TWA 800 National Press
Conference Summary
(Note - Commander Donaldson's national news interview
was canceled because the monopoly press needed more time
to cover Hillary's new 'Jewish Problem.')
From TWA Flight 800 <>
TWA Flight 800 -
Press Conference
The press conference began at 10:30am with a family member, Marge Gross, who lost her brother on the flight, expressing her belief that the NTSB and FBI were not telling the truth about the loss of Flight 800. She also related a story about how FBI Deputy Director Kallstrom, early in the investigation, told her "It was definitely a missile, but I'll deny it if you quote me." She said she was stunned, but that there were other witnesses present who could corroborate her story.
Next was Master Chief Dwight Brumley, the passenger on USAir Flight 217, who saw a streak of light coming from behind his plane (the USAir flight), going faster than Flight 217, end in a small explosion that subsequently grew to a large fireball. His aircraft was traveling approximately north and Flight 800 was traveling east. The CIA distorted his statement, after reading a short FBI 302 form, and said his view of the streak was consistent with the flight path of Flight 800. In fact, his view of the streak was at a 90-degree angle to Flight 800's path and could not have been the burning aircraft as claimed by the CIA.
Next was Michael Wire, the eyewitness on a bridge. Although only the FBI interviewed him, the CIA based their entire video discrediting the eyewitnesses, on his written FBI 302 statement. Mr. Wire stated that the CIA video bears no resemblance to what he saw. He proceeded to describe seeing a flare rapidly rise from the surface, arcing up leaving a squiggly smoke trail, and then disappear for a second and erupting into an explosion. During the Q&A it was clear that what the CIA video showed was not what Mr. Wire saw.
Next was James Sanders who presented photographs from the Calverton hanger. He discussed how metal was bent during the reconstruction to fit the CWT explosion theory. He presented quite a few photographs with a discussion of how the missile went through the aircraft.
Next came Tom Stalcup, president of FIRO, Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization. Tom gave a discussion of the eyewitness evidence and provided some examples along with the statistics related to the witness forms. He also discussed the lawsuit filed by FIRO to force the FBI to release information.
Last was Cmdr. Donaldson who spoke passionately about his reasons for pursuing this investigation and the evidence that is being ignored by the NTSB - the failure of the left wing due to asymmetrical damage which is completely inconsistent with the CWT theory and completely consistent with the China Lake military expert's report that recommended the FBI fire live stinger missiles into the #2 left wing tank to see if it matched the damage to the left upper wing skin. The expert suggested this is the only explanation for the damage found on the left wing.
Finally, there was an open Q&A session with active participation in by numerous reporters present. For an hour and a half after the conference all of the presenters were sought out for one on one interviews.
At the end of the session, AIM filmed each of the presenters for a documentary on the tragedy.
Cmdr. Donaldson's interview with Paula Zahn was cancelled late this afternoon to provide more coverage of Hillary Clinton's alleged racial slur.

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