" drops has yielded no answers at this date.
First and foremost, I will re-state this as clearly as possible to try and dispel this error once and for all: The laboratory samples that I collected, referred to in Will Thomas' and my joint articles as well as his solo articles, were taken from material that was ejected out of low-flying planes, one of which was positively identified as a C-130 Hercules, military issue transport plane, on residential property, i.e., houses and/or garages. They absolutely DID NOT come out of contrail aerosol.
Where/What: 1. The first sample I collected was in November 1998, in Michigan. At the request of the homeowner, I have left their names and location of their residence out of any writings regarding the material taken from their home. This material was a reddish-brown gel-like substance that covered the garage, and was dropped from a low- flying, unidentified plane. The owner of the home did not see the drop occur. I learned of the drop through the local news. Being a health and medical writer, my curiousity was more than piqued at the strangeness of this occurrence and I was also concerned about the possible health hazards of this material, thinking at first it was airplane waste that had been jettisoned somehow on the plane's landing into the nearby airport. This was the first thought of choice as many people who lived near Detroit's Metropolitan Airport had previously reported having airplane toilet waste material splattered on their homes before. I called the homeowner and asked if I may come out and take a look at what she had on her garage. As soon as I saw the material, I knew immediately that it was not commercial airline toilet waste. It did not have the characteristic blue preservative agent that is poured into airline waste holding tanks that necessarily would have been present if it had been jettisoned from a commerical fly-over. Rather it had an ominous appearance, like splattered and dried blood. My second thought was a large, bird perhaps dripping blood from a wound flew over the house, but this was quickly ruled out after noting the splatter pattern on the garage which could only have been caused by a higher velocity spray. I videotaped the material, documenting it across the entire garage, driveway, and parts of the back of the house. It marked the garage in a pattern that made it obvious it had been dropped from a low flying plane, thick, wide gobs of material in a left to right, north to south pattern, that also ran across the driveway. Strangely, no one else's house in this area had any of the material on it, except for the next door neighbor's who had a few small drops on a door facing this house. I then proceeded to collect this material with saline soaked Q-tips and placed them in plastic Ziploc bags. I then called several local laboratories and none of them wanted to take the material. They simply were not interested. I then called a marine biologist at the University of Michigan, Dr. Peter Maier, who was a huge help to me and agreed to take a look at the material. An early analysis of the material revealed nothing until Dr. Maier turned up the magnification of the lenses which immediately revealed minute protozoan life-forms, i.e., algae, which were highly motile, something Dr. Maier found odd being that these samples had sat outside in cold weather for a while. They should not have been alive and yet were swimming on the slide quite vigorously. Dr. Maier then took this material and tried to grow it in typical lab Petri dishes and several colors blossomed on the cultures, meaning that several distinct organisms were present in this material. However, Dr. Maier did not have the capacity, nor the time, to further identify these distinct species and I then took the samples to an environmental biology lab (I had not yet received authorization to use the name of this lab at this writing and therefore it will not appear at this time). There, over the weekend, these lab samples blossomed floridly, i.e., they overgrew their Petri dishes rapidly as they were ripe with organisms. When I was asked by the lab's manager, where did you get these samples? I told her that I had collected the material off a house that had been splattered with it and she was very surprised. She offered her guess that the material must be some type of biohazard materials that accidentally fell out of a plane on its descent to Metropolitan Airport, as the combination of organisms indicated more a clinical setting rather than a natural, environmental setting. However, there was no evidence of such an accident, no containers, no broken glass, no boxes, nothing to suggest a biohazard accident, just this blood- red material all over the garage and driveway with several splatters on the back of the house. These organisms were clinically identified as:
From: Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 01:46:24 -0700 To: Subject: Fwd: PART II: CHEMTRAILS: FACTS, PLAGIARISM, PROPAGANDA
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a. Pseudomonas fluorescens - this is a bacterium that has a "day-glo" quality to it, like a fluorescent light. It is commonly found in soil and water and is also associated with food spoilage of protein (eggs, meat, fish, milk). It is used, as mentioned earlier, in bioremediation programs as it thrives on fuel and oil. "It is generally an environmental contaminant and occasionally an opportunistic pathogen for humans causing infections of the urinary tract, wounds and the blood stream. It also occurs as a contaminant of blood and blood products used for transfusions, sometimes causing fatal shock" [Dorland's Medical Dictionary, p 1378]
b. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens - Common to soil, not known to be a human pathogen. However, it is used many times in clinical settings as a restriction enzyme. See below for further definition of this.
