Black Leaders Blame
Clinton and 'Gangsta Rap'
For Sex Attacks
With Carl Limbacher and Staff
Two spokesmen for an African-American group calling itself the New York Leadership Alliance cited President Clinton's conduct with Monica Lewinsky, along with "gangsta rap" music, as the root cause for last week's Central Park sex attacks, reported The Associated Press on Monday.
Over 50 women say they were soaked with water, stripped and groped in the melee that followed the Puerto Rican Day parade a week ago Sunday.
"Look at the president, look what he did, and what kind of signal that sends to young men of this nation," said Charles Barron, president and CEO of Dynamics of Leadership Inc.
"Something's wrong with a society where a president can do that and then get a 70 or 80 percent approval rating in spite of it," added Barron.
At a Central Park news conference Sunday, Barron and radio personality Bob Law announced a new campaign entitled "Save Our Sons" (SOS), which, they said, "will work to restore a sense of respect and integrity to the way women are treated. ... particularly in the African-American community."
SOS would also target music companies that promote gangsta rap, a musical genre they said tends to denigrate females and perpetuate the image of women as "sex toys."
First lady Hillary Clinton criticized TV networks on Tuesday for broadcasting video of the Central Park sex attacks. But her Manhattan campaign headquarters did not return a call for comment on news that black leaders blamed the episode on her husband's sexual misconduct.
In an online poll taken last week by WABC-NY talk radio, 50 percent of 4,500 self-selecting respondents said the president's poor example was responsible for the Central Park sex assault rampage.
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