Chamish Files Complaint
Of Two Suspected Assassination Attempts Against Him
(IsraelWire) - Controversial journalist and noted speaker Barry Chamish, known for his books challenging the official government theory concerning the Rabin assassination, has filed a complaint with police. According to Chamish, several attempts have been made on his life of late, disguised to appear as a car accident. Fortunately, in all cases, he managed to gain control of his vehicle, escaping unharmed.
Following are the events which transpired over recent days, as described by Chamish on Monday, June 19.
Two days ago I drove my car to Tel Aviv. I took a sharp curve in the city and I lost all electrical power in my car.
If this had happened while driving on the highway I would have been killed. My car was towed to a garage and checked. Someone had opened the box below the steering wheel, disengaged the airbag and wrapped the electrical wires around the steering column. When I turned the wheel, the wires ripped out cutting off all control of the vehicle.
The mechanics had never seen this kind of damage.
Tonight I gave a lecture in Bet Shemesh. On the way, this time on the highway, my back wheel collapsed and my brakes and handbrakes ceased functioning. I managed, just barely, to regain control of the car. I almost was in a fatal accident. I pulled the car into a nearby service station and hitched a ride to my lecture.
This time I was prepared. When the lecture ended, I returned to the car with my host David Morris and his friend Yaakov Kirschenbaum, an insurance adjuster. We were followed all the way by a government jeep. The giveaway was the 77, in the license plate, the number given to official vehicles.
Yaakov looked at the wheel, filmed and photographed the brakes, while David called the police. Officer Dror of the Bet Shemesh police force saw that someone had cut the back axle of the car confirmed that it was sabotaged and filed a report saying so. _____
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