c. Vibrio splendidus 2 - Vibrio species of bacteria are commonly known to affect humans in a serious way (the disease cholera comes from the Vibrio family of bacteria), however, this particular strain of Vibrio is not a known human pathogen. Its value seems to lie in its ability to "light up" its surrounding area. It is found in coral reefs and provides a day-glo type of light, like the fluorescens species do. It is also being researched as a bacterial marker for poultry and other foods. The theory being that it would light up in the presence of certain contaminants, thus telling the buyer that the product was not fit for consumption. Theoretically, if someone were later wanting to test for the presence of "their" organisms which they dropped into the environment, for whatever reason, the inclusion of this one organism, Vibrio splendidus, would help them find "their" specific drops, i.e., allowing them to pick out their organisms from naturally occurring background organisms. d. Staphylococcus - a large amount of Staph organisms were found in he samples. This species of bacteria can be responsible for many infections of the skin and the blood. This is a fairly common bacteria. We carry it on our hands and skin without incident most of the time.
e. Aureobasidium pullans - This is commonly considered a contaminant and is a causative agent of a disease process called phaehypomycosis - an opportunistic infection in humans derived from dematiaceous fungi, fungi that grow in rotting wood (black mold). This can cause a severe fungal form of pneumonia. It is used in making certain types of vinyl products.
f. Streptomyces - a fungus-like bacteria. More than half of the valuable antibiotics in use in medicine are created from streptomyces organisms. However, it can be parasitic to plants and animals, as well as bacteria.
g. Nigrospora - another contaminant, commonly referred to as the black molds which form spores.
The second sample was sent to me from Pennsylvania in January 1999, but the original incident had occurred January 1998. The names and exact location have been omitted at the homeowner's request for this specific writing. However, they will appear later in a book form. This plane drop was witnessed by a neighbor who described the plane as "huge, dull gunmetal gray, unmarked", flying so low this person thought the plane was going to crash into his barn. He said he could feel the windows shake as it went over his house and subsequently sprayed the entire three-story-high farm home of his neighbor on several sides. These homeowners also videotaped the damage and sent me a copy of it. The organisms identified in this sample include:
a. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens - this organism was present in an overpowering amount, so much so that only one other organism could be identified. As noted above, this bacterium is not usually known to be pathogenic to humans. It was also present in the Michigan sample.
b. Turicella otitidis - this was the second organism identified. This is an organism responsible for middle-ear infections, particularly the otitis media type.
c. Streptomyces - same as contained in the Michigan samples.
d. Rhizomucor - this is a mold that grows on corn plants or bread. e. Penicillium species - another mold which is used primarily to create penicillin.
What is a Restriction Enzyme?
As mentioned earlier on, this term has been misunderstood and used inappropriately in its mention in many Chemtrails-related articles. Restriction enzymes are not organisms cooked up in a genetics lab somewhere which are capable of creating bizarre distortions in human DNA by spraying them in the air and people inhaling them. A restriction enzyme is nothing more than an enzyme which is present in just about all bacterial and viral organisms. It functions like a genetic "scissor" which allows DNA to be cut into at desired levels for the purpose of studying a certain level in the DNA chain, or for hybriding purposes. It is not man-made, it is God- made.
The third sample came from Birch Island, Ontario, Canada, August 1999. I also collected this sample with the aide of Mr. Ben McNenly, a resident of Espanola, Ontario. Birch Island was a "turning point" of sorts in my investigation of this low-level plane-drop phenomena, as it was the first time that eyewitnesses were present at the exact time the drop from the plane occurred. I have been asked by these eyewitnesses to delete their names from this article, which they know will appear on the Internet, for the purpose of privacy, but have allowed me to publicly use their name in association with this story at a later date. At this point, I will refer to these two eyewitnesses as Bob and Jean. What happened at Birch Island is an extraordinary story. Bob and Jean are retirees who live on Birch Island for several months out of the year. It is located on an Ojibway Indian Reservation. They have a beautiful home that overlooks McGregor Bay. On July 18th, 1999, as they were sitting out on their patio that overlooks the Bay, Jean suddenly caught sight of a nearly silent, extremely low-flying, very large, grey plane literally gliding over the roof of their home, skimming the treetops of their property - it was that low, no more than 50 to 100' off the ground! Seeing her surprise, Bob jumped up to see this huge, completely unmarked (save for one distinguishing symbol which shall not be published at this time) plane gliding right over them and their patio. Stunned, and too afraid to move, they stood watching the plane glide silently out towards the water, trailing a reddish-brown powdery trail which covered their patio, their dock, and their neighbors dock. They ran to the water's edge and watched the plane glide silently down the bay until it was out of sight, all the while dropping the reddish powder that fell quietly and disappeared into the waters of McGregor Bay.
