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I found the 1997 NH CAFR but can't find a vast slush fund. Perhaps I'm misreading it. Can you suggest anything?
Rick ____
I do not use the word "slush funds." Several reporters labeled the revenue and investments as that. I focus on totals and the scope of growth for the last 55 years by government in this country. We now have Russia beat for the last 20 years as far as the "scope" and "growth" of government here in the USA. "That" growth and unrestrained takeover of the wealth by government is what NEEDS to change!
NH is one of the best states for low taxation. But, your comment strikes me this way:
Say if there is a problem with one of the baseball players on the New York Yankees taking money for throwing the game. You hear about it and know the First Base Man is a popular guy on the team, so you get a copy of the First Base man's background history and say; "can't find a vast slush fund. Perhaps I'm misreading it. Can you suggest anything?"
Well, what about the First Base Man's other financial reports noted in his background report? What about the other players on the team? Is the First Base Man the one who said the game was being thrown in the first place?
NH is composed of hundreds of separate government corporations doing business in the state. All of them taking money out of your pocket! The state CAFR report is just that, the State's report (1 CAFR) of hundreds.
At this time today in this country, not one person from the general public outside of the very powerful inner financial loop of each or any established local government knows or even has a clue as to:
1. What the total checking account balance is! 2. What the total investment account balance is! 3. What the total net worth is!
Every person who has called me over the last three months, I ask them the same three questions but in a different context; If you were going to drop everything and go on vacation for two months would you know the answer to the three questions above applied to yourself. In every case they know the answer to all three questions. I bring up at that point in the conversation that here, the most important factors effecting everyone's life in this country today, the ever growing control, government under the color of law forces upon us, no one knows; What the total checking account balance is, what the total investment account balance is, or what the total net worth is.
Lack of knowledge relevant to all three of these factors on the public's side is the foundation and substance that is and has allowed for the unrestrained complete take over of the wealth of this country by composite government, and perpetuates the fertile soil that nurtures and breeds the runaway evil and corruption.
As far as the state CAFR look at the statistical section and find total income from all sources. Then total appraised property and real value for the state. Then find the total population. Then look in the combined financial columns to find the total investments / net worth.
You now have some basics facts to compare the state government with the private sector. When you start adding on the hundreds of "other" local government composite totals with the state's totals, I think for the first time you are going to get an idea of the "scope" of growth. I repeat myself from a prior article I wrote: "you now know why Gorbachev went democratic", more control, more money!!.
Look carefully at the notes from within the report directing you to other reports for state entities not included in the combined financial columns of the state CAFR. EXAMPLE: someone running for city council in Corona, CA, after watching my Video; The Biggest Game In Town, two weeks ago got his cities CAFR the next day. He did not see any large numbers on the combined financial columns of the report but was directed to 4 "other" areas outside of the CAFR for further accounting. The first area he looked at, he found 144 million in US Treasury bonds sitting there. Now Corona has a population within the city limits of 10,000 people. That's $14,000 per man, woman, and child. This find would have been found no where else except in the cities CAFR. He is now researching the other 3 areas noted in his city's CAFR.
Now you should call the auditor generals office to find out how many "other" local government operations prepare their own "separate" CAFR or Combined Financial Statement within the state of NH. Each has it's own revenue and investment funds. Starting to get the picture? [Washington State has over 2200 "other" government entities]
NOTE: to my understanding, NH runs a lot of their state functions from the return they accomplish from their investment funds. That gives NH state gov a 4 star rating. The several hundred "other" operations: cities, counties, school Districts, etc., their separate performance or lack thereof is up for evaluation.
Keep this one thought in mind. Forget surpluses! Forget Investments hidden! Forget Political and Judicial corruption! Forget the Syndicated Media having their hands deep in the pockets of government operations!
If you put 25% ($25,000) of what you made ($100,000) into an investment fund generating an annual return of say 14%, how long would it be with compounded interest, before that investment fund would be yielding more than you were making each year?
Not a very long time!!!
Anyone see the complete elimination of taxation here with this "simple" principle of operation applied?
With the composite "scope" of the growth and financial standing of government today, at the stroke of a pen, taxation could be ELIMINATED for all time to come!
One problem though! With the runaway unrestrained growth in government(s), the public has allowed thousands of "revenue" and "power" junkies to steer the ship, and the financial "principle of Operation" currently in effect today in this country is not in the public's best interests. Wake up before it's to late folks!
But on the brighter side, the country when looking at the last 100 years in the perspective of time, is only a baby moving into it's adolescent years. A spoiled and fat baby at that! Our legacy that we can leave to our children is to stop the growth in government, downsize, and create the financial structure where taxation becomes an antiquated word in the dictionary. With the adolescent so spoiled and fat, tough love is going to be the only remedy. It is time for the Parents to drop what they are doing and face the problem head to head and without deviation. Quick action is needed at this time, especially with the adolescent threatening and perpetrating against it's parents, the American Peoples larger and more oppressive laws, regulations, extortion of revenue, loss of parenting rights, and total world subservant conquest.
If the spoiled child will not change it's selfish and evil ways, its time to pick the child up by the scuff of the neck and send the child to military obedience school.
Any good parents out there who have the guts and family structure necessary to correct the conduct of that spoiled and fat child, before it's to late for the child and the parents? Yea, I know your out there. So no excuses for waking up to late!
Walter J. Burien, Jr.

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