Skolnick - The Enron
Black Magic, Part Four
The Swindlers And Their Victims
Sherman H. Skolnick

Those who grow up in a big city and are political commentators, sort of know things by second nature. If they are outspoken, they may even describe their lifelong home-town, right to the point, with a few words.
Some years ago, for a period of time, I opened my Chicago-based recorded phone commentary message [(773) 731-1100], with "This is Sherman Skolnick, from the mafia-CIA capital of the world".
After a while, because of numerous examples, I and my associates came to understand the names of the large law firms and accounting houses that are part of the espionage/criminal cartel. One such has been Arthur Andersen & Company.
In Chicago, in years past, two Federal District Judges, by the greatest non-coincidence and mysterious forces, had slipped onto their dockets most all of the cases in the nation involving the American CIA. [Assignment of cases, as we have pointed out, is one of the main steps of the BIG FIX.]
One such judge was George Leighton. As shown by records uncovered by us in the National Archives, Leighton had been in 1963 the secret CIA attorney for Lee Harvey Oswald, the CIA created patsy and falsely blamed "lone assassin" of President John F. Kennedy. Judge Leighton, without jurisdiction over me, once tried to falsely jail me as an assassination researcher. But that is a story for another day.
Another one of CIA's Judges in Chicago was U.S. District Judge Hubert L. Will. In the 1950s, he had been CIA's Chief of Counter-Intelligence in Europe, stationed in Berlin. It was thus natural that in 1970 my suit against the National Archives and Record Service was assigned to him. For the only time in U.S. history, somehow eleven secret documents had been purloined from the Archives. Falling into my possession, attached to my suit, they showed that the U.S. Secret Service had covered up a plot to assassinate President Kennedy in Chicago on the way to his appearance at a football game, two and a half weeks before being actually murdered in Dallas. Part of the cover-up was to falsely jail the first black Secret Service agent, Abraham Bolden, assigned to guarding the President at his residence. A person as a double for "Lee Harvey Oswald", was waiting along the proposed parade route to murder the President.
In Court, I confronted Judge Will, holding in my hand as an Exhibit, a copy of the book, published in Europe but banned from distribution in the U.S., "Who's Who in CIA". [I and my associates were about the only ones in the U.S. who somehow had copies. We gave them away at college speeches in return for small donations. Alas, no more copies are left.]
"I'm not with them anymore", the Judge poo-pooed my demand that he step aside. "Come on now, Judge," I reasoned with him, "The CIA is a mail-box, once you are in, you are there even if later you claim to be on the bench". He denied my request to recuse himself. Naturally, the CIA and the U.S. Secret Service, involved in the suit, won. I was put out of Court without further legal formality. "THE ENRON BLACK MAGIC", Part Four continued, by Sherman H. Skolnick 1/28/02
Not a coincidence, later in the 1970s, Judge Will had the case involving the embezzlement of Rockefeller's unit, First National Bank of Chicago. [To confuse matters since then, they have changed their name to Bank One.] Millions and millions of dollars disappeared from the bank's branch in Athens, Greece. Sources told us it was a "permitted" rip-off by the American CIA to secretly finance the Greek mafia to do dirty tricks against political dissidents.
The bank's auditors and consultants were Arthur Andersen & Co., with a long previous history of being reportedly instrumental with the Mafia/CIA activities in Chicago. [For background, study the details, believed by savvy sorts to be accurate, in the book written by family members of CIA gangster/assassination arranger "Momo" Giancana---how the CIA uses mobsters like "Momo", then later murders them by way of throwing them away, "Double Cross: The Explosive Inside Story of the Mobsters Who Controlled America, Vol. 1," by Sam Giancana and Chuck Giancana (contributor), Mass Market Paperback, Warner Books, Inc., 1993. It deals with the great dangers of trusting the Kennedy Family and the American CIA.
A kingpin in Arthur Andersen's law firm was R. Sargent Shriver who was married into the family of "Founding Father" Joseph P. Kennedy and his assassinated sons, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. About 1975, Shriver was the speaker at Rockefeller Chapel, on the campus of Rockefeller's University of Chicago. Shriver's speech was about "International Relations". After the speech, we interviewed Shriver as the attorney for Arthur Andersen & Co., on tape, in the doorway of the Chapel.