I was told about this aerial drop soon after and I made a trip to Espanola, Ontario first, and gathered Mr. McNenly. We then visited Bob and Jean at their Birch Island home and collected samples of the reddish powder that had fallen into their neighbor's boat and into the holding pans of their septic tank in front of their home. The powder must have reconstituted somewhat from water in the bottom of their neighbor's boat as the entire bottom of the boat was covered with a very red sticky film, almost as if blood had been wiped from the bottom and sides of the boat. The anchor pail caught the lot of the drop and it truly was a deep, crimson red. Mr. McNenly and I videotaped the collection of this material from the pail in their neighbor's boat. I covered my hands with surgical gloves and using large Q-tips stuck my hand down into the water and scraped the Q- tip along the bottom of the pail. What came up on the Q-tip was incredible, a blood-red substance that adhered to the Q-tip like a gelatinous gob. I collected numerous samples until the entire bottom of the pail had been scraped of the substance.
After collecting the samples, I interviewed Bob and Jean on videotape in which they re-told their experience. It was at this time that Bob, without prompting from either Mr. McNenly or myself, recounted that the plane that flew over their home that day was identical to an American C-130 Hercules transport plane. Indeed, Bob pointed to this type of plane in a book of specific airplane photographs which included numerous types of planes. Bob and Jean also recounted that they and their neighbors, even the neighbors dog, became ill with fever, chills, malaise, a "flu-like" syndrome, after this material was dropped on their property and their waterfront. The neighbors boy who swam in the water of McGregor Bay after the drop came down with pneumonia after returning home to Toronto that weekend. It should be noted that on this Indian Reservation, on Bob and Jean's property, drinking water is gotten from a conduit pipe that leads from the lake into their home which then runs through a filtering system before it is fit for drinking and/or cooking, etc. So, conceivably, the powder-contaminated water could have been gathered in this conduit pipe and carried right into their home which they later drank. Filtration systems do not always filter out every organism possible.
I then took all the samples from Birch Island home with me and had them analyzed at the same lab that did the other two samples. These samples were very similar to both the Michigan and the Pennsylvania samples in the genus of organisms they contained, with slight variations. In the interim from March 1999, when the last samples from Pennsylvania were analyzed, the lab who did the work on the samples instituted an automated classification system which, unfortunately, only identifies the larger genus and not the species of each organism. Therefore, more exact identification than what follows is not known, however, the genus of bacteria present in these samples is identical to the other samples.
a. Pseudomonas b. Staphylococcus c. Bacillus
a. Penicillium - as noted above, makes penicllin. b. Acremonium - a rather nasty organism, found in patients who are immunocomprised, most frequently AIDS patients. c. Yeasts - a primitive mold.
The rest of the "drop" incidents have no samples or laboratory analysis attached to them, at least that are in my possession, and exist through what was gleaned from local news reports in their areas and talking to the people that these incidents occurred to in the area, as well as the local officials. A total of 29 of these fly-over "goo drops"reports from the state of Utah alone. What's so special about Utah that they might have such occurrences? The fact that Dugway Proving Ground is only minutes away from where all these drops occurred might shed some light on the phenomenon. If anyone there were talking, that is. Dugway, in Provo, is one of the country's centers for biological open-air testing and development. Could these fly-over goo drops in Utah have been part of either open-air biological testing or accidents of transport of some biological materials? Maybe.When talking to a few of the "victims" of these fly-over goo drops, it was learned that all of these occurrences happened at night, with the homeowners waking up and finding their houses splattered with this (again) brownish goo. A young man whom I interviewed, via telephone, a Bryan Petersen, told me how he and his family were housesitting their parents home while they were away on a religious mission in another country. They woke up to go to work in the morning at 7 a.m. and found the garage, driveway and part of the house splattered with this material. Bryan also told me that the local HAZMAT team, complete in head to toe biochemical hazard gear, were quickly dispatched from the Fire Department. They didn't take samples, they just quickly sprayed the entire area down with bleach after taking photos.
Another man, Thomas Perkins' home was hit on April 10th, 1999. Mr. Perkins and his family discovered the "goo hit" and immediately contacted the Salt Lake County Fire Department. At first they were reluctant to wash away the material, fearing it could contaminate storm-water systems. The Fire Department told Mr.Perkins to contact a private biohazard-cleanup company who were also reluctant to clean up the material. However, a day later, the Fire Department relented and eventually cleaned the material off Perkins' home using, again, a bleach concoction which is used in laboratories to kill bacterial and viral contaminants. Mr. Perkins was told by the county health department to keep his family and his pets out of the yard but declined further explanation to Mr. Perkins as to the why of their warning.
