Carnivore Eats FBI
By Sherman H.Skolnick <>
Remember Frankenstein's Monster?
It turned on its creator.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation created a system called CARNIVORE. It has become the Big Ear and the Big Eye at Internet Service Providers, ISPs, and Online Services. Without court orders, but with the apparent acquiescence if not complicity of e-mail servers, it intercepts and analyzes gargantuan amounts of e-mail supposedly for the FBI investigations. The Bureau-crazies have been spending too much time emulating George Orwell and his "Big Brother".
Some believe it to be a spy system, an offshoot of PROMIS, super software used by secret political police, like the FBI, worldwide, to track so-called "terrorists", code word for those unfriendly to the Established Order. After all, in many big cities in the U.S., the FBI is quietly using PROMIS with its zillion lines of code, as software for federal prosecutors and other federal agents case management, software stolen from its rightful owners, INSLAW.
By the way, one of the super-secrets of the Microsoft Affair, is that the Justice Department and their step-sister, FBI, stole and are using copyright software of Microsoft without paying royalties. If it dared, Microsoft could blow apart the Justice Department's Anti-Trust case against it by counter-claiming for theft of Microsoft's intellectual property. The Internal Revenue Service, however, could jump in, claiming Microsoft, despite its out-of-this-world revenue, pays NO TAXES and is a frightful tax evader. Auditors familiar with Microsoft's accounting system contend the software bogeyman is technically if not actually bankrupt, with billions of shares issued and peddled, on which it pays no dividends, enriching insiders with various dark mirror, money-siphoning tricks.
Microsoft, its judges, and its bankers, are all in a position to know the truth of Microsoft with its Macbeth's cyber witches, and their bookkeepers kettle, reportedly cooking the software Monster's books.
Foreign intelligence operatives are reportedly laughing about all this, all the way to their windowless "sterile" rooms, supposedly themselves exempt from interception. They have found a way to REVERSE the FBI's CARNIVORE evil robot. At the hands of these spooks and their computer wizards, the FBI system has reportedly become a devilish turn-the-tables burrowing tool, digging out the Bureau's own family jewels. FBI's super-secret Counter-Intelligence inner sanctum, Division Five, has reportedly been exposed and unmasked, at least to the inside delight of foreign intelligence hackers, or those claiming to be.
A super computer honcho, asked by us about all this, confirms that reversing the FBI's spy device is a known great possibility if not an immense actuality. "The Bureau", he told us, "has either shown their incompetence or has been infiltrated. Reversal is known to be possible by appropriate software, with 'trap doors', not just by counter-spies compromising from inside the Bureau."
A retired Central Intelligence "black operations" agent when asked about this, said: "The Bureau should have known better. Reversing their spy machine serves them right", adding "Of course, since its birth, 'The Firm' has viewed FBI as a meddling, incompetent would-be competitor which should not be operating offices as they do overseas."
Funny thing. Publicly, the so-called "American Civil Liberties Union" was among the first in July, 2000, to supposedly rail against CARNIVORE as an invasion of privacy issue. As a legal entity, however, ACLU ceased to exist in 1967, and was at that time taken over by the Roger Baldwin Foundation and a team of related so-called tax-exempt entities reportedly financed, at least in part, through covert funding by the American CIA passed through other Foundations to hide the tracks. The alleged "American Civil Liberties Union" has been in the forefront of those reportedly watering down the Freedom of Information Act, exempting the CIA from certain disclosures. Masquerading as the alleged "American Civil Liberties Union", the Roger Baldwin Foundation has helped screw up the FOIA by leaning on plyable members of Congress. This done to the detriment of common Americans seeking divulging of records to understand the operations of their government.
Do not count on the alleged ACLU telling you about how the FBI CARNIVORE devices have been reversed. At the time the ACLU was taken over in 1967, there was a now-forgotten huge CIA-Foundation scandal, exposing how the CIA manipulates dissidents through layers of "foundations" to disguise covert funding. [Check the New York Times INDEX volume in a good reference library for the summary of stories of 1967. Bobby Kennedy played a role in fingering this mess, probably an additional reason for his assassination in 1968. President Kennedy and brother Bobby, as Attorney General, were dedicated to splitting up CIA and scattering it to the wind for CIA's many crimes.]
Cynics claim the reputed "foreign intelligence" hackers and software experts reversing the FBI's CARNIVORE spy devices, are really just the American CIA and their latest dirty trick to boomerang against their illegitimate, unco-operative step-sister FBI. Remember: the Bureau has no statutory or other legal basis for its existence. This, unlike the American CIA which has a charter authorizing some of their acts and doings.
In the name of "national security", the FBI has been tracking e-mail through their Halloween hobgoblin,CARNIVORE. Now that their ghoulish machine has been reversed on itself, to spy on its creators, does the FBI have a valid gripe? The FBI system, like a scary hologram projected on the sky as if real, has damaged the security, national and otherwise, of many ordinary Americans.
We expect to post more on this.
Stay tuned.

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