We grilled Shriver about how his client, Arthur Andersen & Co., is beating back a subpoena in the First National Bank embezzlement case, by switching their structure to overseas, to a Swiss form of business.
Shriver went into a discussion of how his client, Arthur Andersen & Co., had the right to move their business structure to Switzerland, beyond the jurisdiction of Judge Will and a subpoena, and reform themselves in a European-style operation called Societe Generale [which is neither a partnership, limited or otherwise, as U.S. practices require of lawyers and accountants, nor a corporation, limited or otherwise.] He did not adequately explain why it was done just as they had to respond to a court subpoena. He denied it was simply to evade the subpoena, although done apparently just at that point in the litigation.
Although I was known by Judge Will as a judge-buster and long-time critic of his patron, the American CIA, the Judge occasionally would have brief talks with me outside of court. In front of the courthouse, I asked, "Judge, why did you permit Arthur Andersen and their attorneys to block pertinent data from subpoena in the First National Bank embezzlement case?"
Matter-of-a-factly, he quickly responded, "National security. It had to be done." I insisted, "But Judge, millions and millions of dollars disappeared from the Athens branch. Arthur Andersen and their attorneys are covering it up". [Obvious and left unsaid by me, was that Judge Will was likewise covering it up in his Court.] I did not want to ask the Judge about his CIA cronies. I figured he would walk away from me and not talk to me at all if I asked that. The Judge repeated, "National security. Part of eight such events.It was necessary." WOW! Eight such embezzlements covered up.
Another Mafia/CIA example is First National Bank of Cicero. This worldwide money laundry for the criminal/espionage cabal, has been the headquarters in the Chicago mafia enclave of Cicero, known locally as Al Capone Land. The Bishop from the local Catholic Church there was Paul Marcinkus. Even after he left Cicero to become head of the Vatican Bank, he nevertheless continued to be the dominant force calling the shots as to the bank in Cicero. [To confuse matters, the bank has changed their name several times. Such as, they became the flagship of Pinnacle Banc Group, the alter ego and successor to supposedly defunct and infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, and then various other names, such as Old Kent Bank.]
The Vatican under international law is a separate sovereignty. So, in November, 1991, when Marcinkus fled Italy to return to Chicago, he did so under the protection of his Vatican passport and position. The Italian authorities contend they want him extradited, to question him and presumably to prosecute him, for being the key player, along with reportedly the Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain, and others, in worldwide trafficking in stolen and smuggled gold, selling to state-sponsored terrorists osmium nuclear bomb triggers, high quality counterfeit currencies, and various types of financial dirty tricks. All done and supervised by Marcinkus as Vatican Bank Chief jointly with the traditional and other mafia, and the American CIA. A retired CIA bribery paymaster, Roger D'Onoffrio, with dual U.S. and Italian citizenship, living near Naples, was part of the Marcinkus gang. Various stories on this, early in December, 1995, were carried, date-line Rome, by wire services, Reuters, Associated Press, and United Press International.
After Marcinkus returned to the Chicago-area, we interviewed, on tape, the Italian Consul-General in Chicago. We asked whether he was taking any action to return Marcinkus to Italy to face the charges. The Italian diplomat said that, so far, he was not asked to do so. Marcinkus thereafter left Chicago to reside in Sun City, Arizona.
Shortly after Marcinkus' return to Chicago, an important official of the Chicago U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Wallace Lieberman, was found murdered, gangland-style. His body was found several blocks away from the First National Bank of Cicero, just before Christmas, 1991.
On-location at the murder site, behind an auto repair shop, and again at the nearby bank, we did a one-hour television documentary for our public access Cable TV Show in Chicago. No other media outlets took much interest in this political assassination.
Top officials of Arthur Andersen, including a managing partner, supervised the accounting and consulting for the First National Bank of Cicero, reportedly at the behest of Bishop Marcinkus. Andersen and their lawyers [now called Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson] for decades have specialized in handling reputed secret book-cooking and clandestine investments for the Catholic hierarchy, in various places in the U.S. and overseas.