My questions to the Director of Public Health, a pediatrician named Kathryn Vedder, M.D. were left unanswered. However, her secretary referred me directly to the laboratory who collected some samples from one of the plane drops, although the majority of them were simply washed away and untested. I left numerous messages for the technicians working on these lab samples and they never returned my phone calls. I was told later, however, by Dr. Vedder's secretary, that Dr. Vedder had issued a public statement that the material contained in these plane drops were "sewage" and the result of a "prankster" filling up a plane with raw sewage and flying over the city. Twenty-nine times. Even though no one had seen the plane or planes that made these drops, FAA spokesperson Mitch Barker told the Salt Lake Tribune: "There is a possibility this is some type of low, slow flying aircraft fitted with some ejection device and it is able to target a spot on the ground". If so, "It would certainly seem to be intentional", he said. Interestingly, the description of a "low, slow flying" plane conjectured to have been the culprit also fits the description given by the neighbor in Pennsylvania who saw such a plane cruise over his neighbor's property before dumping its mysterious biological payload, as well as it fits the description given by Bob and Jean in Birch Island, Canada of the plane that littered their property with red-brown powder. So, in essence, we have similarly described planes at opposite ends of the country, and at least one instance in Canada, dropping similar substances on residential homes. What do they all have in common?
As mentioned earlier, I would like to detach information I contributed to Chemtrails research from some dangerous propaganda that is being woven into many of these "cut and paste" Chemtrails articles. Propaganda, I would like also to say, has absolutely nothing to do with Chemtrail tracking/research and quite frankly reeks of White Supremacist conspiracy agendas, re: the inclusion of an ancient racist tract, The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, with New World Order take-over paranoia which is being purported now as masterminded by an elite group of Jewish financiers who propose to "rule the world". About a month ago, I received an e-mail, from a Chemtrail tracker which spoke of the ancient Protocols of the Elders of Zion and how, in these modern days, it is really the rallying plan of those who would create The New World order, i.e. the United Nations, through a takeover of individual world governments, the United States being one of them. It was a fairly lengthy e-mail distributed by a Christian minister to people, including myself, on Chemtrail tracker/researcher mailing lists. My heart sunk when I read this e-mail, to think that this piece of trash that wreaked so much pain and havoc in the world was still circulating, now with a 21st century face as the foundation of The New World Order, and associating itself with Chemtrails work. That was just the shot in the foot we all needed.
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a totally fake document. It was created circa 1897 during the reign of Czar Nicholas II of Russia, just prior to the Russian Revolution. It was created by that Czars's cabinet as an excuse to crack down on the Bolshevists who were threatening to overturn the Imperial Crown of Russia. These cabinet members penned this "secret" document detailing the plan of the "Elders of Zion", i.e., an elite group of Jewish leaders who wanted to "control the hearts, minds, money of the Gentile world" [re: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion]. The document was written in the form of minutes of meetings between these Jewish elders, meetings that never took place. The minutes of this fictitious meeting revealed the plan of these Jewish Elders to take over the world, overthrow the Imperial Crown nations, and institute their own oligarchy rule, control the world economy, and take away individual freedoms. The Russian cabinet members who created this fake document then signed Jewish names (as many Bolshevists were Russian Jews, like Trotsky) to the document as being the authors of it. They then distributed this document throughout St. Petersburg and Russia. Soon after, the Imperial Guard did crack down, horribly and violently, on Jewish citizens. Rioting ensued in the streets of St. Petersburg and hundreds of Russian Jewish peasants were killed and injured. The Russian film, The Odessa Steps is all about the massacre of scores of Russian Jews by the Imperial Russian guard instigated by this fake document, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It was also this document that fired the Russian Revolution as, after this massacre, the stage had been set for the revenge of the Bolshevists.
Eventually, the document found its way to England and Europe as the crown heads of Europe were related by blood to the Russian Imperial Crown, and thus, all Crown nations were at risk by these Jewish Elders proposal to do away with Imperial rule and rule the world with their own elite group of Jewish financiers. This document circulated throughout Europe and decades later, in pre-WWII Germany where the document re- surfaced at the hands of the Nazi and began its most devastating damage to date. It was championed by Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, as something that would help the Third Reich convince the German people of the growing "Jewish Menace". Suffice it to say, that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion , in the hands of the Nazi's this time around, became the torch that lit the fires of the Holocaust and kept the ovens of Auschwitz burning night and day until 6,000,000 souls had perished. And, despite a formal U.S. Congressional hearing in 1964 which publicly proclaimed the document a fake, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion fluorishes still. In Saudi Arabia, the document is given away free at their Embassy. It also appears on White Supremacist websites all over the Internet as their reason why Hitler should have finished the "final solution".
