The CAFRs & Reading
Between Alien Lines
By Alfred Lehmberg <>
Is there reading between the moot lines of our watchers? Can we marvel at secrets with which they'd be blessed? Are they curses inflicted we'd sooner be shed of -- existence conspired as some kind of test? Is the breath of their empire so stunted and tyrannous? Is it terror they seek to instill for their fear of us?
What is their purpose? What do they want? What are their reasons? Why do they haunt? What do they do? How do they live? What is their work? What might they _give_? How might they _take_? Why do they rankle? How are they recompensed -- what is their angle!
Perhaps they're a mirror held back at ourselves!! We see in them us, and it's us that propels. Convulsed by abduction (?) -- it's what we'd expect! We'd do it to them, YES (!) -- pause, and reflect. . .
Then you'll admit that they're nicer than WE'D be. We'd treat 'em like *bugs*, or at best, a prized _queen_ bee. We've done it before; our history is filled with examples egregious to those *unfulfilled*. Those that are subject to short sighted judgments? Those deemed unsuited for convenience, abutment? We'd slice 'em and dice 'em for simple percentage; exploit 'em and use 'em . . . it fits, well, our image. We're fooled and befuddled, or lied so neatly! Consider the CAFR and smell it completely! We prey on our own -- all the weak and the ignorant, the poor and the sick . . . the mistreated non vigilant . . .
No, they're giving better than they'd get (taking _any_ odds, that bet); their *disrespect* could be a _kind_ of justice. I mean, consider all our crimes; we let our children starve and die! We should pray we don't serve time for OUR injustice.
If an ET comes to you -- did it happen? If it's true, don't waste your time in horror or disgust! Is their method fraught with madness, or are you crippled by your sadness for the damage done the fabric of your TRUST? Don't bemoan THEIR tactics or mysterious detachment; its YOUR culture that's the one to keep you down! The ET's are a shadow from the whole of the unknown, and could likely (?) usurp culture (putting smiles on your frowns). It's your CULTURE making tears, it's your CULTURE breeding fear! It's your CULTURE that's the reason there's no laughter. It sets the tone for your derision -- and it's CULTURE'S lack of *vision* that is truly your tormentor and detractor.
Define for me success, and then an easy (right on!) guess would be it's _space flight_ IS the BACKBONE of a *race*. Live in structures you enjoy between the stars that are employed -- find we're favored by an endless, timeless space . . . Note our LACK of this success, and further note profound distress, as we poison our environs; I'll be frank. . .
. . .we are hanging by a thread; a bug or rock could strike us _dead_! So, we're *by no means* successful, and the CAFR proof is RANK!
If we want ET respect, then we should practice it instead. We should clean up, first, _our_ act, right here on Earth. We should end our petty tyrannies, make new friends of all our enemies . . . and be the sum that's greater than our hurt! We should have a full accounting of the money that's amounting to the trillions that the CAFR HIDES in place! We could take those massive sums and pay the debt, but beat our gums. We are wealthy beyond MEASURE -- beyond GRACE!
The individual, now disdained, is a manipulated brain -- programmed by 'the man' to do his bidding. But the day will come, and soon. That day we'll find we've got more room . . . as the multi-verse unfolds. It's just beginning! We've got the BUCKS to fund it! This DESPITE the mainstream pundits that will play the game that keeps us uninformed. We are rich beyond our dreams and all the watchers know our means. This explains their crass avoidance if not scorn.
[tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .] . . . Who are you? [tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .] . . .What do you want? [tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .] . . . Do you have it? [tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .] . . .
The CAFR is a neat trick. Forgetting, for a moment, that I am 'way' ashamed at having had the wool pulled so effectively over my eyes, it occurs to me that we have the money to do ALL the hard things presently eliminated as a result of the "cry wolf" pronouncements of our decidedly corrupt elected officials. All the money we need should preclude need. Shouldn't it?
Education, quality health care, massive space exploration, and 21st Century communicational efficacy -- not only possible, but COMPLETELY and quickly attainable!!! Is it any wonder that the occupants of a conjectured extraterrestrial craft continue to play it cagey? We must typify, to them, the irrational and criminally insane. Their reluctance to reveal themselves becomes understandable. Also becoming understandable is the reluctance of our leadership to move into space and face that particular destiny. They see their freeloading gravy train jump its hidden tracks.
Start the revolution! They've ASKED for it.

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