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From Mitch Robinson <>
Hello, and thanks for all the hard work!
I just wanted to let you know about the latest activity in the heartland. My wife and I were on a trip from Nebraska up to Mitchell, S.D. and on our way from Mitchell to Sioux falls ( about 60 miles east of Mitchell).
We saw some of the clearest chemtrails of the many that we have seen so far in the Midwest. As I now have a digital camera and had it with us I started clicking away. I feel it somewhat important to note that I have seen alot of the plethoric information and speculation on the internet about the veracity and purpose of chemtrails. I had the "pleasure" of accompanying these particular chemtrails on their journey, which paralleled my own!
As we approached Sioux Falls, I noticed a military plane ( similar to a C135 ) come due west and he was movin! I had just exited the new Cabela's store in Mitchell, and pegged him right away, so I grabbed my 21x 50 binoculars and zoomed him in. This plane was leaving a chemtrail that went from horizon to horizon and was apparently doing so from underneath the body as well as the entire wings. In retrospect, I would have loved to have had a high power zoom lens and camera.
The first plane left a single trail from east to west. Not long after, another plane left one from SE to NW, making an X pattern out of the 2 trails. By the time we got to Sioux Falls, the sky was pretty well blitzed. We stayed in Sioux Falls until late in the afternoon.
At this point I would like to tell you a bit about the strange weather in eastern Nebraska. We have had torrential rains lately,and many Chemtrails drifting in from the north, and as usual, I would say to my wife, blame it on the trails. Well, I now have (to me) confirmation. When we left Sioux Falls and headed south to Nebraska, We got to see the trails firm up and turn into large gray clouds. When we stopped in Sioux City ( about seventy miles to the south of Sioux falls ), I took a few pics of the activity there. When we got back home I was not surprised at all to hear about the rain we had here.
All the talk about the "X marks the spot" activity of Chemtrails makes me think of the possibility of satellite tracking of a hypothetical " target" zone for perhaps some sort of beam activation or agitation method, ie. you spray and then energize particles to create weather effects. I don't claim to have intimate knowledge of these activities but I am now 100% convinced of at least 1 aspect of perhaps a few fold purposes to these Chemtrails, weather control. Well, that's it.
Thanks for a Site well done!
I have numbered the photos in the order they were taken, hope you can use them!
Mitch Robinson



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