The e-mail I received, detailing this document, essentially stated that The United Nations' heads were, in fact, the "Elders of Zion" in disguise and that the New World Order was really the original plan described over a century ago by these Jewish Elders in The Protocols. The very fact that it is included in Chemtrails correspondence between fellow researchers/trackers, interested supporters, etc, makes the Chemtrails phenomenon appear to be some sort of "proof" or "evidence" that the Elders of the New World Order are now implementing their plan by aerial biological and chemical poisoning. And, that Chemtrails researchers support this propaganda either tacitly or explicitly. It is truly sad to see this level of ignorance being bandied about like its acceptable reading material, like it has some validity to what Chemtrail researchers/workers believe. If anyone wonders why the mainstream media will not touch the Chemtrails story with a 10 foot pole, this one incident may just have dashed any hope of that. If Chemtrails researchers truly want to be heard by the mainstream media, I suggest they disentangle themselves from this dangerous nuclear weapon of propaganda that is being distributed to Chemtrails researchers. No one, and I do mean NO ONE, in the mainstream media, nor the United States Senate or Congress, will so much as give any of us the time of day with this racist, hate-mongering albatross around the Chemtrails issue's neck.
So let it go on record here, in this public venue, that I do not support this pitiful, piece of trash, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion , as having any association or relation to serious Chemtrails research, and I, for one, completely dissociate myself, my work, my name, my anything, with anyone who does support it, whether they are fellow Chemtrails researchers or whom they are. You are no colleague of mine if you support this and/or passively keep silent on its distribution. And I certainly do not wish to be considered a member in a group who would pander, for even a moment, to this White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi brainwashing material.
Although my research and investigation is ongoing, I will offer a tentative conclusion here to Sightings readers as to what appears to be a preponderance of evidence regarding the unusual contrail activity of at least the last 2 years and actually much longer. Briefly stated, as there is much more that needs to be researched and written about the mechanisms involved in this issue, it appears that there have been experimental efforts, on a global level, to create artificial "cloud cover" shields from devastating UV rays that have resulted from an increasingly damaged ozone layer. Recent study findings reported by NASA and NOAA reveal a 60% loss in ozone when measured in an area 11 miles above the North Polar region. This represents a much greater increase in the Arctic ozone depletion than what was measured in the previous decade. Aerial research programs into the ozone problem spearheaded by top aerobiological specialists from Italy and China are leading the way this summer into finding some lasting solutions to the seriously damaged ozone [re: Instituto di Aerobiologica, Florence, Italy] This is a global problem, not just an American problem. From what research I have done into this area, yes, the United Nations is involved, but not for the purpose of instituting The New World Order. Rather, for the express purpose of pooling resources of the best scientific minds throughout the world to devise a solution to the damaged ozone problem with involvement and contribution from just about every world country.
It may have gone unnoticed, and there are those who will disagree with these findings, but the reality is that we have reached a critical stage for ozone damage. Consider these facts: In the thousands of years that the Earth has been turning every day, in the last 50 years alone, we have managed to destroy a huge percentage of the Earth's ozone layer by the burning of enormous amounts of fossil fuels, and release of chlorflourocarbons into our atmosphere. In those same years, biologists have noted a 50% decline in the amphibian population [re: Biology Archives, United States Department of Energy], at an average rate of 4-5% a year, though some of these losses have been much more sudden. Just a little less than 7% of the amphibian populations studied have gone totally extinct, with the surviving populations in "strong decline" [re: Nature, April 20, 2000]; In the last few years, coral reefs in the world's oceans have been dying. Just recently, off the coast of Florida, marine biologists found the reason - a fungal organism that has proliferated in unprecedented numbers in the oceans is eating them and many other marine lifeforms at a breakneck speed; emaciated sea mammals have beached themselves on shores with holes in their skin, dying from some cancer-like disease process we don't quite understand; "red tides"of pfeisteria, an ancient organism from the days of dinosaurs, eating holes in fish, infecting fishermen, and anyone else wandering into the water, with devastating illnesses and skin infections; scores of water fowl and fish have turned up dead on Great Lakes shorelines from polluted waters; plants and trees are increasingly infected by fungi and molds, like scaly crawler and worse, rotting them away; the human population in the last several years is experiencing dramatic increases in devastating fungal based diseases.
