Canadian Biker Wars
Heat Up - Over 140
Murders To Date
MONTREAL (CP) - Fears of another round of bloody Quebec biker-gang violence have been raised after the body of a man linked to the Rock Machine biker gang was found in a campground, just hours after a rival Hells Angels associate was gunned down in a city restaurant.
"We're obviously going to examine the murders to see if they're linked," Pierre Robichaud, a provincial police spokesman, said Saturday.
"But we can't establish a link yet because we have no suspect."
Late Friday night, police found Martin Bourget, 35, shot dead near a picnic table in a campground in Granby, east of Montreal.
Witnesses had reported seeing a man running through the park being chased by a gunman.
A discarded machine gun and burned Jeep were also found near the scene - a typical trademark of biker gangs seeking to destroy evidence after a hit.
Bourget was associated with the Rock Machine, a biker gang involved in a bloody war against the Hells Angels over control of Quebec's drug trade, police said.
"Whether (Bourget) was a close associate or not, we don't know yet," said police spokeswoman Isabelle Gendron.
"We don't have many details about him right now but we know he was linked to the gang."
Earlier Friday, two masked men calmly entered a Montreal restaurant and gunned down Robert (Bob) Savard, 49, a loan shark and close friend of Hells Angels leader Maurice (Mom) Boucher.
Seriously injured under the hail of gunfire was Savard's companion, Normand Descoteaux. A waitress was also hit in the leg by a stray bullet.
Criminal-gang experts immediately predicted more bloodshed would follow.
"There will be more violence," RCMP Staff Sgt. Jean-Pierre Levesque said after Savard's murder. "There's no doubt."
Montreal police Cmdr. Andre Bouchard agreed there would be more deaths, predicting the violence would only stop "when one team has all the marbles."
Bouchard also decried the increasing boldness of the latest killings, both in unlikely settings.
The recurring feud has heated up in recent months, with several shootings, prison riots and disappearances.
At least four of Boucher's close associates have disappeared or been killed in the past three months, including his right-hand man, Normand (Biff) Hamel, who was shot dead April 17 in a suburban parking lot.
Several bystanders have also been injured or killed in the crossfire, most notably an 11-year-old boy who was struck down by shrapnel when a car bomb exploded in a residential Montreal neighbourhood in 1995.
The biker war has killed about 140 people in Quebec since 1994, and police blame organized crime for half of the 30 murders committed in Montreal this year.
The Rock Machine has also opened two new chapters in Ontario, Levesque said. © The Canadian Press, 2000

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