Chemtrails In The Caribbean
From DC
Hi Jeff,
I've been avidly following your site and others in regard to many issues over the last several months, and living in the Caribbean it is great to be able to 'keep my finger on the pulse' thanks to the internet.
On the subject of chemtrails, I live on a small island in the northern leeward islands of the Caribbean and I've noticed some very strange anomalies over the last two months which might be of interest to you. I have been seeing exactly the same kind of formations of 'clouds' as reported through the chemtrail sites and your site. Yesterday is one good example (I have several photos of this I will send you when developed).
At around 5.30pm I saw a large plane (looked like a Boeing 757) travelling north at around 20,000ft and leaving behind it a large white plume which at first I took for a normal contrail. The difference between this and a contrail became obvious after about 20 mins when the plane had disappeared out of view and the 'contrail' was still there from horizon to horizon, south to north, and getting wider and more noticable.
At around 7pm, I had just returned home and looked up expecting to see the 'contrail' had dissipated (1 and 1/2 hours seemed more than enough time), but it hadn't. In fact, it was by now very broad and obviously being sheared from east to west by high winds that fanned the plume out even more. The east side of the plume was thicker and more concentrated and then it swirled west from there.
I had been talking to my wife about the chemtrail saga and had gotten funny looks and derogatory comments - she thought I was nuts - until now. I pointed out the chemtrail to her and said have you ever seen anything like that left by a plane before? She was shocked with the realisation that what I had been talking about may actually be true.
We got the camera out and took some pictures. She asked me why they would spray an insignificant little island in the Caribbean. Hmmm.... Then I said well, you know, these islands are full of tourists all the time - perhaps it's a good way to spray without too much attention, and the tourists get back on the plane with their lungs full of this stuff.
The chemtrail continued to thicken and broaden until the sun set and we could no longer see it, but I did notice that, out of the direct sunlight, the cloud had a brown tinge to it.
The other strange thing that may or may not be connected is the frequency of "dirty rain." We very often get 'flash' night showers that last a few minutes. When I get up in the morning to go to work there are sometimes spots of brown residue all over my car where the rain has fallen. Sometimes the car is perfectly clean after a night shower - which is what you would expect from a non-industrial, relatively pollution-free region such as the Caribbean islands.
Sometimes when it has been very humid we get deposits on vehicles that are white - obviously salt deposits from the sea which is all around us. This brown stuff is very confusing - where could it come from? There are no factories here, no smog, and no fallout from a nearby volcano and added to that the only thing east of us on the windward side is a couple of thousand miles of ocean before you hit Africa. Could it be the Saharan dust clouds in the upper atmosphere? Hmmm....
To whom could I give a sample to analize?
I will get the photos for you so you can see clearly what I'm talking about. This is something that has been going on almost every day for a while now, and it doesn't seem a coincidence to me that many respiratory illnesses are being reported and there are some strange flu-like symptoms going around.
Doesn't it seem strange to you that this is happening in a place which is regarded as a pollution-free, stress-free environment where the sun always shines and it never gets below 20 degrees C??
Thought your readers may like to know that the spraying is happening in some very unlikely places.
All the best and keep up the good work

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