What's happening here? When the first creatures to swim in the primordial waters of Earth - the amphibians - those creatures who have been here long before man ever stepped on the Earth, suddenly become prey for another prehistoric fungus, chytrids, in the last 20 months, after previously cohabiting alongside them without incident, then begin wiping out amphibian populations around the world - something is seriously, seriously wrong with our ecosystem. And, the human population is just now starting to feel the effects. That something seriously wrong is, in part, a perilously damaged ozone layer that has allowed a dramatic increase in UV/UV- B ionizing radiation which can penetrate water several feet. This could account for the cancer-like skin diseases of sea mammals. Skin cancers in the human population, from UV radiation exposure, has experienced a sharp increase in the last several years as well. The constant release of an overabundance of CFCs into the atmosphere has also caused a serious warming of the Earth which allows the proliferation of fungal organisms, bacteria, and viruses. The other side of that coin is an increasingly polluted environment from our slavish dependence on fossil fuels, "superfarming" and the overuse of fertilizing agents which run-off into ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, and provide the perfect breeding grounds for the overgrowth of fungal organisms. Team that with acid rain and you've added some more food to the fungal growth factor. All these factors have a synergistic effect on each other and result in an ecosystem dangerously out of balance, teetering on being overrun by fungal organisms that are causing the demise of many life forms, plant and animal. These organisms (algae, and its relatives molds and fungus) were the very first lifeforms on Earth dating all the way back to the days of purely protozoan life forms. That they are still around today not only going stronger than ever but apparently mutating into a predator for our oldest ancestors, the amphibians, says a lot for their formidable constitutions and does not bode well for us.
What do Chemtrails have to do with fungus? It is my belief that the increased aerial activity needed to create a reasonably constant, at least partial, cloud cover, necessary to keep dangerous UV/UV-B rays at bay, have sensitized human respiratory systems to such an extent that leaves them susceptible to the growing fungal menace in our environment. These sensitizations, or allergic reactions, could be caused by either by the kerosene-like jet fuel (JP-8 and JP8 + 100) used by the jets that make these cloud-cover contrails. These kerosene-like fuels have a high carbon burn-off residue and their aerosol has been cited by OSHA to be problematic to human respiratory sytems [re: OSHA studies JP-8 ground crew results, March 1999] resulting in prolonged bouts of bronchitis with a hacking cough and sore throat. Or, perhaps, there is an as of yet unknown ingredient present in the contrails themselves that could be causing the sensitization, although I would think this less likely. To date, inquiries into efforts to perform spectragraphic studies on contrail aerosol have not yielded any agencies willing to take on the task.
In people with asthma or already-existing environmental allergies, their symptoms are much more acute. I have interviewed many people who tell me that they have environmental allergies and/or asthma and that when they go out under heavily contrail'd skies their symptoms increase dramatically. Conversely, individuals who don't have environmental allergies seem to suffer much less severely from being exposed to contrail laden skies and some not at all. This nearly constant sensitization by the constant exposure in the environment to the fine carbon particulate combustion residue from jet fuel in our breathing space, compounded by other environmental pollutants, works to create an environment inside the lungs, nasal passages, eyes, skin, i.e. increased fluid, that promotes fungal growth and assists fungal infections to take stronger hold. And once a fungal infection takes hold in lungs and other organs this makes a person much more susceptible to bacterial and/or viral infections setting in, creating a seriously ill patient. I believe this is what accounts for the "flu-like" illnesses that people have reported - not flu at all, but a fungal respiratory syndrome with more than likely bacterial and/or viral accompaniments. Airborne fungal pathogens (from inhalation of their spores) affect the upper respiratory system, as well as ears and eyes, causing symptoms similar to flu, pneumonia and even tuberculosis, as well as conjunctivitis "pinkeye". These fungi also can spread to tissues throughout the body, causing widespread disease.
