Report Of Chemtrials Over
Byron Bay And Gold Coast
Of Australia
From (Anonymity Requested)
Dear Mr. Rense,
This morning, starting at around 7:00 AM (Australia's East Coast Time), a few large airplanes flying at low altitude, criss-crossed the sky in all directions spraying Chemtrails. Within a few minutes the famous clear blue Australian sky turned cloudy and very hazy. For the first time in my history here, it was almost impossible to see the beautiful mountains east of Byron Bay, similar to the smog in Los Angeles.
To our astonishment, the clouds DID NOT disperse, and it was very hazy all day along Australia's Gold Coast. People stopped at the side of the roads and got out of their cars to watch this incredible spectacle. I know of a few people who took photographs. This event resembled a war, as airplanes 'attacked' Byron Bay from all directions. The 'contrails' were 'turned on' just before Byron Bay and were 'turned off' after Byron Bay.
The results resembled a bunch of match sticks that were dropped on the floor, but these 'match sticks' covered the whole sky over Byron Bay. These 'contrails' did not behave as ordinary contrails. While one side remained straight the other side of these 'contrails' dispersed resembling a comb or a feather.
Similar Chemtrail spraying but not as intense, was conducted on July 6 around noontime. A few months before that, Chemtrail spraying was conducted over Brunswick Heads (next to Byron Bay), during a festival. During this festival, while the Mayor Of Byron Bay and two members of parliament were giving speeches on the beach (one of them a member of government), a very large airplane flew overhead at low altitude spraying Chemtrails, with precise parallel lines that started and stopped abruptly next to each other and at about the same length. These Chemtrails just to the east of Brunswick Heads, could not have been seen by people in the festival because of the trees, and in a few minutes, with the wind, they covered all Brunswick Heads in a form of clouds and haze that did not raise any suspicions.
A business-woman friend whom I discussed it with today, who was aware of both the Chemtrail spraying on July 6 and today, suggested that this may be the reason she has a 'flu' that she "can not shake". She also suggested that this may be the reason why "half of the people in town (Mullumbimby, next to Byron Bay), has 'flu' or respiratory problems recently."
Another person whom in the past proved to have access to 'the right people', informed me nonchalantly that he is aware of the Chemtrails Program. He said that the Chemtrails contain a "cocktail of chemicals and other things." He indicated that one or some of these chemicals will lodge in our bone structure and will stay with us throughout our life. These chemicals will make us susceptible to radiation of certain frequencies, which will make us vulnerable to Mind Control operations. I have never heard of such an explanation before, it is beyond my comprehension. If it was not for his proven record as far as providing reliable information in the past, I would never have mentioned it to you.
I discussed this matter with a local Byron Bay scientist/environmentalist at his house, and while we were sitting on his balcony, 'contrails' started forming in front of our eyes. He grabbed his camera and took about a dozen photos. He said that according to current laws, it is perfectly legal for the government to spray the public. As if all this is not mind boggling enough, one of my friends took this morning six photographs of what he defined as a "stack of UFO's, one above the other". Normally I would not write to you about such detail, since so many people in our area see and/or photograph UFO's, but this person brought up the idea that "maybe the UFO's are monitoring the Chemtrails."
I hope this information help fill one more piece in the Chemtrails puzzle. Photos are on the way.
(name withheld)
From Julie King
Dear Jeff,
I thought I should write to you after seeing the above story on Sightings today.
I live in Pingelly, West Australia, about 1 1/2 hours ESE of Perth. We have been hit with chemtrail activity for the past 18 months, starting in April 1999.
I have tried to document the activity by camera, but each and every time I get a film developed, it comes back with the "offending" photos and negatives missing, and one film was completely wiped, coming back blank. When I ask for explanation, the developers do not seem to know why these things have happened. They try to tell me that it is me or the camera, but I used to be professional photographer...I'm not that stupid!
After a bout of spraying, this small town here has epidemic proportions of flu and pneumonia occurring.
After 6 weeks of all my children and myself being ill, on seeing the trails again (they sprayed for all the month of May), I phoned Air Services Australia (the governing body here...sort of like FAA) in Canberra and asked them what planes were flying overhead. After getting another phone number for Perth, I had a long conversation with a man (name withheld) about these planes. On describing the planes, I was told these were RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) planes and that no government body has any control on what they do once in the flight plans, no safety rules, no knowledge of what is occurring.
No one else is talking here, Jeff, and people round here, though they see the trails they don't ask the questions.
Please let me know when the photos from Byron Bay come in...I'd like to put a link on my website if that is okay with you, to that article. I'm willing to take the flack here...anything for us all to be well again and know what is being done overhead!
Kindest regards,
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