At the time Marcinkus fled Italy for Chicago, Wallace Lieberman was scheduled to testify before a Federal Grand Jury in Chicago. His testimony together with that of others, was expected to be reportedly the basis for federal criminal indictment of top officials of Arthur Andersen, their attorneys, several bribe-taking Bankruptcy judges and their lawyer-cronies as bribe-arrangers. Also facing possible indictment were officials of the First National Bank of Cicero jointly with those of Household International, Household Bank, and Household Finance.
In December, 1991, a few days before the murder of key witness Wallace Lieberman, I discussed (I thought in confidence) with a Chicago FBI official in the office of an assistant U.S. Attorney in Chicago. I related what our investigation, as a public interest group, had uncovered about Lieberman, the court-authorized bankruptcy auctioneer; the Bankruptcy court bribery; the crooked role of Arthur Andersen and their attorneys; and Household and the bank in Cicero and Paul Marcinkus; and secret Vatican funds in the Continental Bank of Chicago, a major owner of which and corrupt collaborator was Chief Judge Walter Cummings of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, Chicago. Banker-Judge Cummings was a "man of trust" for the Church, sworn to keep their transactions secret.
Up to that point having long-time corrupt immunity from federal criminal prosecution had been Lieberman and his auction business partner, Robert Belavia, a well-known, allowed-to-run-wild gangster. [After Lieberman was murdered, suddenly the highly corrupt top IRS brass in Chicago woke up and decided it was necessary to silence Belavia by belatedly putting him in jail, with the aid of the Injustice Department, on long-known tax cheating.]
Lieberman was murdered right before Christmas, and the Chicago Tribune printed the watered-down story on the holiday, when most people had other things on their mind. (Chicago Tribune, Wallace Lieberman, Belavia story, December 25, 1991.)
Do the Chicago FBI and the federal prosecutors protect key witnesses, or jointly and corruptly with the Mob, the CIA, and crooked bankers and accountants, arrange to snuff them out? Later, I found out the Assistant prosecutor I spoke to went on special assignment in the Oklahoma City federal building bombing case, as a cover up and whitewash of high-level government prior knowledge, April 19, 1995.
Earlier, I had been aware that FBI corruption arranged for an apparent known mobster---now get this---to be on a Federal Grand Jury for a period of time, supposedly investigating mob activities! And he leaked secret Grand Jury data for the benefit of the criminals. [The case of reputed gangster Robert Girardi, as a grand juror, in highly censored stories, Chicago Tribune, January 19 and 21, 1994.]
Reportedly closely linked to the underworld, overlapping the American CIA, Arthur Andersen has been the auditor and consultants for Household International, parent of Household Bank [reputed mortgage swindlers] and Household Finance [apparent loan-sharks]. A short history.
For about a decade, the American CIA operated the Nugan Hand Bank as an adjunct and proprietary, laundering political assassination and covert operations funding. Former Director of Central Intelligence, the spyshop umbrella position, was William Colby, who was General Counsel of Nugan Hand Bank. The bank operated worldwide units headed by retired U.S. Generals, black operations chieftains, and official U.S. government pirates.
The bank became defunct and most of its records destroyed, after a co-founder of the bank was found murdered in 1980. On his body was the business card of William Colby. Lots of details in the book "The Crimes of Patriots: A True Story of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA" by Jonathan Kwitny, hardback, W.W. Norton, 1987.
The successor to Nugan Hand Bank has been Household International, with units at one time in Australia, then California, London, and elsewhere. Later, their world headquarters became Prospect Heights, a Chicago suburb conveniently we claim, to a suburban airport where dope comes in from the Orient with complete immunity. [We did a television show on location about this.]
William Colby was also the unlisted General Counsel of Household International, likewise a CIA adjunct and proprietary. As a supposedly "private" firm for CIA, Household is immune from disclosures by requests under the Freedom of Information Act. In retirement from CIA, Colby tended to be outspoken. He formed an espionage electronic board game, as a partnership business, with the retired head of the Soviet Secret Police, the KGB. Colby knew entirely too much first hand about Household. Colby was murdered in 1996, made to look like a supposed boating accident. His widow, a top international banking executive, knew to be silent thereafter. Colby's closest friends, interviewed by us, insist from apparent direct knowledge that he was murdered.
As the secret general counsel of Household, Colby was well aware that units of Household in Arkansas reportedly laundered hundreds of millions of dollars of CIA dope trafficking loot from several southern states, including the Rockefeller bastion of Arkansas. [For Arkansas/Rockefeller details, see our website series, "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police".]