Really good statistics on fungal based diseases do not exist as they are not, as of yet, communicable, i.e. passed from person to person, diseases like STDs, TB, etc. and do not need to be reported to the CDC or state health departments. However, it is reported in clinical literature on fungal infections that they are quite definitely on a dramatic rise in the human population. They have always affected those with comprised immune systems, but people with normal immune systems have experienced a dramatic rise in fungal infections recently in the United States. For instance, in the 1980s, in California, one of the sunshine states that typically have low growths of fungus because of the relative dryness, fungal infections were low. In the last five years, fungal infections in California, and other dry western states with typically lower fungal infection rates have literally skyrocketed. And in states, like Michigan, with dark, lush forestry and lots of rain and not a lot of hot sunshine that provides the perfect growing fields for fungus, fungal infections of all types are at an all time high. Unusual fungal infections, like rhinosporidiosis, are more and more cropping up in nonindigenous areas like North America where previously they were only found in India and Asia. The infecting fungal organism is either being carried by the jet stream or tropical storms, or, perhaps, birds. Global warming compounded by El Nino has caused this fungal overgrowth, and even bacterial and viral proliferation. Organisms that would normally die off in cold weather have stayed around longer, allowing for a much more concentrated proliferation of pathogens present in the atmosphere. Every time we take a breath in our current environment, we breathe in fungal spores, bacteria and viruses of a much higher degree than we ever have in the past, accompanied by environmental pollutants which serve to sensitize our lungs and our bodies to becoming the perfect host for these organisms to take root in causing numerous disease processes like pneumonia, and other upper respiratory illnesses, ENT illnesses, meningitis, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease, vision problems, hearing problems and skin problems.
And what about those low-level C-130 biological material drops? Although I have no definitive proof of this, and may never find it, judging by the research and facts I have to date, I believe these are efforts to address the ensuing fungal infestation problem at ground or near-ground level. These "goo drops" in residential areas, by the way, have also been reported in Italy, Australia, and England. By dropping organisms into the environment in this way, perhaps, these are efforts to try and eradicate, or slow down the rapid environmental growth of, these organisms.
This is a brief synopsis of on-going research I am doing into this phenomenon, and I will continue to document this phenomenon throughout the summer of 2000 and hope to have more definitive answers by then which I will then share publicly with everyone. If we are at a critical level for ozone damage and experimental efforts via creating man-made cloud cover are underway, and human illness may necessarily be a part of it, is there anything that the public can do to minimize getting one of these fungal infections? Yes. They are:
From: Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 01:47:34 -0700 To: Subject: Fwd: PART III: CHEMTRAILS: FACTS, PLAGIARISM, PROPAGANDA
1. Eat a low refined sugar diet. Fungal infections thrive on sugar.
2. Keep your homes as clean as possible. Use bleach to clean your showers and basements on a regular basis. Fungus thrives in dark, wet environments, especially black mold which causes a very serious upper respiratory illness.
3. Stay away from yeast products if at all possible. This includes all bakery items like bread, cake, doughnuts, etc., in short anything that contains yeast.
4. Use antibiotics judiciously. Although antibiotics do not have a large effect on killing fungal infections, you really need antifungal medications to accomplish that, antibiotics weaken the immune system and set up perfect environments in the intestinal tract for candida, a fungal organism, to overgrow. Candidal infections are often overlooked as they cause symptoms that mimic other disease processes. Use acidophilus products, or plain yogurt, to restore the correct balance of intestinal flora if you absolutely have to take antibiotics.
5. Keep yourself clean. If you garden, wash your hands extremely well after handling trees and/or plants with any fungal infestation on them.
6. Eradicate, as best as possible, any fungal growths near your home, on trees, on plants, etc. 7. Stay as healthy as possible. Eat a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Take such supplements as grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf, and other anti-fungal supplements which will help you fight fungal infections from gaining a stronghold.
8. Stay away from alcohol, specifically beer. The ingredients in beer cause candidal infections to fluorish. If you must drink alcohol, drink red or white wine but sparingly as the sugar in alcohol also contributes to fungal infections.
I welcome any comments on the information given in this article. If anyone would like to contact me, feel free to do so at the following e-mail address. In another month or so, my website will be back up and functioning and I would invite anyone to please visit it for regular updates on the research I am doing into both programs to repair the ozone layer and the growing fungal disease threat.

Ken Adachi. <>
Dear Jeff,
Just read "Chemtrails-Facts, Plagiarism, And Propaganda" posted at by Margaret-Erminia Cassani, the woman who jointly authored the "Sky Samples Analysis" with William Thomas back in April '99.  
Printed out, it ran to 33 pages.
Conclusion? The government is really trying to help and protect us from diseases caused by an escalating proliferation of airborne fungal pathogens due to excess UV radiation which is caused by ozone depletion, which in turn is due to Global Warming (Gee, where have I heard that explanation before? Hmmm...). All attempts by "cut & paste" (1)chemtrail authors to assign nefarious government motives ("the 'cull' theory is just plain illogical") or New World Order hysteria (2) to such phenomena are now on notice to keep their distance and give her wide berth.
After all, she's a 'serious' Chemtrails researcher.
Some quotes:
(1)" I would like to detach information I contributed to chemtrails research from some dangerous propaganda that is being woven into many of these 'cut and paste' Chemtrails articles."
