Chemtrails- Portland Gets
Pounded Again Sunday 7-16-00
Note - Thanks to the large number of you Portland area residents who emailed in to advise of this latest aeriel spray assault. Let the following one email speak for all who are concerned about this obvious, blatant, criminal outrage being carried out against the unwitting, unwilling, and unnotified American public. One day, the truth will be known. Let's hope most of us are around to hear it.
From Greg in Portland 7-18-00
Dear Jeff,
It appears that Sunday "they" were employing a different strategy here in Portland. All last week there has been practically no spraying. I woke up Sunday morning and went out in my backyard to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful blue sky we have been experiencing recently. My view faces north and I had not even bothered to look south.
I had just decided to go to the store to get the newspaper when I saw it. The whole Southern sky was packed with those now familiar yellow-gray clouds. Someone had been busy all night.
I guess they plan is to lay it down at night and let the chemtrails drift over us like a 'natural' cloud bank, thereby avoiding suspicion of "dirtying-up" that perfect blue sky with their work. Amazing though was that within that yellow gray "cloud bank" they were busy as bees laying even more chemtrails. By the time I had gone to the store and arrived back home, three quarters of sky was covered with thick ugly chemtrails.
I also have heard the theory that the 'rainbows' so often observed are the result of 'ice crystals.' That phenomenon is called a "parhelia" or "parhelic circle" because the "mock suns" occurs on both sides of the sun at 22 degrees. The only problem with this explanation is that is a rare event and would most likely occur in the dead of winter when ice crystals are formed in cirrus clouds. It requires a temperatures of 0 degrees F and below.
I am including three photographs. One was taken in June of this year when we had a record high temperature of 98 degrees. The "mock sun" is to the left of the setting sun. Cirrus clouds are very white thin high altitude clouds. These are were you will see the "parhelia" phenomenon. Notice how black and dark these are.
The other photos were taken this last Sunday, July 16. The temperature was 92 degrees, the hottest it was been since the 98 degree day we had in June. Several times during the day I observed and photographed "rainbows" in the clouds. I photographed the "halo" about noon.
I knew that I would see some kind of display in the evening so I went to a large hill in town called Rocky Butte and waited for the last picture to occur which was a good example of "parhelia". How did I know it would happen? Because when we get sprayed like this, "halos" and "parhelia" and "cloud irridescence" are as predictable as when the sun sets. How is it that a very rare meteorological event can now be predicted by how much we get sprayed with chemtrails? Maybe we should ask the guys who are doing it. They seem to be the only ones who know what is in the chemtrails.
My last statement is about the mystery of the timing of the spraying and why does Portland get it so heavy?
Why was it that last week we got zero spraying and then on Sunday they dumped on us like their lives depended on it? (Whoever 'they' are). I can't prove this and I haven't been able to check it out but it dawned on me tonight as I was watching the skies. I think it has something to do with the jet stream. Most Pacific storms enter through the OR-WA coast, pass up the Willamette Valley or the Columbia Gorge and spread across the Western United States. The wind that carries those storms, of course, is the jet stream. Maybe these guys are using the Portland area as a starting point to dump the chemtrail particles into the jet stream to spread it all across the Western United States via the jet stream. Just a theory and needs to be checked out.

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