Although starting out as a reputed "loan-sharking" operation and later apparent crooked handling of mortgages, Household's clandestine cash flood was later disguised as soybean and currency trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and the Chicago Stock Exchange(formerly the scandal-ridden Midwest Stock Exchange where there had been, according to little known court records, massive misapplication of funds ostensibly overlooked by the corrupt top IRS officials in Chicago.]
A whole series of little-known court cases shows, and not disputed, that Household and First National Bank of Cicero, with the connivance of Arthur Andersen brass, made 50 million dollars disappear of federal agency money. The funds were to be safeguarded, that is escrowed, by Household, to make good the long-pending claims of bank-fraud by a Chicago-area contractor.
A close family friend of Hillary Rodham Clinton, namely lawyer John E. Gierum of Park Ridge (the Chicago suburb where Hillary is from) supervised the clandestine and illegal transfer of the funds to Little Rock. From there, it was sent out of the country, to a known dope money center in the Caribbean.
Congressman Dan Burton (R., Indiana) began commenting on this mysterious 50 million dollars and how Clinton, as Governor, sent it to a known dope money center. Congressional Record, May 29, 1996, pages H5627-5628. Although Burton said he has the documents and will soon put more details into the Congressional Record, someone evidently threatened him and this was his only public statement on the 50 million dollars.
It was "laundered" in the Caribbean (a combination of Barbados and the Grand Cayman Islands), with the corrupt aid of Daddy Bush; Congressman Henry Hyde (R., Ill.), who is also head of CIA's "black budget", sometimes embezzled funds for political assassinations and other bloody tricks; and Ollie North [all three implicated with Bill Clinton in the CIA/dope caper through the Mena, Arkansas airport].
After thus being disguised as soybean and currency trading on the Chicago markets, the funds returned to the U.S. and were used as follows: [1] 47 million dollars was used to cover up a 47 million dollar misapplication by Bill and Hillary Clinton of funds from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan of Little Rock, the thrift owned by Jim McDougal and his estranged wife Susan. In jail, Jim was murdered to silence him as a witness against Bill and Hillary who would have been subject to federal criminal prosecution and jailing for bank embezzlement.
[2] The remaining difference of the mysterious 50 million dollar theft, was three million dollars. That was used by Clinton 1992 Presidential Campaign reputed blackmailer and bagman, Rahm Emanuel. Reference to the three million dollars is in a highly censored magazine cover story about Rahm Emanuel and how he raises money for Clinton by strong-arm methods. Chicago Tribune Magazine, November 23, 1997. The three million dollars, according to the Tribune item, effectively jump-started Clinton's campaign, in November 1991, so he get ahead of others.
An expert on reportedly disguising funds through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Rahm Emanuel, off and on for six years, was Clinton White House Senior Advisor. Rahm bragged on a Chicago TV Show that his desk was the closest to the door to the Oval Office. Rahm was also apparently the Acting Chief, for North America, of Israel Intelligence, The Mossad [The Institute]. Rahm has dual citizenship. The foregoing has been excerpted from various undisputed and detailed state and federal court records.
From his acts, it appears Rahm Emanuel was a form of double-agent. Openly, he was a Clinton loyalist. But he apparently was also the spy handler of sex/spy operative Monica Lewinsky. The purpose being to blackmail and manipulate Clinton. Visit our website series on "Chandra Levy" for details. Former Enron vice-chairman, J. Clifford Baxter, was apparently "suicided" to protect the White House and Daddy Bush and his Family. This was similar to the way Clinton White House Deputy Counsel, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was likewise "suicided" early in the Clinton Administration to prevent testimony from being available that most likely would have sent President Clinton and his wife to federal prison.
Baxter's reputed "smoking gun" documents are apparently circulating in the alternative media underground. They show the numerous Enron secret partnerships relating to the following:
the laundering of part of 40 million dollars of dope trafficking funds of the Medellin Colombia dope cartel, a co-founder of which was Carlos Lehder, a business partner of the Bush Family, according to hands-tied law enforcement personnel. With the connivance of Daddy Bush, as the former head of the American Secret Political Police, Lehder's fellow co-founder, Pablo Escobar, was assassinated to protect the Bush Family from federal criminal prosecutions.
