Top Homicide Cop Not Yet Ready
For Baxter 'Suicide' Verdict

By Cathryn Conroy
CompuServe News Editor

A day after former Enron executive John Clifford Baxter was found dead in his parked Mercedes with a gunshot wound to the head, the medical examiner ruled it a suicide. Not so fast. A top homicide investigator with the Sugar Land (Texas) Police Department isn't positive it was a suicide and is still actively gathering evidence in the case. And that is why the suicide note found next to Baxter's body has not yet been released.
The New York Post reports that detective Billy Baugh is retracing Baxter's movements in the days prior to his death. In addition, he is checking the car for blood splatters and fingerprints and running ballistic tests on the gun that was found in Baxter's hand. Because guns are not registered in Texas, Baugh has enlisted the help of federal agents from the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to find out who purchased the .38-caliber revolver and when.
Adding to the mystery: A family friend told the New York Post that Baxter's wife says he was home in bed just hours before his body was found at 2:23 a.m. on Friday, January 25. "His wife couldn't believe he could get out of bed without her knowing it," said the friend.
The Sugar Land Police Department says it isn't disagreeing with the findings of the medical examiner, but wants to be sure nothing is overlooked in the investigation. Meanwhile, CBNC reported that the suicide note says Baxter was distraught about Enron's collapse and the prospect of having to testify against former colleagues and friends.

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