(2)"I think all serious Chemtrail researchers should forget this one and quit scaring the poor senior citizens and chronically ill into heart attacks or committing suicide or homicide out of depression and/or anger brought on by the public airing of these scenarios."
Oh yes, "The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion", is a "totally fake document".
(the only thing she left out, it seems, is that Billy Meier is a nut case and made the whole thing up)

From: "Matt Ridgway" <>
I'm not quite sure what Margareta- Erminia Cassani has accomplished with her verbose diatribe regarding the chemtrail issue other than to set the world record regarding the use of the phrase "cut and paste". (No less than 11 times, count em, ELEVEN!!) Cassani states early in her post that the chemtrail issue is completely separate from her research, with the main crux being that authors of dubious worth have co-opted her research to extrapolate totally unrelated conclusions. Bravo. In the future I'd suggest that a legal copyright infringement suit might prove more productive than composing this self-serving yawn-fest of a manifesto. If authors are to be chastised for broad speculation then I would respectfully submit the fault lies more with state and federal agencies who continue to ignore this issue, thus assuring it remains firmly planted in the 'fringe lunatic' venue.

We base our conclusions on admittedly flawed personal observation and experience, as apparantly much of Cassani's research has been. Without a doubt there are unreliable, half-baked theories that abound on the Internet. It is the reader's responsibility to decide for themselves what information is germain and what is not. Cassani's post is filled with so many ill-conceived notions and contrary aspects that I would take up as much space as the original article to effectively dispute it, something I'm sure NO ONE would have the attention span to undertake. I do find Cassani's insulting demeanor and self-importance amusing to say the least. Billing herself as a 'health and medical writer', (a vague reference to a career that has thus far yielded little, if any notariety since I've never heard of her. Although I'm sure her upcoming book will at least land her her 15 minutes on 'Dreamland'!) she sites her scientifically valid investigations yet again and again refuses to name anyone associated with these investigations.

This is supposedly for 'security' or 'privacy' issues, however, I find it extremely hard to believe that by merely mentioning someone's name that they must then be 'flooded' with web lunatics clamoring for...what...brown goo? Cassani's take on HAARP is also woefully misinformed, bordering on downright ignorant. Cassani states that HAARP's purpose is: "The HAARP program is one such defense project which, basically stated, manipulates the ionosophere to become a shield that would deflect incoming missiles from entering our country if, suddenly, our global "trading buddies" decide they don't want to play Monopoly with us anymore and would rather just take us off the playing board completely." WHAT?!?? A shield to deflect missles?!!?? I won't even dignify this unbelievably ignorant statement by correcting it, suffice to say that HAARP does indeed manipulate the Ionisphere but is totally incapable of generating a defensive shield of any kind. A glaring mistake for such a learned science author. It seems that tossing around regurgitated 'science speak' like 'cross vector' and 'jumping vector' is meant to dazzle the reader with Cassani's undeniable mental prowess. *yawn* I remain unimpressed.

Cassani rails about everything from complex chemistry to early Russian Bolshevic history without missing a beat, leaving me with the impression she's either the most intellectually diverse and impressive researcher ever or simply another armchair 'cut and paster' with a decent vocabulary. Cassani vears from writing a serious treatise on her research to employing classic disinformation techniques to muddy the overall issue. When addressing the possibility of the spraying being a vaccination program, Cassani virtually states that such a practice, though most-likely ineffective, would be useful in today's 'biological terrorist society' we live in (another classic fed excuse for justifying illegal activity). That is except for all the fools and malcontents who, despite being plainly warned of an impending threat, would STILL refuse a federally mandated vaccination, thus proving themselves a bigger threat than the illness itself.

What the HELL is she talking about? That people who refuse vaccinations are STUPID? That's not a judgement she gets to make. And finally, Cassani's 'conclusions' are the single worst aspect of this wrong-headed treatise. Invoking such cliche'd causitives as El Nino and global warming, Cassani reckons that the whole chemtrail issue (which she started out stating, and reiterated several times was a completely separate issue from her research) is little more than an attempt to compensate for ozone depletion. It should be obvious by now based on all available information and activity that I myself have witnessed again and again, that the chemtrail spraying is most likely weather modification.

The end result of chemtrail spraying is invariably a re-inforcement of existing cloud structures, or the creation of completely new ones. No big mystery there. I almost look forward to Cassani's book being released. The proof will definitely be in the pudding, and I daresay that I suspect her conclusions in novel form will be every bit as biased and wrong as they were in this article. Send me a copy, I'll be glad to review it for

Matt Ridgway
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