Baxter knew about how James Baker 3rd, cabinet member in the Daddy Bush White House Administration, together with Marc Racicot [pronounced ROSS-coe] reportedly used part of the 40 million dollars of dope funds to bribe and influence southern Florida DEMOCRATS to block the vote recount. The result: although Al Gore, Jr., won the popular vote nationwide by six hundred thousand votes, he lost by way of the Electoral College trick in Florida and was not inaugurated. [Visit our year 2000 Election website series, comparing the situation to the infamous 1876 Election.] ===
Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Redspan [that is what we call the Dictator] siphoned off hundreds of millions of secret Enron partnership funds, multiplied through fractional reserves and derivatives hocus-pucus, to temporarily support the Dow Jones 30 Industrials. Thus for the moment saving Bush from having to deal with a financial meltdown which he most likely could not effectively deal with. Old-timers say Bush was in danger of being "Hoover-ized", referring to President Herbert Hoover, 1930-31, falsely stating "prosperity is just around the corner". The September 11 events effectively prevented for the moment Bush having to deal with a gold stampede which would tend to discredit the Federal Reserve's hot-air paper money masquerading as the "U.S. Dollar".
[See part two of this Enron website series.]
documents tending to show direct links to the Enron secret partnership funds, offshore, with George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. This might cause the downfall of the American Government as we know it. [For background, visit our website series, "The Overthrow of the American Republic".]
Baxter offered to co-operate with one or more Congressional committees. His testimony, from direct personal knowledge, with his documents, would tend to destroy George W. Bush and Richard Cheney as having concealed their direct links to the massive Enron swindles. Baxter also apparently was ready to break ranks with the other Enron officials and directors, who together are defendants with Baxter in various class action pending court cases. Further, Baxter's direct knowledge and documents would tend to expose beyond salvage, Arthur Andersen as a corrupt auditing and consulting operation, that cannot be relied on to supposedly examine the books of publicly-traded firms and consult with them about their operations.
Aiding the class action plaintiffs in their claims, Baxter would have broken up the otherwise united front and defense of the Enron defendants.
Notice that Baxter was "suicided" in Sugarland, Texas, same location as the oil pipeline consortium had for negotiating with the top Taliban officials on behalf of Osama bin Laden. [Visit our website item, "The Pipeline Plots".] There is a half-a-loaf explanation for the demise of J. Clifford Baxter.Was Baxter done in by the American Secret Political Police like inflicted on World War Two German General Edwin Rommel by the Gestapo (for plotting against Hitler)?
"You are endangering our leader. Here is a gun. Go shoot yourself. If not, we are here to shoot you. Either way, we guarantee the safety of your family."
Arthur Andersen, with the apparent connivance of Enron and Marc Rich International, has caused various Archdiocese units of the Catholic Church to be swindled out of large sums of money "invested" in Enron stock and secret Enron partnerships. Among others, this includes Chicago and Milwaukee. Remember, the Catholic Archbishop of Chicago is also the Treasurer for the whole Church in the Western Hemisphere, North and South America and Central America. The funds, including that of the Vatican, through Chicago were traditionally deposited in the Continental Bank of Chicago, with major bank-owner, Chief Judge of the federal appeals court Walter Cummings, Jr., a "man of trust" for the Church. The bank was taken over by Bank of America, owned principally by the Jesuits, the French Rothschilds, and more and more, by the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. Continental Bank and then Bank of America, has been the major secret dirty money transaction point for Marc Rich International jointly with Enron and the secret partnerships. Also, in part, through the Chicago markets.
For decades, traditionally, Arthur Andersen and the Shriver lawfirm, specialized in handling Catholic Church book-keeping, so-called secret "investments", and how to operate apparently in a clandestine manner, supposedly for the good of the laity.
Some consider what Arthur Andersen & Co. has apparently done to the Church, damaging them financially, is an unforgiveable violation of Church doctrine and provisions. One of those who knew a great deal about the secret partnerships, and the documents outlining the same, was Baxter who had been CEO of Enron North America, and since June 2000, chief strategy officer of Enron Corp.
Are others of the Big Five Accounting firms likewise apparent vast operations, on occasion cooking the books of various companies?
More coming. Stay tuned.

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