Poisoned Summer -
Another Chemtrail Season
By Diane Harvey <>
This essay is especially for all of you who monitor websites dedicated to freedom of information. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "The sky is the daily bread of the eyes." For the second summer in a row, many of us are being given an overhead dripping smudgepot as nourishment for our inflamed eyes. Someone has decided: Let them eat poison. What was once the sky, in a former life, has become a thickening greasy film over the atmospheric lens of our world. Day after day, the poor sky is a sickly greyish-whitish ghost of its former self. The sky seems to have died, for the most part. What we are usually forced to breathe is no longer air, but the decomposing remains of the disease that murdered the sky. The taste in the mouth is bitter, and the taste in the mouth of the human spirit is also bitter.
The perpetrators of this ongoing sludge-deluge are showing no signs of retreating back to whatever black hole of a black project they emerged from. Over time, this long project has created a strange kind of stasis, the way a coma is strange, or being anesthetized is strange. Seasons come, seasons go, the earth turns, and we are still contemplating the navel of our mystery. Although more and more people are noticing the flagrant poisoning of the air they are breathing, many more do not. We still live in a general blackout of reality, semi-alone with our headaches, flu-like symptoms, sick children, and increasing immunological disorders. But like a storm-cloud on the horizon, we who are awake are coming together, immutably gathering, despite and because of the total opposition to freedom of information surrounding this issue.
There is a certain definite and inevitable dividing of people going on in this matter of recognizing chemtrails. There is a sheep-over-here, goats-over-there feeling to this ongoing obvious sky-murder. That is, if the majority of people are so out of touch with existence as to never catch on to this level of in-your-face-down-your-throat black ops, then perhaps that's about it for the average citizen. Abandon Hope All Ye Who Try To Enter Here, into the sad brainpan mush of the average citizen. It is almost as if the number of sheep is being made visible through this continual operation, whether or not that is germane to its purpose. And therefore the number of self-respecting goats is also becoming evident. Is someone counting?
It could be imagined that the chemtrail issue is perhaps the single most important issue here and now in our national life. There may be (no doubt are) many other and much worse experiments, crimes and coverups: but this one is the most highly visible one. This is the one that ought to be causing massive outraged marching in the streets and unending angry phone calls to the bought-and-paid-for trashed consciences we refer to as "public officials". (No, this is not respectful speech; neither are they any longer respectable human beings, in any sense of the word.) But if the majority of citizens of this country are now first of all citizens of the land of fear and denial, then this has serious significance. If the average person's subconscious recognizes that even the simplest "noticing" might bring bad news, and therefore draws a discrete veil over reality, then this is the biggest news of all. If eyes that might otherwise see, are now too afraid of uncomfortable information to receive it, even when it is this clear, then where are we? Goats, please raise one hoof and suffer to be counted. If sheep are being divided from goats now, then goats will communicate from their individual mountainsides by means of the blessed goatvine on the internet. If there is going to be much freedom of information at all, it is going to be goat-gotten and goat-distributed.
It is a miserable thing to even begin to consider other human beings as sheep, or sheeple. These are unpleasant concepts. Yet, if no matter what earnest efforts are made in their behalf, people steadfastly refuse to perceive reality, the designation "sheep" eventually begins to seem positively mild and inoffensive. Relative to the rapid destruction of a free society by human beings too cowardly to be responsible for the evidence of their senses, what are a few animal-epithets? We have no choice but to remain in some sort of loving relationship to humanity as a whole, but to confuse this underlying love with immediate behavior is unnecessary. It is not spiritually illegal to describe behavior for what it is. Any mother who brought her wayward child to the table of reckoning knows this. And what we are forced to deal with here is not an undeveloped child bent on self-destruction, but an enormous segment of our society whose willful ignorance and indifference to their own fate is sealing our fate as well. There is no reason for us to accept this without a ferocious argument.
The results of severe drought in parts of this country are now, in the heat of summer, wildly exacerbated by the dehydrating effects of oily chemicals endlessly oozing down to the ground from on high. It is becoming almost impossible to drink sufficient fluids to wash these away, and to remain in a state of bodily equilibrium. The juice of life is being sucked out of us by this "secret" operation, and as that happens we become somewhat physically weaker. Nevertheless, we are also becoming spiritually stronger. No one who has understood the meaning of this invasion of free will, and the mockery of the law of informed consent, has "forgotten" about it, or stopped fighting for the truth to be revealed. The list of visitors to the few and the mighty, those websites actually willing to deal with this dirty business, is in it's own way quite heartening. The list- that is, you bipeds out there who sit in holes and corners of this nation reading the thoughts of deeply concerned citizens: you prove we are right. You are part of something which brings disgrace to the very concept "citizen", or you wouldn't be in the least interested in what we are saying. If we were not right in being so concerned, you would not be here.
Whatever it is you fondly imagine you are doing, saving us from, or experimenting on us for, you were once normal human beings. At least you probably thought of yourself as the citizen of a great nation and a free people. Surely you would have disliked, should these thoughts have crossed your minds, being manipulated, lied to, sickened, and used by secret groups for secret purposes? Yet now you have accepted the means of lies, secrets, illegal experiments and "acceptable casualties" (your families as well) in order to achieve some end you all agree upon. You do not even question this assault against the very spirit of this nation. You have comfortably let yourself believe that ends justify the means. They do not. Have you never heard of that idea before, and its famous proponent Mr. Machiavelli, one of the most unsavory beings ever to give the human race a bad name? Maybe you think to yourself that all this ruckus is unjustified, and you are merely learning to control the weather "for the good of everybody"?
Or something else along this line, seemingly reasonable? Most of us haven't yet reached the point of assuming you are deliberating trying to destroy us. That may come later: it depends on you. By all that is still decently human in you, think again about what you are doing. Ignoring the constitutional right of the people to know what is being done to them has no excuse whatsoever. You merely willfully hasten the destruction of the last remnants of the spirit of freedom in your own nation. What you know, we deserve to know. What you are hiding, no matter what it is, you hide to your everlasting shame.
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